The Cover Letter

This is the text to submit your resume. The letter can make a difference to the other candidates. Do not miss this opportunity: justify your worth for the position, highlight your skills and explain what motivates you to work there. Your goal should be to capture the attention of the recipient to arrange an interview. How to write it? Be consistent with your CV: Good presentation: Use the same type of page, font style, line spacing and tabulation that your resume. If the notice so specifies, writes the letter by hand: it is to subject it to a study handwriting.

And above all, be neat. Brevity: The official selection will appreciate your ability to sum up: go straight to the point. Two or three paragraphs in length will suffice. Conciseness and clarity: It follows a simple and consistent structure. Also need to say much.

What is the right structure? To begin, login with your name and address in the header. It also indicates the recipient with his name and position within the company. If you do not have this information, go to the personnel department or human resources. Do not forget to sign and indicates the date and place where you have written the letter. Structure ideas as you think best, but try not to overlook any of the following points: why are you going to that company and why you are interested in working on it. It is appropriate that demonstrates knowledge (type of activity, important in the market, growth, prestige, etc.).. The post you are applying for and reference, if any. The source for which you have reported the job offer (Internet, press, word of mouth …). If you submit your application spontaneously, indicating how you found a company (for example, a friend told you about it, you received information from you in a trade fair, etc.).. Highlight your qualifications (training, qualifications, experience …) according to the requirements for the job. Take the opportunity to highlight some strengths that you have not included in the curriculum, for example, leadership skills, motivation or experience in teamwork. Specify your availability and most affordable way to contact you (phone number and times you will be more searchable, e-mail …). Case studies There are two types of cards: When you write in response to an offer: You must necessarily refer to the ad in question, noting its reference and the environment in which you found. Explain why your application is interesting. When you send your resume spontaneously: Sometimes, one option is to forward the resume to various companies in the same sector, even without running teams. Make notes what kind of work you want and what has moved you to direct you to them. Out why your application may be interested.

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