The Drive

Exactly this process that must necessarily happen that way and no other, is as natural and What should surprise us is precisely because we are surprised this natural fact. The human being is a unit in itself, and the unit integrates a network with other human beings which in turn are part of a whole that some have called Allon. We are a unit, but nonetheless we are striped, parties, divided into two parts, mind and body. This division is obviously artificial though it should actually say pathological. Is who responsible? Science the science put to thought on top of access to knowledge. I think therefore I am suplanto I am then I exist thinking suplanto to be.

Science is handled with ideas; and which are the ideas? They are differences that make a difference, or that make a difference, that’s why that man when mira when what notes really does is an act of distinction. I.e. divide, separates, it categorizes, sorts, creates categories. Science to transformed the mind, originally an instrument designed to carry out practical things, our reason for being and only source of access to knowledge. That is a simple instrument of livelihood happened to be that governs every act of our lives. Science with its epistemology has split the human being in two, and that’s why we have constantly a dialogue with ourselves, why is that while our body is present here and now our mind goes wandering by the past or the future.

We have lost the drive and not only that, but it has also divided us men. The mind found in science his main ally for its development and obtain supremacy. In short we have lost unity, and why there is so little creativity in the world, it is why we are totally predictable and stereotyped because we have lost our be. As happens then that Act of inspiration, that Eureka! It occurs precisely when mind again temporarily take its natural place, returns to being one instrument of our body. At that moment is when we recover our natural creativity, when we return to be unit, when we find to our being, then the knowledge that this always present within us is feasibility to express themselves.

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