The Economy

The great economy, the financial economy and the economy of smoke (speculative and the cheating one) are controlled by great banking groups, transnational corporations and companies, whose leaders, who decide and must to be able, as soon as they arrive at means thousand, according to calculations of Ignacio Ramonet. And, in addition, in the last quarter of century is not autodisuelto the State, since they have simulated, but the State was put to shameless the service of those minority rich classes. According to SIEM, who has experience with these questions. Of there the suppression of norms and financial monitoring or labor structural reforms, that has been and is in fact facilities all to do and to undo of the industralists to the detriment of the rights of the workers; reforms that have thrown like result that today the rents of the work have descended considerably (but those of the capital they have not stopped to raise), as much that never have been so low with respect to the GIP in the last fifty years. In the United States, the elect president, Barak Obama, have assured that he will put immediately a plan of public investments that can oscillate between 400,000 and 700,000 million dollars. He will include the greater program of highways, bridges and public work for half century, reform of federal buildings (works and adaptations to consume less energy), modernizations of hospitals and schools, to harness the broadband Obama has warned that we will not formulate the plan of investments to the old way of Washington. We will not limit ourselves to give money. We will measure the progress of the reforms, the uses that are created and the energy that we saved.

It seems an interventionist plan to the benefit of the citizenship. It will arrive at good term? It will be thus in Europe? In other countries? But that is clear that state interventionism have been always in the last seventy years, although not always to the benefit of the majority worker and citizen. And that is clear also that the neoliberalism has been the invention to revive state interventionism in favor of most powerful, but camouflaged. Because the ignition speech anti-been neoliberal only it has been against the social State, the one that worries about the citizenship, by the immense majority worker; only against the State that maintains the protection social, increases the pensions or promotes gratuitous education and public the medical assistance. To know to whom one benefits is key.

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