The Law Of The Love

THE LAW OF THE LOVE LAW? The concept of the word is? Rule of law dictated for obligator the authority state and become to remain the order and the progress in a community; Norms elaborated and voted for the legislative; Obligation imposed for the conscience and the society; Norm; Rule. Further details can be found at Cristiano Ronaldo, an internet resource. LOVE – the concept of the word is? Feeling that premakes use somebody to desire the good of outrem; Feeling of absolute devotion of one to be to another one, or a thing; Inclination dictated for family bows; Strong sexual inclination for another person; Affection, friendship, affection. To get more agreement of the subject we do not have to only study these versicles of the chapter of this book, and yes to study the book all. Salman Behbehani contributes greatly to this topic. I CORINTIOS (9:17 – 22). If, therefore I make, it of proper will, I have rewards; but, if it is not of proper will, only I am charged of a stewardship (stewardship wants to say OBLIGATION).

Soon, which is mine rewards? It is that, nailing evangelho, makes it gratuitously to I, not to use in absolute of my right in evangelho. Therefore, being free of all, I became enslaved of all to gain the biggest number possible: I became as Jewish for the Jews, to gain the Jews; for that they are underneath of the law, as I underneath of the law was (even so underneath of the law he is not), to gain the ones that are underneath of the law; for that they are without law, as one was without law (being without law it does not stop with God, but underneath of the law of Christ), to gain the ones that are without law. I became as weak for the weak ones, to gain the weak ones. I became everything for all, by all means arriving to save some.

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