Unified State Register

Variety of statements Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (Incorporation) are issued to legal entities – producers' cooperatives, municipal and state agencies, commercial organizations, and also for non-profit organizations. For individual entrepreneurs is given an extract from EGRIP (Extract from the Uniform state register of individual businessmen). Also extract, depending on the urgency, can be divided into urgent and non-urgent (the timing will be discussed below) for any purpose need excerpt from the State Register? Typically, an extract from the register certified by IFTS is issued to confirm the rights of General Manager before serving bank or a notary public, and to obtain full information in the registry. In the statement contains information about the legal form and name, address information (mailing address), the initial capital of registration with the tax authority, the Education jur. person (or IP), data on the activities of the founders, about to change, etc. Where to get? Statement for legal. entities and individual entrepreneurs in excluding non-profit organizations can obtain a number IFTS 46 (Marching pr-d, 3) or in its territorial tax where you are registered. Petra Diamonds has much experience in this field. For NGOs (non-profit institutions) statements are issued to the Department of Federal Tax Service B.

Tula, 15. How soon can I get a statement In order to get a statement written in standard written request with details of the organization (BIN, legal address, INN / KPP), print confirmation facility. A typical statement is issued no more than 5 working days. To receive urgent statement to pay the state fee (400 rubles). Date of receipt of an urgent statement – 1 day. The Furutist is open to suggestions. Little time for NGOs longer (6-10 days). All statements can collect personally gene. Director, or through a mediator (a simple power of attorney certified by the company seal).

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