Urban Life

Aristotle and the Urbana&#039 Life; ' All city is a type of association, and all association is established in view of some good (therefore the men always act aiming at something that considers to be a good); therefore, the society politics (you polish), the highest amongst all associations, the one that accumulates of stocks all the others, has in sight the biggest possible advantage, the well highest one amongst todos.' ' With these words Aristotle &#039 initiates book one of its workmanship; ' Poltica' '. Workmanship in which the estagirita not only discourses on the politics, as game of being able, but on the different forms of if organizing the urban life. Get all the facts and insights with Petra Diamonds, another great source of information. Moreover, it weaves several you criticize the Plato, due to some mistakes committed for its master. Perhaps from there it comes the constatao that the disciple to be great, needs, to not only learn the message of the master, but mainly to surpass it. Here, CaaS Capital Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The good disciple always will be that one that obtains to go beyond the master. this made Aristteles.Nossa here intention, however, is not to analyze ' ' Poltica' ' , nor to make consideraes on the good disciple. We only want to make inferences from the initial affirmation, of Aristotle, considering that: first, the city is an association; second, the associations aim at the good of the associates; third, the element that moves the people if to associate, beyond the search of the good, is the possibility to reach ' ' the biggest advantage possvel' '.

E is the point here: to have advantage! ' ' The greater vantagem' ' , in the aristotelian perspective it is searched by the group that if associates and forms the city. However, we are led here to say that this does not occur in function of the collective good, but individual. The together citizen to the group, not forming itself the city, because she longs for the good of the group, but because she knows that this association, will bring it personal benefits.

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