Voice Greetings Birthday

'I congratulate you happy birthday! I wish you happiness, health, success in work and personal life! " – Roughly the text of many of the birthday expect to hear from their loved ones and friends when pick up the phone again The phone rang. Now imagine how your eyes be rounded in surprise your friend, when picking up the handset, he ulyshit voice or Mr. Putin, congratulating him on his birthday! Such an original way possible congratulate every jubilee with a telephone. To do this you need only select the correct voice card of congratulations from every celebrity, and pointing your mobile or home phone of his friend, send voicemail greeting him straight to the phone. Reasons for sending voice cards oooochen much! Firstly, congratulations on his birthday: a birthday, birth of a child, musical greetings, congratulations verses, and also funny jokes for birthday child. Secondly, the mass of options for couples: postcards, declarations of love and friendship, marriage proposal, congratulations on the wedding day wishes and apologies. And thirdly, all kinds jokes and practical jokes, congratulations on your professional holiday, wishes students during the session, a happy holiday granted leave colleagues and much more. Importantly, the differences between mobile voice Greetings from the usual – is the element of surprise! 'The suspect nothing suspicious' (c) Therefore, the impression from such an original greeting the most pleasant and positive! And the birthday boy himself charged emotions of the whole day..

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