Walk Five Kilometres

When a friend asked to me if she would leave my daughter of 4 years accompanied to hers the Long walk by Multiple Sclerosis, I did not doubt in accepting. My friend was diagnosed with this disease more ago than 5 years and is a test of overcoming and daily strength; she controls her disease not the other way around and. So not only I accepted that my daughter participated, but registered same older son and. It had 4 months of pregnancy. It knew that for the moment of the Long walk it was going to have more than six month and a half; but she was certain to support friend and to being part of the campaign of awareness and search of one it cures for the Multiple Sclerosis. In this article I am going to explain how I had the energy to walk more than five kilometers with almost seven months of pregnancy. My preparation began with my diet. During the first months of the pregnancy it did not have many alternatives of food by nauseas and malaises; but in the fourth month already it felt a little to me better (if, the malaises sometimes last beyond first trimester).

I could diversify my foods and increase to more fruits and vegetables, different cereals and more protein. During the pregnancy it is important to avoid greasy and carbohydrates simple not only not to increase much of weight but because they do not contribute basic nutrients for the mother and it drinks. If I want to eat dessert, a piece of pie or something very sweet me leaves tired strengthless and. For that reason I prefer fresh fruits or yogurt, that gives to much more energy me and they make me feel far better. My diet is complemented with nutritional supplements that help me to obtain the optimal level of nutrients for me and my it drinks, and to maintain my energy level.

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