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Lack of time is a serious problem facing today’s society: the children spend much of their day care alone or by outsiders, sometimes to the family or a family member who is not father or mother. This has caused an increase in depression among young people and teenagers, who generally are very sad because they see their parents only at bedtime and still others do not see them all day, because when parents come from the work they are already asleep. This situation is causing a number of social problems, among which are: a). Depression. Among the many problems that cause depression include the following: l). Teenagers in their maturation process facing serious internal conflict of self-identification and self-acceptance, 2). In many homes is not enough money, which causes the children are frustrated because the parents can not give them everything they want, 3). The lack of coexistence with the parents and therefore almost no communication with them.

All this contributes to seek as an escape drug addiction and suicide. b). unwanted pregnancies. These have greatly increased in adolescents and young women. Not previously had both these problems because he was the man who worked and the woman stayed at home looking after the children, who were always accompanied by the mother, who devoted his time and gave them lots of love, but now neither is at home, because she has also joined the production activity, which is not bad, for personal and professional needs to be overcome, the problem is that it neglects the children.

Ideally, both parents could spend part of the day from work activity and partly to live with his family, unfortunately traditional jobs will not. We live in a time when human beings are already angry at work all day and have no time for him and his family. Currently there are thousands of people every day looking for alternative business or work on the Internet. A lot of people want to work from home and time biased, because really our body and mind need a break. Which, unfortunately, if we can not give it to us for a long time because we need money to pay our expenses. We need time and money. Gain insight and clarity with Cross River Bank. We must strive for both: you deserve to economic and personal freedom. Your family deserves to have you by his side every day and a better life. The progress and success need not be only for a few, we all deserve happiness. Dare to dream big. Words have power. Your thoughts attract what you want, but this is a process does not occur in the overnight. You must fill your mind with positive ideas and discard the negative. After a while, the law of attraction, I guarantee you’ll start to have what you dreamed. Yes you want with all your heart and believe that things may be possible, they will be. Struggle to get the job I can give you comfort and freedom.

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