I'm surprised that people do not recognize this well-known photographic artifact (false image). I am also struck by the fact that these pictures depicting something that is almost as big and bright as the Sun ('second sun'), distributed with the allegations that are present in some of those same websites that Nibiru – too weak (dim) object to it can be seen or photographed, is that by using larger telescopes. One widely circulated photograph, taken with the telescope, which shows two types of the expanding gas cloud far beyond outside the solar system, which does not move, you can see this on the fact that the stars in each image are the same. An astute reader, who visited this website, found that the photographs depicted gas shell around the star V838 Mon in the constellation Monoceros. Wikipedia (Wikipedia) is an accurate description and photograph of the handsome star, made by the Hubble Space Telescope (Hubble). Another reader, a high school student, was struck at first placed images red clot, which, as stated, is the planet Nibiru (Nibiru). Then, demonstrating the use of Photoshop software (Photoshop), he showed how you can get exactly the same pictures, starting from scratch. In the video laid out on YouTube in the summer of 2008, shows a guy who, while in his kitchen, says that one of the objects detected by telescopes operating in the range of X-rays, NASA – the planet Nibiru. And what are his arguments? That since this pseudocolor image taken in X-rays and submitted by NASA, the blue color, in fact, it should be located close to the planet on which there are sea (oceans). Of course, this could be considered amusing if such videos are not used to intimidate people.

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