Automobile Crane Repairs

The output of automobile crane repairs should be made of engineering and technical personnel responsible for the content of cranes in good condition, according to the schedule repairs approved owner of the crane. In the current repair truck crane provides works TO-2. In addition, it is necessary to disassemble motors and cargo winch mechanism of rotation of the rotary frame to determine the extent Wear and replace the gears, shafts, bearings and brake discs, disassemble telescopic boom to perform its maintenance and repair; check block pulley head, hook hangers and replace worn blocks and replace the defective riveted connections, to edit and welding of metal damaged, remove the observed leakage of working fluid and oil, replace the worn seals; perform control and setup of machines, appliances and devices in accordance with the manual valve, if necessary, make repairs landing gear touch up the damaged surface of the metal and assembly units. Signs of rejection of assembly units and parts, methods to address their injuries and wear during routine repairs are contained in the manual truck crane. Before removing and disassembling assemblies and mechanisms necessary to wash faucet, free of dirt to be dismantling machinery and equipment, to bring parts into position for safe and convenient performance of his labor practices, to merge the working fluid from the hydraulic equipment. Welded and molded parts with assembly units can not be disassembled, except as necessary to restore or replace their constituent parts. When disassembling components parts of the crane should apply measures to eliminate depersonalization components.

Electronics Manufacturers

Environmentalists blame manufacturers of electronics in disregard for the ecology of the International Greenpeace believes that the world's electronics manufacturers still do not pay enough attention to environmental issues, not letting an alternative eco-friendly products in sufficient quantities to reduce the harmful impact of its use and disposal. Environmentalists point out that over the last year of electronics manufacturing companies carried out a series of promises in the production of environmentally friendly technology. In 2008, 15 leaders in this area submitted for investigation 50 of its products – mobile phones and smart phones, televisions, computer monitors, computers, laptops and game consoles. Greenpeace estimated the goods represented by their content of toxic chemicals, their energy efficiency, the full life cycle (reprocessing capabilities and improvements), as well as a number of other factors, in particular, promote the idea of sustainability and innovation. More and more goods have to fulfill the environmental requirements. However, some companies refused to provide their products to the study by Greenpeace. Incidentally, last week it became known that the production and sale of popular Plasma TV with high energy may be banned in Europe in the spring of this year, as program to combat climate change, European countries will adopt new standards for energy consumption This type of consumer devices. The planned measures will contribute to the disappearance of the sale of inefficient energy in respect of TV and the new labeling system will allow customers to choose TVs the lowest energy consumption. Microorganisms on Earth are capable of producing rain, and automobile exhaust – a lightning A study of precipitation samples from different regions of the world (Finland, Brazil and Sweden), Swedish scientists have concluded that microorganisms are capable of producing rainfall in various parts of our planet.

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