Internet Satellite

How many times have finished tired of changing channels on your TV without seeing anything interesting? how many hours of boredom you had to spend watching the heart programs, low quality movies, newscasts and other bland programming that does more than make you wish that the time to go or eat to be able to do something interesting finally arrives? I, personally, many hours I’ve spent this way, you guarantee it. And although I’ve always wanted to have television via satellite at home never I could cogersela me it due to the large monthly financial outlay that require all television companies via satellite. In times of crisis as they run, the majority of people cannot be allowed the luxury of pay between 50 and 80 euros a month to see something interesting programming on your TV. But recently I discovered that television could have online in an easy and economical way. I’m not talking about any type of web page that differs emissions illegally, nor I am not speaking of any combination of hardware and software that serves to skip the tv codes satellite. What I am talking about is the possibility of seeing more than 2000 TV channels by satellite around the world without more tools than a computer and an internet connection. No fees, without having to pay extra for view certain broadcasts. For the price that you can assert some tickets to the cinema you can enjoy more than 2000 channels of lifetime.

It is extremely easy to use, without totally legal and monthly cost. Watch TV online only requires three simple steps: download the program. Install it. Enjoy more than 2000 channels of programming from around the world. I saw already how easy that is able to watch television over the internet, not what tests you why? Visit this link now. Other items of interest: want to watch TV over the internet?

Control Panel

(in collaboration with Omar Estrada) First everything must mention that many times what we can consider an attack on our blog (when it is mess or disappears completely), is simply a problem with the databases of our hosting service. So first measurement we suggest in this situation is to contact Support and verify if the server is down before panic by rule, they saved a backup copy of the database tables by what you can always restore your blog to a previous state. Either way, if you you are concerned about your content to disappear or that your blog will be affected in some way, then here are some steps to take. Security is only as strong as its weakest 1 – always keep updated your copy of WordPress. WordPress is a blogging platform of open source, GPL licensed.

As every system in development (there is no infallible computer) there are always security holes that are being found and reported to the WordPress community. This then works on known failures to conceive new versions of the platform; so you update your WordPress installation to the latest version available, protects it against security flaws found in previous versions. 2. Use of a secure password strike say that there should always be a strong password. Tips to keep in mind to set a secure password:-do not include words from the dictionary; These can easily be cracked using brute force (using software) methods – don’t use your birth date or phone number as password. They are fairly easy to guess. -Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and signs. -Use long phrases (near the 10 digits or more).

-Keep a saved copy of your password, for cases of amnesia a simple method for defining a secure password is to formulate a personal phrase that contains all the features mentioned and that is easy to remember for you, but without meaning to others. Do say: the #DeAsignaturasDeMiCarrerFue59? 3. Make a backup of your databases regularly. Prevent is better than regret. The database is the table that organizes and stores the structure of your content at the server level. If you have a backup copy, never lose your work no matter what happens in your blog. For this purpose you can use the plugin WP-DB-Backup and schedule an automatic backup regularly. You can also make a copy of your database from the Control Panel of your hosting. 4. Hide your WordPress version. Many times, the malicious hacker scans the database for the entire blog with a script for previous installations of WordPress that have not been patched. To combat this situation eliminates the finish line of your version of WordPress in the file header.php in your installation. This would make unrecognizable your version to these scripts. DANGER: whenever you work at the code level, you have a backup of the file, renaming it (in this case for example header-2.php). Thus you can always restore it if things don’t go well. 5 Declare as not indexing on your server, the folders not intended to appear in the search engines. This is achieved by entering the Control Panel of your hosting, by locating the folder desindexar in your root via File Manager, and with right click declare /index manager/no indexing. Omar Estrada blog you will find the other 5 tips that complete this list.

Google RSS

Currently on the web there are thousands of interesting sites which we find information that we are important or relevant to our occupations or interests by which becomes very tedious having to go site by site in search of latest updates. To solve this issue we have the so-called RSS which is a means of dissemination of content that allows us access to the latest information from our favorite sites without having to visit the page of each of them. The process is fairly simple and your review is performed as if it were an electronic mail account. To access the information you must use an RSS reader that you can access when you subscribe to reader service; the system works in the following way: when web site that these syndicated updates some contents (e.g. a new products news, updates or adds another page), then the web master also updated their RSS feeds. Your RSS reader checks the feeds and shows you new content.

Usually the SRR are used to keep informed on our sites to our subscribers to the latest changes or new publications by a the OJ and on the other allows us to show content updated in the pages of our sites by placing links pointing to feeds from other sites, implying having renewed web pages constantly, very timely for browsers. When readers we are or we are pleased to be informed about the latest in our fields, the use of a feed reader assumes big savings of time and inconvenience since it is possible to quickly view all the new content published on several sites virtually at the same time and we envision it in one place. There are three ways to access the information through RSS: 1 – using the web browser. 2. Using an application or software that is installed on the user’s computer. 3. Using an e-mail program. The simplest is to use free web-based services, the most popular are Google, and Bloglines We simply register and then choose the RSS services that we want to be informed.

The other method is by using a software or application that we install on our computers, one of the most used is Feedreader which is installed with ease. Finally by way of information, I tell them that RSS files, like web pages, have a Url (internet address) which is the need to indicate in the RSS reader so that it can find on the web and show us their contents. There are also directories of RSS feeds, lists of Favorites or search engines of contents and RSS feeds; which are both very useful to find other feeds or to sign the feeds of our site to make it available to other users who want to be aware of what we do. I hope will be useful in these times where information abounds and time it seems increasingly scarce. A greeting. Jorge Alberto Magallanes.

Definition Tests

The tests are carried out on the interface of the software, and is completely indifferent internal behavior and the structure of the program. Black box test cases intended to to demonstrate that: the software functions are operational. The input accepts properly. There is a correct output, and maintains the integrity of the external information. Do the black box test answers questions:? What input cases end up defining good test cases. If the system is sensitive to certain forms of input.

Which volumes (levels of data) tolerates system. 2. Carrying out of tests. Different tests to be performed are based on testing at different levels, it is necessary to test if each unit operates, then it is necessary to test whether the various components fit together and finally it is necessary to test the system globally. This process is quite logical, since if for example only the system is tested, it would be difficult to find certain types of errors. 2.1.

Basic principles of evidence. They must be carried out by anyone other than the designers of programs, so you can verify as well as the proper functioning of the program your correct conception and interpretation. (3) In addition to following these 10 principles: 1. the test can be used to show the presence of errors, but never of his absence. 2. The main difficulty of the test process is deciding when to stop. 3. Avoid unplanned tests cases, not reusable and trivial unless the program is really simple. 4. A necessary part of a test case is the definition of the expected result. 5. The test cases must be written not only for valid and expected entry conditions but also for not valid or unexpected conditions. 6. The test cases must be written to generate the desired output conditions. 7. The number of errors without discovering is directly proportional to the number of errors discovered.


For example, humor. You made a reproach, but you answered a brilliant joke. And even if the reproach that will not stop, in the eyes of those around you will look like a hero, and hardly anyone will blame you. Another famous example of this method is popularly called "mowing under a fool." It is worth saying that even if it is found not infrequently, but is rarely used wisely. Often, that person "squints" and not really does not understand immediately disclose.

And after watching Hollywood movies, people, this method is increasingly ignored and it is becoming less effective. 4. Management The first thing worth mentioning in this method of psychological defense – playing on the emotions. This active use of Representatives of poor half of humanity. Tears. It is necessary to apply a little pressure to its second half, as she begins to cry, to put pressure on the emotions, to say that you do not like it, etc. A very effective method.

It is true that fits not all. However, even more efficient to manipulate in your address to respond to the manipulation of the manipulator. This method applies only to professionals. But its effectiveness is almost unlimited. You can stop the absolutely any psychological pressure in your favor. However, for this you need to have nehily stocks of knowledge in the field of manipulation. This is what I'll talk to you in one of the following Stethem. 5. Hide explicit example – so called "gray mouse. They simply do not provide any information about the manipulator itself. Carefully chosen behavior. Strictly necessary to choose the information about you may know others, then this method will effectively. 6. Ignoring the Essence – a complete disregard for the manipulator. But there has to be careful. If you ignore the nonsense, you zachtut it as a virtue, pride. If you ignore a serious statement, then himself manipulator can use it as your weakness. Therefore, the main thing – nothing to distinguish from a serious incident. Finally. So you met with 6 basic mechanisms of psychological defense. The most effective method – response manipulation. You can order all the tension directed at you redirect to the enemy and win much. But you need to have much more knowledge than described in this article. This paper – a classification and small examples. Everything else – later in the Code of the Absurd. What awaits you on the Code of the Absurd? Manimeyking: satellityChto a business plan and why it snomInteresnye with facts and news

Continuous Computing

MONTREAL and SAN DIEGO, CA-(Marketwire – February 8, 2010) – Octasic Inc., a leading innovator of media processing solutions, mobile and Continuous Computing (R), a global provider of hardware and software solutions that address the challenge the capacity of mobile broadband, today announced that the two companies integrated their respective products of "small cells" to allow equipment providers to rapidly produce femtocells and pico on the platform of Universal Telecommunications System (UMTS). The demonstration of the joint work product of firms allows systems designers to assess the physical layer of UMTS Octasic's software from Continuous Computing Femtocell protocoloTrillium. Get more background information with materials from Eliot Horowitz. The combined platform provides software Iuh Trillium 3GPP Release 8 Home NodeB physical layer integrated with High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) from Octasic operating in the baseband processor based on Opus Octasic Vocallo BTS. "The market for applications based on pico and femtocells is huge and growing every days, "said Manish Singh, vice president of product line management of Continuous Computing. Read more from Compuware to gain a more clear picture of the situation. "Given the strong commitment of Octasic with the mobile broadband market, we are pleased to work together to integrate our products optimized for femtocells that provide OEMs small cell solutions more effective." "We are proud to partner with a recognized leader in technology as femtocells," said Emmanuel Gresset, vice president of Software Defined Radio (SDR) at Octasic. "The ability to integrate Continuous Computing's products with our own solutions in a few weeks shows the benefits of our total software approach: flexibility, ease of system integration and faster time to market positioning.

Select Software Engine

If you decide to do site building, you may not like to do without cms. You have not heard that term? Should understand what it means. Previously, always part of any company can be found by a professional editing site of the company. At the moment, virtually all office workers must be able to do so. Often need to quickly react to what is happening, and as a consequence, the time to make changes. For this reason, and were created cms, we know them as 'content management system' or just engines. If you wish to have time to make changes were spent far less, and the whole process would be simple, it is necessary and the engine used properly.

Cms lot, and each has some of his features. So we offer you a list of those moments that are worth noting before you download engine. Simplicity of the system and its convenience, of course, stand in the foreground. I think you understand the meaning of these words. Pick up the engine by itself – if you just work with it, therefore it is suitable for you, this is without taking into account other characteristics.

The second point – the price question. This is not unimportant point, because you do not jump above his head, and pay as much as you allow your 'pocket'. Thus it is necessary to consider what should be included modules from this largely depends on the price engine, and any 'donations' Are you ready to go in the future for further development. The third – should look carefully at the requirements of the chosen system. After all, each engine nominated their individual requirements for the selection of the host. So, that payment of hosting services will be different. Therefore, it may be that getting the engine from the category of inexpensive or even free engine, you then have to pay extra a decent amount of host. Fourth moment – not recommend purchase cms exclusive nature, because it often happens that even the developers themselves do not know what to do with this exclusivity. After all, they are not even able to help you if something suddenly goes wrong. We do not here can lead a full listing. The easiest would be to consider all of the example is when you suddenly become somewhat unsure. It is important to verify whether the requirements imposed chosen engine, which is a site similar to Yours.

Web Access

7: Ease of use of the system. This is a field in which Web applications have evolved considerably and have achieved, but equal, if having a very complete user interface. In the Om Demand model, all applications are used in Web format. Eliot Horowitz has similar goals. That is all the users of the system must make use of software via Browsers Web. This can cause some discomfort for the user final in terms of speed of access (this largely depends on the infrastructure of communications and Internet access channels) and the fact that there are still Web applications that are difficult navigation and that do not contain all the facilities of use that have client/server applications.

This has been changing significantly, but it is an important point to consider. It is necessary to evaluate applications in each model for effects of providing actual productivity tools users are so productive. For example, for no one is a mystery the speed and ease of use that must have a system for a call center agent. He is a person who cannot say to a customer on the phone line that you must wait because the system is slow. This is why we always recommend application client/server for call center agents.

No. 8: access to information and applications. The mobility and ease of access to information have become very effective in recent years. It is necessary to bear in mind the ease of access to the employees may have the information remotely, i.e. being outside the company’s facilities. Many times the model On Premise applications, may have difficulty to provide remote access. The On Demand model can be best adjusted to these needs, due to its ease of access. It does not mean that with the model On Premise cannot be achieved this type of remote access, but it is a little more complex and expensive. It is important to validate this factor and consider the pros and cons of each model to make a decision. There may be many more variables to consider, these with some with whom we have found and recommend to evaluate before making a decision. Both models are really totally viable, the important thing is to identify which is better suited to the conditions of each company.

Chris McConnell

Requires a clear and simple process to create a website that would help satisfy the customer’s demands (meet the requirements of the web site within the networks of the global marketing), but may be a challenge for those who don’t have much experience in this regard, establish a standard formula that works for them, why presented you a series of 10 steps to develop a web site that you can apply effectively. Chris McConnell shares her experience through 6 steps that puts into practice in the development of projects and based on interviews with designers and developers from the Hispanic web environment we have assembled a 10-step guide to develop a web site with aspects that they apply at the time of creating a website. 1.Comunicarse customer: meet physically or virtually with the customer is the best way to know what she wants, their ideas, expectations of the project and especially negotiate the budget assigned to the work that these be done from the start. It is an opportunity to show what you know and make clear your workflow so that everything works from the principle and there is no bad misunderstandings. 2.Crear a brief: according to Chris McConnell (almost a master in web marketing) a creative brief should be the target audience of the client, its primary and secondary objectives for the web site, the characteristics of current brand, budget and deadlines that need to comply with. More research on the design brief.

3.Propuestas: some designers prefer to deliver proposals in JPG before touching the code or choose the tools that will work. That helps to better define the ideas and not perform overtime work. 4.Contrato: establish a contract of web development at the beginning of the project is a good way of delineating the points of the process with prices and delivery dates with that customer and developer must comply.

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