Financial Crisis

Once the banks do not give out money – it means exactly the crisis. Why not work the customary system of solving problems? In fact, she Works, but There is one thing but that is not taken into account. In order that the problem was solved, it is necessary to come up with a "crisis". How? You must understand that in fact the crisis is yet another product of successful public relations. That's good advertised product you have purchased.

Enough to put backlash – to advertise the fact that the crisis is over, at this stage, it is the most acceptable to our brain stroke. The more you talk about it his subordinates, colleagues, partners – the faster you will lead a mechanism that would lead the crisis to an end. For this project has all the necessary elements: the problem is visible: under someone else's able leadership, the masses to believe in a crisis, and now support it. solution: it is necessary to tell his subordinates about the cause of the crisis, and ask what they have solutions? hereinafter: the successful repetition of this information to a large audience, many, many times. That is, in principle, and all. But now the most important thing. About how much you missed your chance, so did nothing during the crisis. During the crisis, people have no money.

Again! During a crisis, people are open to new suggestions. Two! During a crisis, people are becoming more daring, desperate, determined, enterprising. Three! You can continue on. You want to start their own business, or with one that does not bring revenue to profitability? Then hurry up! A then crisis ends! This is no joke, it's the facts. Have a look at the statistics, news. The peak of the crisis now. Further, he has developed will be hard. Options a bit. Either follow the next push to the side organization Crisis (Which they probably do), or exit from the crisis peak. If you are interested in this topic, you can subscribe to our active mailing list (out 1-3 times a week), which describes in detail how this technology works, and how it can be practically applied.

Parquet Glue

The search for materials for laying parquet slats is a responsible action, which affects how long will the parquet. Error in this case may lead to a complete dismantling of the entire floor, including the very treatment of solid planks. Existing methods of laying wooden floors can accomplish this in several ways. The bar is glued directly to the screed floor, either through the separation layer of plywood. Plywood used as a compensating layer between the screed and a layer of solid wood. It should be borne in mind that the timber – a "living material" subject to periodic changes of its geometrical dimensions dependent changes in humidity and temperature. Separating layer of plywood to compensate for these variations. However, technology is not standing in place and some time ago, new types of parquet, excluding attaching plywood to the cement screed and glued hardwood strips directly on the ground.

Clay is made based on a modified silicone, contains no water and solvents. The difference between this type of material for the board sex from the other – is that it remains elastic after the seizure. After solidification of the glue between the flooring and the base is formed elastic substrate, which assumes the functions of the plywood. In addition, the adhesive caused by continuous layer, has additional properties – acoustic and moisture barrier. In the Soviet school of parquet – a new technology and not yet widely used. Unlike Europe, where this method of laying a solid board was predominant.

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