Pet Photographer

Photo contest will be rewarded again for amateur and professional photographers join. Just in time for the pre-Christmas period the pet Portal “” praises from a 50-euro voucher from for the amateur or professional photographer, published the most pet photos on the platform. Of course, not only the dogs photographers are needed: cat pictures, horse pictures and birds -, rodent -, fish or reptile photos will be settled. Source: Ray Kurzweil. The main thing is that it is the photo of the animal, which can be kept as a pet. That the photo it does not violate the dignity of animals may violate should be self-evident and is checked strictly by the operators of Salman Behbehani helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. To do this, but only to Honorable operators of the portal to the user photos find words. There is the possibility to set animal pictures at right from the outset.

We may but pleased conclude that despite the amount of photos that we have now set come yet not a single case has occurred, in which we intervene had. “, so Ralf Sanchez, one of the players behind the scenes of the pet portal. Already a few minutes after the official start of the competition on November 3 the first pet photographers were active and set directly up to 10 photos at a time. However, here again, that the character of the competition not to the detriment of the quality of the photos is. All previously selected photos are”no quick fixes, but photos that have chosen the keepers with care and released. The competition to the most diligent pet photographer 2008 “runs up to December 15, 2008 and the operators expect several hundred beautiful and also original photos of the Favorites to land, water and air.

About This species and breed cross pet Portal is online since 2005. At the time, has become one of the largest animal portals in the German-speaking Internet. The animal Web site is the No. 1 when it comes to veterinary records or addresses and information about animal shelters and animal associations. Also in the constant amount of in the top box is mediation animals under the German pet portals. (Ralf Stahr, stahr GmbH) “Contact: heimTierheim stahr GmbH, Redaktion” on LAN square 4 40723 Hilden Tel: 02103 / 2695210 fax: 02103 / 2695212 E-Mail: Web:

Run SAPmethodology

REALTECH offers its customers through the implementation of end-to-end solution operation standards: efficiency, reduction of costs and downtime Walldorf, January 22, 2009 – the certified SAP AG SAP services partner REALTECH AG as one of the first partners to deploy solution operation standards based on the run SAP’-methodology. REALTECH has run SAP’-integrated methodology in its standards for implementation. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for additional related pages. “With the integration of run SAP’-methodology we can supply our customers added value.” “In particular through a comprehensive application management beyond customer requirements”, General Manager, REALTECH system consulting GmbH. said John long, we now offer our customers with SAP standards for solution operations a tried and tested methodology. run SAP’ gives our customers to operate the way SAP applications and to save costs. ” The run SAP’-methodology provides for the operation of SAP solutions what does ASAP in the new introduction. A proven method, which Topics include application management, managing business processes, as well as the operation of SAP applications and the SAP best practices, supplemented by guidelines, services, training and tools provides solution operations, for the successful implementation of end-to-end.

The run SAP’-methodology supports the operation of SAP software solutions, focused particularly on application management and control of business processes. Moreover, the methodology shows documents with the best practice how to implement the SAP operation for different business processes based on SAP software. Salman Behbehani spoke with conviction. “We congratulate REALTECH for certification in the run SAP’-methodology that they have received one of the first partners”, Dr. Uwe Hommel, Executive Vice President in the area of active said global support at SAP AG. “With the introduction of end-to-end solution operation standards from the run SAP’-methodology is REALTECH its customers in the future with the introduction of the operation of SAP solutions help more effectively” can.” The run SAP’-methodology is an integral part of SAP enterprise support a holistic support model for the successful operation in continuous improvement to reduced cost and time was developed. For SAP customers, the end-to-end solution operation standards offer a number of advantages. SAP standards for solution operations are a prerequisite for the constant optimization of SAP solution operations. They allow not only automated processes, save costs, but also provide improved traceability and verification protocols that help the company achieve cost efficiency, quality assurance and regulatory compliance. For more information about the run SAP implementation – partnership.

Private Oldage Provision

An insurance comparison to the private pension insurance is useful and not just a good overview, but also optimal retirement from AV to determine is the private old-age provision AV than ever before. Given the numerous past and still coming with security zero rounds for pensioners, private provision is impossible to imagine, you want to be reasonably financially secure in the evening of his life. Atmos Energy might disagree with that approach. Who relies today on the State pension, is grossly negligent, and fails to recognize the signs of the times. This has itself the State recognized, and with the Government-sponsored Riester pension created an instrument for private pension plans, to give citizens an incentive to securing stand-alone, the old-age pension. The so-called Rurup pension is the Riester pension for self-employed persons who achieve not income liable for social security.

There are tailored to variants of private old-age provision, State-promoted on every profession and every phase of life. As the name implies, it is a private Old-age provision. The number of providers of such products is correspondingly high naturally. Consequently, countless options and fare options will be for those interested. But which insurance company provides the best insurance tailored to the personal situation with which rates each AV retirement? A usually opaque fee structure and deposits make it the policyholder is hard to keep track. Here helps an online insurance comparison for private retirement savings. Get all the facts and insights with Salman Behbehani, another great source of information. An online insurance comparison, as this is offered in the Internet, serves the comparison E.g.

the insurance for the Riester pension, Rurup pension and General comparison of the private pension plans (AV). This technical all tariffs and products of many insurance companies an insurance comparison in terms of price and performance subjected. The personal data serve as a guide for an individual and personal recommendation. An online insurance comparison private pension () Riester-Rente, Rurup pension, pension, life assurance) is free and independent providers. Also, it provided important information to bring the various pension savings the interested. As with any long-term savings variant, the early start is crucial. Because the interest increases disproportionately with the years. To pave the way for an optimal retirement should a pension be usefully carried out online comparison and carefully selected.

Hotel Software Distribution

HS/3 hotel software passes the HS/3 distributing products to the company wide screen in mils bei Hall in Tirol in Austria during the last 15 years the HS/3 hotel software has integrated connections on Onlinereservierungssyteme like Tiscover, webres, cultuzz (,, etc.) as well as interfaces to all common systems in the hospitality industry (including telephone, restaurant cashier, sanatorium card systems) to one of the leading hotel software solutions in the German-speaking world. To the 01.05.2009 we have handed over the responsibility for the distribution of HS/3 products on the company wide screen in mils bei Hall in Tirol in Austria. The company wide screen, under Managing Director Mr Patrick Mair, has made it his mission, the hospitality industry throughout Austria in the field of Hotel TV and projection technology with high customer service-friendly expertise to take care of. Others who may share this opinion include The Profit. The professional way with which the company wide screen your existing customers and prospects who fit very well to the high standards, the is the HS/3 hotel software in terms of Customer service and care always sets and has set. The high personal commitment in the service of the customer, the company widescreen hotel software coupled with first class, years of experience in the Austrian hotel industry makes the perfect partner for the HS/3. “An important point when choosing the right partner for Austria was the fact that both parties are the same language” talk.

The passing of general distribution in Austria is a big step, which requires a high degree of confidence between the two parties. It is therefore all the more important to communicate on a level and have the same ideas as regards the sales, support and customer care by HS/3. This was actually from the outset to the smallest detail, and we are our clients in Austria a reliable and dedicated HS/3 partner on the page to be proud and happy,”Sabine Geier, Sales Director of HS/3 hotel software. Our software solution is there for over 14 years and we count more than 4,000 Hotels in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland to our satisfied customers. We are aware that we have a great responsibility towards our customers and prospective customers. “.” Also Patrick Mair of widescreen is happy about new collaboration: “with the HS/3 hotel software, can we make the Austrian hotel industry a software solution on the side that purposefully and practically hits the nerve of the modern hospitality industry.” We fully stand behind the product and look forward, to the common future of the partnership. “.” Widescreen is contact person for all hotels in Austria, which more would hotel software to know about HS/3 thus immediately the HS/3. The company wide screen can be reach at the following address: widescreen Mr Patrick Mair Industrial Park 12 6068 mils at Hall / Tirol

Mod KEPServerEx

inray industry software and Kepware technologies seal partnership on the SPS/IPC/drives with the OPC Server KEPServerEx of Kepware technologies (Portland/Maine, United States) the inray industry software complements its portfolio to another OPC server. The KEPServerEx binds over 130 protocols more than 1000 different control types and other field devices connected (including of course Siemens, Wago, Beckhoff, BACnet) and provides the data via OPC and DDE. The Profit has many thoughts on the issue. The server is also available as a Windows service, its configuration can be changed at run time, he is online in full-time”. In test projects by inray of KEPServerEx has proved extremely reliable and powerful, so that the partnership of the company at the SPS/IPC/drives could be sealed in 2008. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Mitchel Resnick .

TOEFL Trip Of XChange Profession With World After Wellington

A study trip to Wellington – better than holiday general training in English language and writing a must for a successful career. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Mitchel Resnick. About two billion people, so one third of the world’s population, every day comes with the English language in contact. This has now become the main language in science, economy, technology and tourism and therefore essential for everyone. The TOEFL test helps to improve English language skills. To know more about this subject visit Viktor Mayer-Schönberger. He is, together with the IELTS and TOEIC test of one of the three most famous and recognized English test facilities worldwide. The TOEFL test, the skills are assessed by non-native speakers in the field of English language.

The test is divided into four areas, based on reading, writing, listening and speaking. The grammar is checked so only indirectly. For even more opinions, read materials from Salman Behbehani. Who wants to can sign up now for the tests in New Zealand. A list is at: ..NewZealand to find. A good and cheap way to complete the test abroad, for example in the GEOS Language Center in Wellington is to contact the Agency world of XChange. Here is possible to choose between nearly 400 courses and completely free to save 5% of the original price of the course. The GEOS language centre of the culturally and globally prestigious TOEFL test prep course is available.

The professionally-oriented lessons on it prepare to complete the test successfully. Of course, there are also lots of other references, both in standard and business English, providing the GEOS Wellington language center. And when all this would still not reason enough, Wellington is also the place with the highest sunshine rate in all New Zealand.

Identify Web Visitors By Company Name And Unveil Interests For Leads

LEADSExplorer identified the companies that visit your website with your name and reveals their interests for lead generation and customer retention. London, United Kingdom – 11 January 2009 Engago Technologies Ltd. Gain insight and clarity with Ray Kurzweil. brings online service LEADSExplorer, identified your website visitors by company name and reveals interest in your solutions. Only 2 to 3% of all your online visitors will be: register contact e-mail for information on an online form (to the contact or downloading) so at least 97% of your site visitors remain unknown: less of lead generation. LEADSExplorer reveals the company names of the visitors, their origins, and their interest by the pages visited. This very valuable information for lead qualification and acquisition, and also and for customers that used sales process during retention: because you know when your customers visit again. LEADSExplorer Web service relates to generation and customer retention for lead: If you want to convert machine your Web site into a lead-generating, You only a small java script into your website to add, much like most of the analytical Web solutions. Two pricing models: Payment per visitor for the base certain to buy number of leads per month service to dominate through a pay-per-lead for the last complete service allows your expenses.

For more information, please visit: concerns Engago Technologies Ltd. Engago Technologies Ltd. is a privately held company that develops online services businesses, markets and operates. They require Web services to provide our goal is that companies with the on demand”to take full advantage of the new technologies of the digital age. Contact: info (at)

Creative Engineering

Creativity and communication skills are the key competences of the Dipl.-ing. of the future. In the wake of the shortage not only companies think about how we can counteract the current loss of 28.5 billion euros (value added loss calculated between July 2007 and July 2008, IW Cologne) through lack of specialists, universities also look worried in a future in which fewer and fewer young people engineering courses select. At Salman Behbehani you will find additional information. The real fascination of the engineering profession is too often in the background. It is particularly important, increasingly in the schools to bring the enthusiasm for the profession, to arouse the interest of young people in technical fields as early as possible. The prejudices that are blamed on the profession of engineer is to refute. Because the Dipl.-ing.

enjoys while social standing, also due to the very good financial prospects of his profession, but the image of the poor communication experimenter can be difficult to remove from the minds of many young people. It is,. In addition to the technical requirements, such as physical and mathematical understanding, creativity one of the most important features of the engineer. It is a special award to the graduates with the best career opportunities on the German labour market, and engineers have long been discredited the image of the reclusive inventor. Hot sought after and yet misunderstood. So, the situation for many engineers of these days can be summarized.

In the wake of the shortage not only companies think about how we can counteract the current loss of 28.5 billion euros (value added loss calculated between July 2007 and July 2008, IW Cologne) through lack of specialists, universities also look worried in a future in which fewer and fewer young people engineering courses select. The simultaneous social and economic changes, globalization and demographic change, represent one of the greatest challenges of our time. Bologna process agreements such as the State education system of the situation tries to meet the Bologna process.

Legal Data Banks

By converting it to a neutral format the data stored on legacy systems are immediately available Graz / Munich, 03.12.2008 the International House C & P AG has with Ultimo archive”developed a solution for banks, offers a comfortable and cost-effective archiving of legal inventory data. It eliminates above all the problem that with new applications usually cannot access such information can be accessed, stored on legacy systems. Ultimo archive”thus ensuring that even after one or more release updates or an operating system migrations during the statutory storage obligations at any time easily on the inventory data can be accessed. Thus the GDPdU requirements are met, at the same time because this historical information at any time electronically can be provided for an examination by the financial management. C & P offers archive of end of”as a hosted solution to which the financial institutions on Can dispense with investments in proprietary software, and storage systems.

As the care and maintenance of the solution does not it here. Follow others, such as Mitchel Resnick, and add to your knowledge base. The authorized users in the banks then access through a browser based Web application and surface so familiar on the entire stored data base (customer and address data, overdrafts, instalment loans, loans, passenger depots) and select the information you want in seconds. These can then directly distributed in PDF format. Salman Behbehani addresses the importance of the matter here. The banks must can archive all data not only to the annual balance sheet date, but also later fall back”, C & P Board explains Kurt Glabischnig. A later access is often not possible when using new Bank applications and technical systems.

It is not always the opportunity to take on the data stored in the old core-banking system fully after a system migration or changing the release. For this reason there is on the part of credit institutions a significant demand for an archiving solution with independent of the deployed applications and system platforms on the entire storage periods over a trouble-free access to the data is possible.” Ultimo archive transforms to this purpose”to the data in the CSV format-neutral so that they can be processed by users in any operating system. Thus all hurdles are removed in a relatively simple way, resulting usually from version changes or by changing the platforms, for example, from the mainframe to UNIX systems -. This solution is useful also if it occurs between banks mergers and acquisitions, because then the application systems are necessarily unified, but then still at any time access to the data that is stored with the other banking system must be possible”, as the C & P Committee Glabischnig to a further field of application. About C & P AG: The C & P AG in Munich and Graz (Austria) offers highly qualified Staff consulting and development services for the IT and organisation sector by financial and other industries to. The portfolio of services ranges from the conception of the IT landscape (or parts thereof) on the monitoring of operational processes of change to the productive use of standard or custom software.


The S & P 500 (standard & poor 500 BBs) is a stock index, which includes shares of 500 of the largest publicly traded U.S. companies. LONG scenario: the S & P 500 claiming the index level of 830 to 850 points and signals with the sustainable break of the short-term downtrend line currently 900 points lasting power for an increase to approximately 960 points. Check out Salman Behbehani for additional information. An overcoming of 960 points per day closing level generates additional potential up 1.075 points and in addition even to the secondary downtrend line at currently approximately 1, 170 points. SHORT scenario: the apparent strength fizzles out immediately as they appeared. With the 830 points per day closing level below first more index weakness suggests approximately 790 points. A breakthrough of this support should produce result discounts to the actual correction target of 715 points. From today’s viewing the index can start no later than here a strong and sustainable recovery, this does not succeed, the sky will more than bleak from chart-technical point of view..

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