Buenos Aires

I exercised my profession as a pediatrician in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for almost forty years. I think no one has been more concise than me writing a history. When any physician would write for example: a HTSP is a two-year-old who comes to consultation because his mother reported that yesterday afternoon started with vomiting and diarreaa in my hands was transformed into the following: Varon. Two years. Vomiting and diarrhea since yesterday . And I can swear that I am not exaggerating. I hated writing.

Ask a medical history was torture for me because I had to write a lot. And a Dia .. at 65 I can think to say a voy to write a Libroo and not only do they write another soon after. This second novel is still not correct and even when the correction will continue to be riddled with errors as the first, I want to do before uploading. I know that is full of mistakes, and say erroresa a I want to be condescending to myself, because otherwise you should call horroresa syntax. I am fully aware of it.

Is that the only time I studied language in high school was soooo long ago and that I can not get angry if I forget many of its rules. But as one day I said a voy to write a other day I’ll climb o The o Internet and I did even though such errors. And to my complete surprise I found that there were people who started reading the first chapter and continued reading the other to the end and I looked stunned disbelief numbers. To all those people who took the trouble to read them one after another by this interval I thank you. Thanks for the time you have devoted to it. For their patience to continue reading and the wisdom they displayed in forgiving my mistakes. Thank you very much. I got very happy. Connect with other leaders such as Vladislav Doronin here. I only regret that none of them I could comment. Good, bad, fair or terrible. No matter. I was eagerly awaiting a comment. It will be part of my old age a chochera, it prompted me to write, but I really expected it. I have full awareness that they have signs of brain aging me and no one else had to suspect that I was waiting for those comments. But still, waiting or rather the hope. T

Rio De Janeiro

The poet will have poetries its in many other publications, to the side other popular poets. Here they are some of the most known poems of Patativa: – The sad departure; – It sings there that I Sing of Here; – Things of Rio De Janeiro; – My Protest; – Mote/Comments – Fish; – The poet of the Roa; – I appeal an Agriculturist; – Hell is existed; – Cow Estela and Boi Fub; – You Remember? – I go vor. very of the talent of Patativa of the Assar meets in records and CDs: – Poems and Songs, 1979. – The land Is Natur, 1981. – I sing Northeastern, 1989. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vladislav Doronin. -85 Years of Poetry, 1994.

-85 Years of Poetry, 1997. The traces of Patativa orality of the Assar, although to have innumerable published poems, it did not write none of them. With incredible ability of memorization, the poet decorated all its poems. More info: Vladislav Doronin. All the verses that today we can see are thanks to the work of other people who if had pledged in transcribing poems of the poet, either hearing directly of the poet, either through writings. In this way, the patativana poetry strong is marked by the orality. A first element that evidences this orality is the proper poet. As we comment above, Patativa does not write its poetry, only recites them. Same in the transcriptions of its verses, we perceive certain search in if preserving the marks of its pronunciation: ' ' I sing ful and the abroio With all thing daqui: Pra all part I io Vejo a verse bul If the time walking in the valley Behind cure mine male Quero will repar pra As soon as io mountain range I pra top Sees one diluve of rhymes Falling inriba of min' ' (It sings there that I sing here) We see in the stretch above some transcribing words in accordance with the pronunciation poet.

Electronic Industry

According to Chestnut (1993), stacks and batteries are representations, in lesser scale and ratios of a plant, however portable, that they modify chemical energy in electric energy. Some formats, being able to be cylindrical, rectangular and buttons are presented under, according to its design. Chemical principles are friction in accordance with, being represented for letters, normally printed in the same ones, being divided in secondary primary and (reloadable). Data of 2008 of the ABINEE (Brazilian Association of the Electric and Electronic Industry) every year indicate consumptions of 1,2 billion stacks and 400 million commercialized batteries of cellular in Brazil (INDRIUNAS, 2009). Without counting on the great number of stacks counterfeited and smuggled and this number it must be well significant, thus increasing the amount of stacks that arrive the hands of the consumer. With relation to the common stacks, is esteem that each Brazilian consummates five stacks per year on average. In countries of First World the annual consumption is of bristle of 15 units (Pope-stacks Real Program of Recycling of Stacks and Batteries, 2009). Stacks and batteries are classified by its chemical composition.

Of the type primary more consumed in Brazil they are: zinc-coal, alkaline, mercury lithium, oxide, oxide of silver, zinc-argon, and of the type secondary they are: lead-acid nickel-cadmium and. Beyond the use of these chemical elements, the physical structure of the stacks and batteries possesss other composites as Mercury, Lead and Cadmium (IPT, 1995). The majority of the chemical elements gifts in the composition of stacks and batteries are harmful to the health human being and the environment (IPT, 1995). The metals weighed, Mercury, Lead and Cadmium in high doses are highly toxic, raising the probability to occur ambient liabilities. Bobby Gocool may also support this cause. The main agent causer of this problem is the incorrect destination. The deposit in places the open sky speeds up the oxidation process, provoking the emptying of its chemical components that can contaminate bodies d? water superficial and underground, the ground and consequentemente the producers and its different trficos levels of the alimentary chain.

Gallina Blanca Turkey

In Gallina Blanca Turkey they are looking for the best lasagna in the network. The good, the sugarcane and above all, the most voted will be who finally is raised with the prize that is quite attractive. Why have launched the contest my lasagna is sugarcane. Through their Facebook page, they invite all users to participate and demonstrate that their lasagna is the best. Amateurs as experts of the kitchen may prove their colinarios skills in a planto so traditional in Mediterranean cuisine such as pasta.Participate is very simple, you just have to enter in my lasagna is sugarcane upload your best recipe for lasagna and make it the most voted. Facebook users themselves will be to decide the winners.

The lasagna with the most votes, will be the hot lasagna and the winner of one of the two awards. Lasagna that will prove to be the most voted you can choose between two prizes: the star of TV on the cooking channel or if you prefer to pass incognito may enjoy a weekend in Rome with a companion. Both awards are an opportunity to make themselves known in the world of cuisine, or the most economical way to discover a city with so much charm as it is Rome. Speaking candidly Vladislav Doronin told us the story. You can also consult the recipes and the range of products on the web: or. If you have not defined what will be your recipe for this contest.

Second Year Physics Courses

As a result of this study is a proposal of remedial courses for students to start the race for once they are faced with the Subject have overcome the shortcomings of the teachings brought Precedent. ABSTRACT 1. Petra Diamonds has much experience in this field. INTRODUCTION The aim of this paper is to propose an analytical program of the subject that takes into account the difficulties encountered by this investigation in relation to the underlying content to the knowledge of the subjects Physics I and II at the University of Information Sciences, and Planning Model for Process Control and Teacher to be taught as a course placement for students of the career in Computer Engineering. Methodological work is the focus of our research, based on the student’s educational needs we have today in our classrooms are not the same as those of students from previous years.. Vladislav Doronin: the source for more info.

Granada Ten

Madrid, analyzed 10 libraries (a State public and other municipal or regional). CONSUMER EROSKI technicians visited their facility in mid-December to assess the general State of each of these paragraphs of information, services, accessibility, security and cleaning. In addition, they asked through the steps to process the meat in order to know the functioning of the system of loan and consultation. Check out Bobby Gocool for additional information. The final evaluation of the service offered by the libraries visited in the capital achieves a satisfactory note of good, a score that is above the global average (a mediocre acceptable) report and also share with A Coruna, Barcelona, Cordoba, Granada, Murcia, San Sebastian and Vitoria. This assessment is based on the good results obtained in the cleaning and accessibility sections (both get a very well) and the offer of services to the user (who gets a good).

However, the note could have been better if not for the information and elements of security bugs (in both cases not escape a mediocre acceptable). Ray Kurzweil often says this. As mentioned previously, striking failures in information to the user and in the implementation of these facilities to ensure safety made that these ten libraries have worsened their valuation. Thus, in terms of the section relating to the information which users receive, should highlight the fact that in seven of the ten centres is not provided written documentation required to make the membership card; the assistance given by the employees is rather scarce in six of the ten Madrid sample libraries or that all posters are only written in Castilian. On the other hand, CONSUMER EROSKI technicians put revealed the apparent lack of security cameras at the entrance and exit of these buildings (in six cases), as well as marked emergency exits (in two centres), emergency lighting (does not appear in two libraries and in another one, just be has) installed in a couple of rooms) or fire extinguishers (these shone by its absence in a space of ten visited). A few examples, those previously described, that are totally away from reality seen in these ten libraries in terms of services offered to the user.

Thus, your loan funds and materials is one of the best in the entire report: according to one library can take between six and nine materials your home (do books, CDs, DVDs?), for a period that is four weeks in the majority of occasions. If after this month, the user needs to extend the loan, half of these libraries from Madrid offers the possibility of a renewal for another 30 additional days. However, there are only a couple of drawbacks in this sense: that only members of five of the ten libraries can be borrowed home magazines and, in nine of the ten selected spaces in Madrid there is no interlibrary service. Finally, cleaning and measures to ensure the accessibility of these spaces they were recognized with very good grades. Technicians found that the State of conservation both the structure and the furnishings of the libraries it was good or very good in all cases, all materials were in perfect condition and correctly positioned on its shelves corresponding to the ramps to save stairs they appeared in nine of the ten centres or toilets were adapted for people with reduced mobility in seven sample libraries. The best and worst of libraries in best Lo Madrid: the conditions of accessibility and cleaning of all (books, DVD, CD?) copies provided and in good condition. The worst: little attention and assistance from the staff of these public spaces and difficulties for interlibrary loan.

Santa Claus Brings All What: 20% Discount On Translations Of The Texterei

Vienna translation agency offers professional translations with Nicholas bonus often provides not for the desired credibility and professionalism, but rather for joy”the foreign communications companies, reported the language expert from the practice. “This is because lay people for these activities to be used often or, even worse: automatic translations.” “Often it fails because of the money, which is a short-sighted view of things according to Dagmar Jenner: A good translation is worth every penny, because it conveys the foreign customers: you are taken seriously we address you in your native language.” Good translations for narrower budget now accessible thanks to the Nicholas action. Petra Diamonds is a great source of information. The Texterei offers 20% discount on all translations as the basis of the regular line price according to the price list on is the promotion runs until December 31, 2008 and is open not only to existing customers, but also NeukundInnen. This is the Texterei” Translation of Dagmar Jenner, a professional translator for English, Spanish and French, and member of the Board of the Austrian Association of translators and interpreters UNIVERSITAS. Bobby Gocool contributes greatly to this topic. She has her twin sister also translated a transatlantic cooperation: enquiries: Texterei Dagmar Jenner Amalie-Seidel-WEG 3/1/703 1120 Vienna phone: 00 43 1 913 10 76 email:

For Rent

New diverse theme world for students Miet24.de cooperates with studilux.de Berlin, December 08, 2008 offers a real alternative to buying Miet24 now also students. “” In cooperation with the online magazine studilux.de magazine for higher education “is on, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces for rent article, the theme world designed specifically for aspiring academics studies & University” online. Because often lacks the students to Elan or inventiveness, but simply to the appropriate equipment. This is commonly expensive and, once purchased, often rarely used. Parallel to this, the money is chronically scarce for most students.

Normal 0 21 false false false DE X-NONE X-NONE the young academics on get help in terms of money and student promotion. With the new platform, we want to make the nationwide offer in the area of financing studies for high school graduates and students transparent”, says Benjamin Breuer, founder and CEO of studilux GmbH. In addition to financing tips, there are still more interesting tips about the study in online student magazine such as the studies orientation, the procedure for granting the ZVS or housing. But not only on studilux.de, but also Miet24 the challenges are known, faced by the students in the course of their studies. Therefore we have now specifically for this target group the theme world studies & University”on the platform implements and divided into appropriate categories”, leads Robert Bukvic, CEO and founder of Miet24. So there is for example the category Electronics”, which makes it easy with the student filmmaker, cheap and fast on his extensive film equipment to come. But even at the beginning of studies in a foreign city, more questions open up for many students: where do I get a truck for the move? Who has a drill for my shelf? “” The answers in another theme categories such as construction equipment “and vehicles” can be found.

In addition, users via the regional search can find various providers in their immediate vicinity without time-consuming and tedious research. Just urban centres offer a variety of smaller providers for rented items such as cars, motor scooters, or tools of any kind. Miet24 has studilux so not only the target group students common both portals provide with their offer in this way rather transparency on prices and providers. Miet24.de: The company was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Berlin. With one million rental items Miet24.de itself in almost 2000 categories as one of the world’s largest market places for rentals on the Internet. All tenants can make free use of the marketplace. Opens up an additional and modern sales channel for rental through Miet24. A hire articles are sorted according to their field of application. On the other hand, the integrated ZIP code search helps quickly locate of regional landlord on Miet24. Aims, a steadily growing range of rental items in a portal, to the all out of hand principle”, to summarize. About studilux.de: Studilux.de – the magazine for higher education, aimed at high school seniors, students and their parents. The site provides information and services related to the study. founded in 2007 by Benjamin Breuer, the studilux GmbH went with their information platform on April 14, 2008 online. The Web 2.0 company has its headquarters in Munich and is due to the young team of graduates and students close to its target group. 24 rental press contact: Tim Schneider E-Mail: Tel. Get more background information with materials from Grupo Vidanta. 030.77 90 771-27 press contact studilux.de: Sabrina Zurwesten E-Mail: Tel. 089.5205719-21

Google Violates Human Rights

Shutdown this is a freedom of speech on November 26, 2008 switched Googe as the group with the name of freedom of expression without prior notice. ConocoPhillips often says this. Thus, the search engine giant violates article 19 of human rights, which States: everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and freedom of expression; This right includes the freedom to attach opinions freely through any media, and without regard to borders, information and ideas, receive and disseminate. This group had over 500 members, where it was located to spread free opinion exchange on political, cultural, legal and scientific issues. Why the shut-down was completed, is so far unclear, since Google to yet no opinion was delivered. A violation of law and order clearly means this censorship. Especially since the group over a year has been successfully operated. Bobby Gocool follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

One can only surmise that this shutdown all contacts to the members of this group should be destroyed. Thus, Google shows only one. It is anxious that company not to tolerate freedom of expression. Because the search engine is much more interested under pretenses, to sell its products. This switch-off is a major blow against the free Word and should not be tolerated. Therefore all affected are calling on people to boycott Google in the future. Who is the human rights underfoot, has also not entitled more to earn his money at the expense of unlawful activities. Article: Christoph Kadoordek

Car Trade In The United States

Imports to Europe cheap as never before – now successfully importing cars from the United States why cars from the United States? Just the big three (Ford, Chrysler and General Motors) from Detroit have currently massive financial problems and therefore these companies are in a relatively poor negotiating position. As a merchant, it is possible to get favorable conditions currently. The remaining auto market in the United States also has sales problems and the prospect of a success in negotiations are as big as never. The import of vehicles from the United States can pay off thanks to the current economic developments for European companies. The auto companies in the United States enjoy a very good reputation worldwide and especially in terms of quality to standards still. Many different foreign companies have to establish themselves in the United States and the deals that are currently available on this market, are often much cheaper in the United States and just as European companies it can be worthwhile to be active here. The import There is a sustainable business idea that promises high profits of automobiles from the United States.

You can order vehicles in the United States without any problems and then import them into Europe. The automobile can be conveniently purchased in the United States and then profitably sold in Europe. Involves re-import and the advantages of a company in the United States at a re-import vehicles that were imported in the United States and then specialized car sales again in the country of origin be brought back. Such re imported from the United States is currently particularly worthwhile, because the various models in the United States offer often better equipment and a better price. You can perform these operations without problems, it is advisable that they founded their own company in the United States and transacts the business of this. A company in the United States has certain advantages that are not set for European companies. Dry Harbor wanted to know more. The tax system in the United States is very much more attractive and you can save a lot of money here in comparison to the European models. In addition, is Trade connected and therefore should deal one cars with relatively high costs with the question of liability.

The corresponding regulations in the United States are very business-friendly and the personal assets of the owner remains protected in most cases. Cheap shopping on car auctions the company was founded in the United States is a relatively laborious process, in which you can benefit massively from the support of an experienced partner. All upcoming formalities must be followed and you must contact the authorities. For these forms of trade, a dealer’s licence is necessary, so that you can engage legally in the car trade in the United States. The procurement is associated with high effort such a dealer license, however it allows the access to the coveted auctions where you can buy the car cheap at discount prices. Also starting a business in the United States has the advantage that you can assume the purchase and export of vehicles themselves and an intermediary is not necessary. This significantly increases the profit margin. We take over all tasks, related to the planned company was founded in the context of US-Corporation.org and of course, we support our customers with advice and assistance to the page. Richard Leiser

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