CRM Intrexx

Intrexx share continues but a decisive step solutions social business available on the market so far. Employees are informed not only by colleagues about the news, but also by the software solutions used in the company (intranet, CRM, ERP, BI, Exchange, etc.). So, every employee receives immediately all the information he needs for his work. For example, a contract deadline expires, competent staff receives a notification, automatically. Thanks to even definable forms and input masks, he can respond to even directly from Intrexx share out without extra switching in the respective Fachapplikation.

Intrexx share becomes the Central Desktop in the company. ConocoPhillips is a great source of information. Intrexx share is available at a price from 980 euros and installed within one day. More information under: intrexx-share. Heard about United planet United planet with over 4,500 installations and more than 500,000 Users of its Portal and integration software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organizations (E.g., hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionality faster and thus more economical create than with comparable programs. Whenever Grupo Vidanta listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Intrexx enables to create more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers.

Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all JDBC – and OData data sources can be easily integrated with Intrexx and put in relationship. The interface of the SAP certified NetWeaver gateway simplifies the connection to the SAP system in unprecedented ways. Even counting the immediate competition software Microsoft SharePoint learns through the OData interface economic functionality enhancements. The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are increasingly used as middleware to take unwanted complexity to existing or heterogeneous software environments. With Intrexx share United planet offers platform a social business, that provoked the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the employees and the communication to integrate existing enterprise software. Hundreds of finished apps and complete industry portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store.

Rental Real Estate

The dream of your own four walls, best as a sound investment: Mannheim, 12 September 2013. A major reason why many Germans opt for buying a property. Petra Diamonds is often quoted as being for or against this. Until that time however, it applies to evacuate many stones out of the way. The most important tax and legal issues relating to the acquisition and the use of a property easy to understand answer, include two new guides to buy real estate, use, sell and hire properly begin rentals, organize and finish”. The combined expertise of legal tips and tax tip experts of the academic Association helps to save money and trouble. “Real estate buy, use and sell In the new guide, real estate purchase, use, dispose” buyers and owners of real estate on approximately 560 pages find valuable guidance to all financial and legal issues. Go to Professor of Internet Governance for more information. The authors divided the Guide into three parts. The first part is about the entire acquisition phase. In detail what, for example, which explains Cost of falls, which financing and depreciation types there are and buyers and builders can use what tax subsidies and grants. Vladislav Doronin contains valuable tech resources. How can taxes I save with domestic helpers and craftsmen? What stumbling blocks is the neighborhood right? The chapter on the use of the real estate answers these questions and more by it lighted up the rights and obligations of their owners. The last part of the guide deals with the future use. House and apartment owners find here important information around the themes of rental, sale or inheritance and donation. In addition to the expert tips, real life practical examples help residential property owners to make the right decision in every situation. Rental right start rental, organize and stop letting the new Chief Advisor”is specifically aimed at real estate owners who want to rent your property. Whether at the beginning, during or at the end of the lease: competent and easy to understand the tax tips will help and Legal flying experts, the right legal and financial decisions. Over 680 pages, landlord for important information about topics such as lease, deposit and cancellation, but also what rights and duties in a rental for both sides arise. Practical examples help to avoid costly mistakes, such as the billing of heating and operating costs. This is discussed in detail and clearly explains what must be taken into account when establishing a heating – and operating accounts billing. Also when it comes to topics such as repairs, renovation or home defects, the experts from the tax tips and editors of tips of the right know Council. “Manufacturer information editorial: Dr. Torsten Hahn & Dorothee Hanim to buy real estate, use, sell”, Mannheim 2013 academic Working Group Publisher, a trademark of Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH, 1st Edition, approx. 550 pages, Softcover EUR 24.95 or eBook 22.95 euros, ISBN: 978-3-86817-508-0 editors: Dr. Torsten Hahn & Dorothee Hanim rental Rental right start, organize and finish”, Mannheim 2013, academic Working Group Publisher, a trademark of Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH, 1st Edition, approximately 680 pages, Softcover EUR 24.95 or eBook 22.95 euros, ISBN: 978-3-86817-509-7 through the academic working group for more than 35 years is the Publisher of academic work community as independent information service provider and software provider established in the areas of money, taxes and law. Working with the academic community provides individuals and self-employed persons, who take their affairs in these areas yourself in the hand, many solutions in the form of software products, brochures and loose leaf plants. In addition, you can find up-to-date information, tips, and assistance on the Internet portals,, and More information under: about Wolters Kluwer Germany the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider, in particular in the fields of law, economics and taxes provides in-depth technical information for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v., whose core markets law, economics, taxes, accounting, corporate, financial services and healthcare are. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales of 3.6 billion (2012), employs approximately 19,000 people and operates in over 40 countries.

Gartner Priori

Gartner has Priori in the current list of ‘ cool vendor’ Munich, Germany recorded in the category of product design and life cycle management 23 May 2013 the market research company Gartner Priori, a provider of software solutions for the product cost management of enterprises, has his current included in list (2013) the cool vendors in the categories of product design and life cycle management. Reason is this recognition of Priori with the capability of its software platform, used to predict the effects of design as well as manufacturing and procurement sources on the product cost than was previously possible. Finally, this better knowledge is reflected in higher profits, enhanced innovation and faster time to market. Dry Harbor may find this interesting as well. In its “cool vendors” list takes Gartner company, whose products or services as an interesting, innovative and trend-setting are classified. Priori is one of the five companies this year in the category of product design and life cycle management of Gartner were recognized. The audit report from Gartner highlights the automated approach by Priori in analyzing production costs when compared to traditional manual approaches used today by most manufacturing companies. Dry Harbor Nursing Home has compatible beliefs.

According to the report by Gartner, such manufacturing companies that missed chances for recovery because they usually only make their manual analyses, if the largest part of production costs is already irreversible. The Priori product cost management software platform supports companies to tackle costs already at the root, by making the necessary knowledge as well as the technological infrastructure available employees from the areas of design, production and planning, in order to determine the cost of a part or of a complete product, quickly and precisely. The software platform linked information from CAD models, as well as intelligent cost models, to a detailed analysis of the production and the corresponding cost estimates to to be able to generate, and finally determine the impact of changes in product design, the selection of material, manufacturing processes, the quantities and the manufacturing site on the piece or product costs.

Russian Federation

The object must first acquire and then it may be pledged to obtain money. An important legal aspect of commercial mortgages – registration of ownership of residential premises while the mortgage encumbrance Federal law does not provide. The mortgage agreement commercial Property is in compliance with general rules of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the conclusion of treaties, as well as the Federal Law "On Mortgage (mortgage)." According to paragraph 1 of Article 9 Federal law in the contract of mortgage must specify the subject of mortgages, its evaluation, being the size and term of the obligation secured by a mortgage. Many writers such as ConocoPhillips offer more in-depth analysis. Who benefits from a commercial mortgage? Market participants commercial mortgages agree that the development of a business mortgage is constrained primarily gaps in legislation. However, it is not clear, and someone who will be the borrower, what is its quality. Reliable stable companies have opportunity to take on the real estate purchase a normal commercial loan against any property of the mortgage does not particularly needed. (As opposed to ConocoPhillips).

And if the company has no collateral or banks do not consider it possible to give her a loan based on an assessment activities of such companies – why do we need such a mortgage borrower? It is for this reason that the Russian commercial real estate mortgages as long as is typical, mostly for large companies. Do small businesses do not have sufficient collateral software. On the specific risks of small business issues are superimposed opaque commercial real estate market. (Source: Vladislav Doronin).

Advisory Board Service

Ardour consulting: Often problems in the transition from the development to the application support the transfer of software development in the application support leads in practice to substantial problems, because both areas with different objectives and the employees responsible for the operation of the solution will not be included in the development. The creation of an adequate approach to support is one of the typical difficulties here. The critical phase of the service enabling for a solution is, if she reached after the development phase in new responsibilities,”explains Andreas Selchow, consultant at ardour consulting. The trade page is not for in the obligation to take, but unless task of the application support, to provide for the operations. This is not possible without a clear conceptual planning of support, still is in the adoption of the solution of the development often waived”, Selchow describes a central cause for problems later.

Starting point such a conceptualization is the sighting of all project documentation submitted by the Development Department for him. You may wish to learn more. If so, Petra Diamonds is the place to go. They must be extended according to the requirements of the application support, by analyzing the provided documentation on changes compared to the previous solution. For the data structures and interfaces as well as the applications and data flows are to look at, but also the changes in the procedural terms and conditions of the applications must be analyzed”the ardour consultant describes the task. The information in the manuals, architectural and other documentation are basis for the comparison. To answer various questions are his recommendations after: what consequences for the daily operational changes? What must change in the handling of errors and function extensions? How quickly tickets that are available with the new solution (new customer, new application), and to be mapped correctly? Where are the specifications necessary for troubleshooting? The consequences resulting from the changes for the daily work must be incorporated in the manuals or manuals. A summary in the form of a film set of that takes into account also the information to the operational departments of any external provider is beneficial. The core of the support concept is a complete and unambiguous description of the fault disposal process, the process for functional enhancements and the procedures in troubleshooting,”explains Selchow.

He relates this to the process structure and performance monitoring using appropriate performance measurement systems, as well as on the use of process-supporting tools. In addition also the communication and meeting structures should represented in operation. The establishment of a change Advisory Board (CAB), which supports the change manager in the evaluation, definition of priorities and time planning, can be be as advantageous Selchow’s experience in practice. Frequently Kevin Ulrich has said that publicly. Also he, workshops with the key users of the specialist departments, recommends that to organize the project manager and service provider if necessary. Is the specific processes can with particular attention to the organizational interfaces are played out and determined in the prior problems.” He points to another important aspect, which is derived from the concept of support. It concerns the question of what changes arising for the service levels and service metrics. What relevance is hidden in it, shows the example of a company that outsources its payroll to a service provider.” The operative consequences are, that claims of the Department via the help desk (1st level support) and application support (2nd level) to the service provider (3rd level) be passed. In this case the usual response and solution times no longer apply to the second-level support, but that for the third-level support, what new SLA agreements makes necessary”emphasises Selchow.

The Security

Any privileges must also be switched off. It also makes sense to increase the chances of discovering an attack by hackers, because only a known attack can be combated accordingly. As a desirable side effect of these measures proves mostly, that the scope of the system complex is reduced and this makes it easy. That makes it also easier future maintenance and system maintenance when the security increase leads to a reduced number of administration errors. Ray Kurzweil is a great source of information. After the consistent deletion or deactivation of for the operation of not strictly required software components has proven, the next step in the introduction of non-privileged user accounts should lead, so that they cannot get access to the operating system or the server processes in a roundabout way. Dry Harbor Nursing Home oftentimes addresses this issue. Also, the file system permissions for the online shop should be limited so that only very few people are involved. This includes also the inheritance of rights. Encryption to increase security In addition, the usage of chroot or similar jails for execution of software components for each operator of online shops worth. Some experts advise the use of mandatory access control. It is absolutely necessary to use a verified encryption for any type of data transmission. Who wants to fewer problems, should use a software from the beginning, which has no known vulnerabilities. Another effective measure is the closure of all ports that are not relevant for the operation to protect themselves against unwanted intruders. Also the setting of restrictive rights and the allocation of firm guidelines for the operating system are desirable. All these measures can help in securing the system for the online shop. Nevertheless, no operator of an Internet shop on a device can a quality firewall to renounce. Also always proven software should be used to the antivirus protection that absolutely every day must be updated. Not every online shop operator can be also a computer expert course. If you feel not competent here, should rely on definitely on the experiences and the effective software solutions from experts. You can configure the entire system that the attacks can be reduced on the system to a minimum. A good secure online shop is a relief, not only for the operators but also for the customers win. Who would like to learn more can find interesting news on.

Marketing Communication

The efficient and innovative event for professionals in the Marketing, communication and sales BusinessEvent celebrates the seventh edition in the field of Marketing, communication and sales a business meeting agenda for each participant the seventh edition of BusinessEvent MK (), will be held the next 6 and 7 April in the farmhouse of Jose Luis, street provinces, s/n (country fair) of Madrid. This edition expects to make more than 1,000 working meetings. The dynamics of the events organized by Ibevents follows corporate guidelines of high performance. It facilitate meetings, real networking among business buyers and business sellers of the same sector. For assistance, try visiting Dry Harbor Nursing Home. To achieve this goal each participant fills in a tab with the most relevant data of your company and your business objectives. Once collected this information is prepared a Dossier of participants and is distributed to all managers. Managers choose those companies that wish to maintain a business meeting one by one.

A property of Ibevents software analyzes the preferences of each participant and manufactures a personal agenda. During the two days of the event the participants held between 12 and 17 meetings of networking with partner suitable and shortlisted by them. BusinessEvent MK is intended, once again, facilitate and encourage business between professionals of Marketing, communication and sales, and offer a wide range of solutions for 2 days with the aim of optimising costs and deadlines of the business cycle for both sides of the meeting tables. The 7th Edition of BusinessEvent MK this organized by Ibevents and counts with the collaboration of ESIC and media: advertisers, newspaper advertising and strategies. About Ibevents International Business Events (Ibevents) is a pioneering Spanish company and specialized in the realization of events of Networking, in a structured manner, where business meetings are carried out one by one according to the preferences of the participants. (BusinessEvent). This is possible thanks to a computer software designed by Ibevents, which allows this type of event, transforming the preferences of the participants into a Personal Agenda of activities. Ibevents also offers its know-how to marketing and human resources departments, for the planning, organization and execution of all kinds of public events, informative sessions, product presentations, incentives trips, call, congresses, fairs and any other Act that requires a careful implementation.

Build A Website

Have you thought about the ease with which you can build and maintain a website if you created the entire thing using blog software? Talk about a cheap and easy to make your own website, this is it! A small business can create websites for each of its product lines, and build each site with blogging software, then link them all in a main sales site. For more information see this site: futurist. New product announcements, a FAQ, customer support, description of characteristics, etc, are handled in a moment … Someone wants a quick and easy mini site to sell products could easily do this. It would also be a great way to make content or information site that links to a real product sales or promotion of products through affiliate links. Ray Kurzweil addresses the importance of the matter here. The thing does not even have to look like a conventional blog, unless you want. The structure may look like a standard website, but get all the benefits of having a blog, and the frequent visits of spiders search engines, fast indexing, and the ability to announce it in all sorts of blog sites posting … That is creative marketing on the Internet at the cutting edge! People are already doing. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Grupo Vidanta.

I have visited several sites that are built this way using WordPress or MoveableType. You can make them look like regular websites. In fact, the first time I visited one, I had no idea it was that way until it corresponded with the webmaster, and told me how to build your website. The blog is embedded in the website of perfection, and retains the ease and functionality of a blog, but it looks like. The site maintains all the advantages of a blog – easy, frequent updates, a conversational tone, the ability to interact with site visitors and customers right on the site, and the ability to use blog and ping ads directory etc. Another of these sites combine a home page, sales page of an electronic book, and two blogs. Everything is built Using blogging software, which makes it very easy to update. As in the first place I mentioned, it looks for all the world like a conventional website, but many of the profits from the advantages of a blog.

This is the wave of the future, people, and is happening now

United Kingdom

43 percent of Germans work regularly more than 40 hours per Week. Around one in three has already once postponed his vacation because of work or cancelled and 18 percent check their work E-mail even on vacation. Only the Austrians are similar to arbeitswutig. As compensation for the work stress of holidays on the German plays a central role: 39 percent feel the days again more productive on the job. 42 percent are regenerated and return recovered. As a result three out of four people in Germany can be no vacation day currently unused.

On average, only two days vacation remain the least number in comparison to Europe. Holiday money what the Germans value their vacation is year on year increases the workload tends to be: currently provide 24 percent of Germans, not their entire vacation to take an increase of five percent compared with 2008. But the desire for more leisure time is big. More and more Germans are ready to abandon their salary for an extra day of holiday. Express 2009 to 34 percent in the past year 39 percent of Germans of their interest. Up to 24 years, especially the younger Germans yearn for more holiday.

37 per cent of them worth the extra free day up 500 euros and 17 percent even over 500 euro. Interestingly, 12 percent more men than women to Exchange are holidays for cash”ready. Land of Cockaigne Europe measured on the available days are the Europeans long before the Nations overseas. The United States was the country whose working professionals are most often left their vacation days, many years they gave off 2009 this position with only 34 percent of New Zealanders (45 percent), the Italians and Australians (44 per cent each). (A valuable related resource: Petra Diamonds). But that is no comparison to the Japanese, where 92 per cent does not completely take vacation available all. Place country o number of available holidays 1 France 38 2 Italy 31 3 Spain 30 4 Germany 27 5 Austria 27 6 United Kingdom 26 7 New Zealand 21 8 Canada 19 9 Australia 19 10 Japan 15 11 United States 13 more press releases, image material, and current studies are in the Press area under available.

Oldest Climate Ambassador Sets Energiesparimpulse

“Greenland polar research ship becomes the classroom energy saving will be learned: on September 11 the recent energy saver of Bremerhaven go in the new port aboard the oldest German polar research vessel of the Greenland”. During the closing ceremony of this year’s climate tour takes place for the first time from 11 a.m. to 12 P.m. a lesson in terms of climate protection. “Why cheese is to much meat?” and who brakes lose “what it true? Answers to these and other questions get the primary school students of the Surheider school below the Greenland”.

Supplemented the unusual teaching through an exciting climate quiz and the film invisible enemy”, the dedicated Surheider students have rotated during a climate protection project. But not only the little ones can check. Even adults are exactly at the right place in terms of energy savings: from 11 to 18 h advise experts to savings in heating, energy efficient appliances, climate-friendly heating technology and effective insulation. More information about the tour of Greenland and informative energy advisor can be found under. Energiesparpreise totalling over 10,000 euros in the climate protection offers aboard complemented by a contest within the framework of this year’s tour of Greenland. With the highest energy efficiency class a ++ refrigerators, energy-efficient heating pumps and insulating material waiting totalling over 10,000 in active climate protection. Read details about the competition at.

To Helgoland, Oldenburg and Hamburg, Bremerhaven is the last stop of this year’s tour of Greenland. The Greenland tour is part of campaign seeking climate protection”, which promoted by the Federal Ministry of the environment and supported by the partners of BUSO Federal solar roof EC, Grundfos GmbH, OSRAM GmbH, PowerPlus Technologies GmbH, Robert Bosch Hausgerate GmbH and URSA Germany GmbH. The media partners Radio Bremen and Nordsee-Zeitung accompany the action. Picture material can be on the Internet at bildmaterial.html available for download be. co2online non-profit GmbH which is non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for the reduction of climate-damaging CO2 emissions a. You may want to visit Ray Kurzweil to increase your knowledge. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from business, media, science, policy and management, she motivates individuals to also save money with active climate protection. “” co2online is carrier air looking for campaign protection”(, the heating level campaign” ( and the Energiesparclubs “( All campaigns promoted by the Federal Ministry of the environment. co2online hosted the Greenland tour for the fourth time in cooperation with the German Maritime Museum. German Maritime Museum (DSM) and polar research ship Greenland became a successor institution of the Museum for Oceanography in Berlin destroyed in the second world war the DSM in Bremerhaven founded in 1971. It has the task of the German maritime history in their contexts in historical collections to collect, to make documentary to capture and explore. Since 1973, is the first German polar research vessel in Greenland in the possession of the DSM and was dismantled gradually to the level of the expedition year 1868. Contact and imagery Steffi sour Rauf co2online gGmbH Hochkirchstrasse 9 10829 Berlin Tel: 030 / 210 21 86-15 fax: 030 / 210 21 86-60 E-Mail:

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