In the age of the medias he is undeniable that the school has quese to include in this new situation, in case that contrary, to become obsolete eno obtains an interaction with its pupils, generating a failure daeducao. Many writers such as Xcel Energy offer more in-depth analysis. However, it is necessary to consider some basic points. The great majority of the current generation of professors, came to have contatocom very computerization recently. Still they are felt unsafe etmidos. The pupils dominate well the language very, but &#039 does not know tirarum advantage; ' pedaggico' '.

The education secretariats implementammaterialmente the schools, but do not offer the human resources. Comoagir? Rationalizing and trying to arrive at a common denominator, since tudo very new. 1. Introduction In the age dosmultimeios of communication is undeniable that the school has that to seincluir in this new situation, in case that contrary, to become obsolete eno obtains an interaction with its pupils, generating a failure daeducao. However, necessrio to consider some basic points. The grandemaioria of the current generation of professors, came to have contact with ainformatizao very recently. Still they are felt unsafe etmidos.

The pupils dominammuito well the language, but do not know to take off advantage ' ' pedaggico' '. The secretariats deeducao implement the schools materially, but they do not offer human osrecursos. How to act? Rationalizing and trying to arrive at a common denominator, since tudo very new. 2. The TIC and asimplicaes in the formal education the formaldiferencia education in the most varied the most varied cultures and half. In the schools, where it happens, the diversity also is muitogrande: rich schools and poor, traditional and modern schools, demeio period and of integral time, among others. However all tentamse to incase in the expectations of the new times, the comunicaorpida one and ' ' fios' ' that they establish connection the humanity in one granderede. But the so fast thing nofunciona how much one ' ' torpedo' '.

System University

The agreement is that ED is as a form of auto learning. The creation of the secretariat of Education in the distance (SEED), inside of the Ministry of Education, having for goal ' ' The Ministry of the Education, by means of the Secretariat of Education in the distance (Seed), acts as an agent of technological innovation in the processes of education and learning, fomenting the incorporation of the technologies of information and communication (TICs) and of the techniques of education in the distance to the didactic-pedagogical methods. Moreover, it promotes the research and the development directed toward the introduction of new practical concepts and in the public schools brasileiras.' ' (MEC, 2000). Additionally, they are still cited, the projects of the SEED: virtual library a quantity of more 123 a thousand workmanships, launched in 2004, the vestibule offers to favour access the literary compositions, artistic and scientific (in the form of texts, sounds, images and videos); DVD school are programmings, in medias, TV school; Proinfo is a colaborativo virtual environment of learning that allows the conception, administration and development of diverse types of action, as courses in the distance, complement the actual, colaborativos projects of research, projects and diverse courses other forms of support in the distance and to the process teach-learning; the System University of Brazil (UAB) that it offers of courses and programs of superior education, by means of the education in the distance. Atmos Energy oftentimes addresses this issue. Internet is modifying the way as if it makes education. For its wide reach and low cost, it comes almost being used that in the totality of the courses in the distance offered.

Its flexibility and programabilidade allow the creation of interactive multimedia contents and adding a technological convergence. For another side, although all its advantages, the Internet still present serious limitations that in the distance diminish its usability for the education. The main one of them is the narrow width-of-band provoked for the precariousness of the current infrastructure of telecommunications.

So Paulo

The groups of notice cited they go of great corporations as CNN and BBC to the groups of lesser notice as the Leaf of So Paulo and the Way & Message. Dynamic, objective messages and the previous knowledge of the group of notice are the main reasons so that the interviewed ones decide to follow one another user. With regard to what it dislikes the interviewed ones and stimulates that them to leave to follow a group of notice the answers they had been homogeneous. The interviewed ones had affirmed that she is necessary to have a balance, not to pastor meiosis tweets at the same time, so that they all do not occupy the available space in the page as presentation in figure 2.3. To be long periods without postage’s also influences of negative form. To lose the objectivity, with great messages that receive the signal from ellipses in the end they are ignored, the models of headings teasers does not attract them. It is necessary that they together elaborate a concise sentence in 140 characters with the main information with link for the complete notice.

Asked if they knew the groups of notice before following them in the Twitter, the interviewed ones in its majority already knew the groups of notice and this factor was important in the hour of the decision of would follow or not. But they admit that they had known for the tool new groups of notice that desperate the interest, many times for indications of other enclosed users in the cycle of friendships of the tool. They had admitted that before twitter they visited the site of these groups with an extremely lesser frequency. On the interaction with these groups of notice most of the interviewed ones is not communicated directly with the groups. Either for ‘ ‘ message direta’ ‘ (DM) or for ‘ ‘ answers @’ ‘ (@ Replies) they believe that they will not be answered.


Materials and Methods the ambient diagnosis of detail is essential to elaborate a digital data base brought up to date in a SIG, with all the georeferenciadas thematic information, from a common base and needs. This base was defined by a Ikonos image, with space resolution of 4 meters, acquired for this specific end. Thus, the elaboration of the map base (map 2) was carried through by the digitalizao of the contours, and the road that surrounds all the island. The place has a maximum length of 10,5 km (direction SO-NE) and 5,7 maximum width of km (IN -); the average contour of the island is of 35,4 km and its 39,9 total surface reaches km (3,990 ha). The road that skirtes the island, partially coated with gross sand, has an extension of 23,9 km.

The elaboration of the socioeconmico data base was carried through through one field research where some information had been collected pertinent. The socioeconmico diagnosis, integrated to the excessively disgnostic sectorial ones and the model of digital rise of the Island, will allow to get a estimate of impact of the projected scenes on areas cultivated e, consequently, on the conditions of existence of the agriculturists. For the generation of the MEDT the attainment of isolinhas of 1 in 1 meter is necessary or less. As these information are not available in existing the topographical letters of bigger detail (DSG), it is necessary to get them for some way. Some methodologies for this exist, as for example, that basing on the overlapping of satellite images and estereoscopia, from which, softwares specific can get the necessary information of altimetry. However, such technique becomes very expensive for analysis of great areas. The map of ground and capacity of use of the land (map. 6) were digitalizado from the original maps of EMBRAPA (CPACT-Pellet). The characterization of ground of the cities of Rio Grande was carried through by W.G.

Digital TVs

The people are if connecting and if communicating in participativa way, interacting each time more, what consequentemente it finishes causing a bigger discernment on what convenient and is desired to them. Each time more, the television comes offering multiple and complex narratives, and of sophisticated character more for a public most enabled in its average. Public this that already does not locate more as mere information sink, and searchs televising experiences excellent, in accordance with the imprevisibilidade of its time. Telejornalismo in the Digital TV In journalistic terms, the interatividade proceeding from the Digital TV will unchain new boardings for the news production. On the other hand, the verification of information, run over for the necessity of the instantaneidade can intervene with the credibility of the propagated facts. Being thus, it will have a necessity to modify the sort of predominant journalism in the emergent televising way. The speeches already could not only be informative, starting to acquire interpretativo character, that contains the opinion of the communicator who is giving service to the user.

Due to possibility of exchange of information made possible between the user and the vehicle of communication for the miditica convergence in the Digital TV, the journalistic companies will come close debtors to explore aspects more attractive of the notice, in a process of feeding and feedback that originates the call society of the spectacle. Being thus, the edition process gains more importance in relation to the substance, and the rescue of the humanizao of the journalistic notice will be a point of shock to the sprouting of the new technologies. For Maciel (1995), the technological advances finish providing more than what only changes techniques in the television. The effect if extend to practical of the telejornalismo, causing ' ' improvement in the quality of the produced information and a bigger rapidity in the spreading of notcias' '.

Drupal Activities

Internet is an opportunity to not only entertain itself and to communicate, also can be made extra money. Even there is enough people who live than she does in Internet, but for that it is necessary to spend to him to time and effort enough. If what you want is an extra entrance of money, there are some pages and activities that can help you to obtain it. To do money blogueando blogging is one of the activities that can report gains in metalist. There are different forms to do it: To create blog own is one of the ways that can report money, but not immediately. First it is necessary to learn many things and to gain a good amount of traffic.

In order to begin, you can abrir blog in Blogger. The platform allows to mint the contents by means of announcements of Adsense. But you want to initiate something more personalizeable and professional, the option is to buy a dominion, a service of hosting and to install a software like the one of WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, to begin to bloguear and to mint the contents by means of the publicity, or with Google Adsense or any other service. To make money blogueando for others You can postularte to get to be publisher in some of the networks of blogs that there is that way. The payment varies much following the popularity of those blogs, as well as the time that you must dedicate to him. Another way is looking for works freelance in some of the bags of use for bloggers or activities related to the design and development Web. For example in, or

Extra money blogueando or realising simple activities or, they are two startups in which you can offer your services like blogger, or any other service to which you dedicate yourself professionally or for that you have talent. Here not only one is to bloguear, but the activities to realise can be many. It can offer to make promotion in it social networks, to write an entrance of blog, to translate a text of the English to the Spanish, to create a logo, or any other thing that is happened to you and by which you think that somebody would pay. These are only some options to make a little money, the amount depends on the time that you can dedicate to him and on knowledge that you have, so just as I recommend to begin more soon possible with these things, also recommend to inquire envelope which can make you make money in Internet, like the CATHEDRAL, digital marketing, social average and other many subjects that help to have more visibility in the Network. Via: The Gerund of the Geek.

Planigrafo Reader

Following the use, the window of the reader will require periodic cleaning. In order to clean it, transparency applies on the window the gummed side of a sticky tape, and soon retrela. It uses a sticky tape to clean the reader of tracks. It never uses cleaners with alcohol. Warnings on the maintenance of the reader of tracks: There are several things that never must do when it cleans or it uses the reader of tracks: It directly does not spill cleaner for glass on the window of the reader of tracks. It uses a very smooth fabric piece. It does not use cleaners with alcohol. It will only be able to use cleaners for glass with ammonium.

It does not submerge the reader of tracks in any liquid. It does not rub the window with abrasive materials, including paper. It does not push the crystal sensor with its nail, or any object like for example: a pencil. Frequent problems in the recognition of fingerprints If the reader of tracks has difficulties to read his track, consider the following thing: The window of the reader of tracks can require cleaning. You can not be touching the reader of tracks of correct way. So that the reader of tracks can take a good reading of his digital track, he must place the yolk of his finger (not it end, nor the side) in center of the window and apply uniform pressure. He does not move his finger of side to side. Excessive pressure will distort its track, and too slight pressure will avoid a sufficient exhibition of its track.

Asegrese to On guard maintain its finger in the window of the reader of tracks until it sees the light flash. Then, it raises his finger. You can use any finger in the reader of tracks, but the forefinger of any hand works better. If the reader of tracks is capturing his track (the light yes flashes), and has treated all the previous steps already, he tries to return to register the track in the system. This information is applicable to software for biometric control of access and attendance of personnel i-Tread Planigrafo Carlos Alberto Quijano Professional Acevedo I.T.

Azevedo Araujo

In the schools, mainly the public, we perceive that many pupils there, do not have access to the technology, do not know to use the computer, does not have a different lesson, therefore some professors well are unhappyly not prepared. Since, so that if he has a good income in classroom, as much the pupils how much the professors, need is prepared and informed. To use these technological resources in classroom, helps the pupils to have more pleasure in learning, that is, if the educator also to use new methodologies of education. We cannot excuse, in the times of today these new technologies, as sources of research and instrument of work in classroom. As professors, we cannot ignore such instruments, that direct or indirectly contribute for the development of the pupil and also of the educator. Everything that we use in classroom is a technology, since a pencil up to one it dates show. In terms of an education to live the technological age, it has that to think on underlying values the individual, that can create, to use, to transform the technologies, but it cannot be absented, nor to be unaware of the perigos, challenges and discomforts that the proper technology can cause.

The main objective of the technology is to increase the efficiency of the activity human being in all the spheres, incluindoproduo. It characterizes itself in a generalized manner, as a set of knowledge, information and abilities that an innovation or scientific invention comes from. It is the technological education that will make possible in them that interaction and participation of the pupil in classroom are effective, therefore each time more the technology of the information and communication comes growing in classroom. ON AUTHORS Keyse Muniz Silva Carvalho and Girleide Portuguese Vieiraso Saints graduandas in Letters/in the Tiradentes University, Aracaju/SE. They attend a course 2 period, in as the semester of 2009. The present article is resulted of a qualitative research of the bibliographical type, under orientation of the master Maria Jose de Azevedo Araujo.

Contact azevedo1956@ REFERENCES GRINSPUN, Mirian Paura Sabrosa Zippin. (Org.) Technological education: challenges and perspectives, 2 edition, So Paulo: Cortez 2001. MELLO, Guiomar Namo. Citizenship and competitiveness: educational challenges of the third millenium. So Paulo, Cortez, 1993. COSCARELLI, Carla V.Alfabetizao and digital letramento. Belo Horizonte: Caele; Authentic, 2005. LITWIN, Edith. (Org.) Educational technology: politics, histories and proposals, Porto Alegre: Arts Doctors, 1997. SANCHO, Juana Maria; HERNNDEZ, Fernando; Technologies to transform the education, Porto Alegre: Artmed, 2006. MARCUSHI, Luiz Antonio; XAVIER, Antonio Carlos; Digital Hipertexto and sorts: new forms of construction of the direction. 2 ed. – Rio De Janeiro: Lucerna, 2005 1 Reviewed New School, edition June/July 2009, page 51. 2 removed Bedding of the book Educational Technology, Edith Litwin, year of 1997, p.12.

Cellular Phones

At last, the technologies with its respective systems, exerts influence in the educative process, cooperating to the exchange of ideas and the sharing of the information. Such influence happens for intermediary of the personal qualification for the correct and ethnic manuscript of the instrument. In this process of learning, the young can use the cellular one, the most important tool of communication of century XXI, each enriched time more with new functions. Until it has little time was a mere mobile telephone with service of short messages (SMS), camera and video. Today, already it incorporates wi-fi, 15 Internet, correspondence (mail), rendering of services (Office), television, graphs and GPS. 16 Although incialmente to be conceived as a mechanism that becomes possible communication between two people, currently the technology in such a way of the devices how much of the services it is evolving. In a next future, it will include compatible recognition of voice, readers of fingerprint and other technologies to the device ‘ ‘ the cellular ones are give to turn computers minsculos’ ‘ 17. In the school, the proposal of use of the available technology in the mobile devices of communication, the cellular one, must be educative party to suit, therefore it contributes to develop it intellectual, as well as for the sociocultural interaction of the individual, premise of the education. In the process of quarrel on the inclusion of the cellular one as pedagogical tool, must be considered that the use of the available digital technology in the mobile devices is today focus of apprehension, its use in classroom, are of moment, without didactic criteria and the necessary orientation, configuring its inapropriado use.


To pass a film requires some abilities specifies. First it involves the choice of the film that cannot wound protocols. It does not matter what the adolescents attend in house, in the school it are only allowed the professor to pass films adjusted for the etria band of the pupil, are essential that if respects the phase of the life where the pupil if finds, from there the care that involves the choice of the film to attend. Passed the first care it is important to leave clearly for the pupils what it is intended with the film to prevent commentaries to it of the pupils and the colleagues educators who say that when it does not have nothing to make ' ' filme&#039 passes one; ' , that is, if objective well the film will not be delineated sounds as a embromao. But exactly innocent television sets and DVD require previous cares: it is good for verifying of beforehand as they function, tevs new has many resources and people finish if losing.

All certain with film twirling has the wealth of the images, well produced scenes, the music that comove, the surprise, the laugh and the emotion that arises, the film is the junction of some resource and one only: it says it, the image, music, the expressions that visual of the images that have a fort I appeal next to the young, with certainty of more the options of understanding the text, this rude and impenetrable monlito of letters. But what I want to stand out is the possibility of the use of the digital medias called TICs in the promotion of the educational objectives, more specifically in the lessons of philosophy in average education. television, DVD datashow and PC without access necessity the Internet, therefore with this canal the possibilities they are very good others and, by the way.

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