The Importance

2 Objectives the target of this article is, on the other hand, to understand the incidence of the moral siege in the women, specifically, in the relations of work, which had to some causes surround that it, and between them the sort inaquality. Of another part, to explore the consequences that this practical is capable to provide, in such a way psychologically to the assediada one, how much economically to the organization. Finally, to search a solution for the problem in question, aiming at the combat to the phenomenon of the moral siege in the work environment, leaving of the suggestion of writs of prevention to be applied in the workstations, and accord, detaching the importance of the construction of the sort equality. 3 Methodology the used method corresponds to the one of the exploratria bibliographical research. Where a bibliographical survey became first, congregating therefore material, as articles, dissertaes, periodic, among others, with the purpose to use them as source of information. In one according to moment, with the subject and the problem to solve already predefined, contact with the gotten documentation was overcome, in order to organize it and in accordance with to select it as the object of study in question adequate, from a scientific informative reading, that possesss the objective to evidence the information, to relate these information with the problem in focus, and finally to analyze the degree of veracity contained in these documents.

For in such a way, this technique is made through stages that if complement, and thus, is made in this order, readings of: recognition, exploration, election, reflection, and finally a interpretativa reading in accordance with the interest to the delimited study. Thus, following this method, a reasoning concerning the considered subject was constructed where the results and quarrels meet to follow it. 4 Results of the Research the results of the research understand the raised data, the organization of the concepts and beddings, and the contextualizao of the study, necessary to understanding and delimitation of the research object.

Heating Water

Furnished our villa or their home, you have to take care of such things as sewage, heating and water supply. We are ready not only to offer reasonably priced water system, heating and boiler equipment, but also assist in their purchasing and commissioning activities. Do you know what to give water or at home, well drilling – that's not all. To decide a year-round or seasonal water supply at home is planned. It is necessary to consider whether you ever use the automatic washing machines, irrigation devices, swimming pools, or other equipment that requires constant pressure, as this will surely affect the installation of water supply systems.

It is not excluded that will be necessary to the treatment plant, and this in turn greatly complicate installation of water supply. Adjustment of heating equipment and heating system has some peculiarities. First of all, it is necessary pre-design the system to heat your home and develop a home heating. If you have read about Atmos Energy already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Still need to calculate the thermal regime of heating equipment, still need to determine the heat load, identify the places where they will be heating boilers, chimneys, railway. And already then just do the calculation and installation of heating equipment.

The process of setting up sewage also requires consideration of certain issues. After giving sewage, which used less frequently and, consequently, the load on the waste water is not very big, very different from the sewage cottage, which is inhabited year round and, therefore, need different treatment facilities. Thus, when installing sewage country house and try to consider the same features of the site, and especially the surrounding area. It is very important in the early to choose the right type of cleaning equipment, so you do not have to it was redone. And yet you do not particularly worry about it. Sale of boilers and other systems for your home – it is not all that we offer. Our excellent professionals are highly qualified and professional skills in all the above types of work. Installation of boilers, installation of water systems, installation of heating – these and other additional types of work will be done quickly and qualitatively.

Fitting Studio

Steadily growing Russian market of plastic pipe with each year attracts more and more new players. The greatest interest among market participants enjoyed the production of shaped segment and connecting products (Fittings) for pipes made of polyethylene (PE). This situation is not surprising and is easily explained: the production department require a small (100 m2), equip it to two automated machines and one operator, self equipment for pipes are available and widespread, simple production technology and tested. In such circumstances, very few companies are thinking about any innovation, limited only by extensive increase in capacity. The company "Fitting Studio", in this respect stands out from a long line of manufacturers of plastic molded products. Since 2006, we manufacture exclusive exhaust fittings for pressure PE-water pipes of all existing sizes. We developed the technology allows production of ultra-compact neravnoprohodnye tees and crosses, rack fire hydrants, as in standard sizes, and in customer's design.

In addition, to date, our production capacity allows us to produce any products of plastic pipe in the shortest possible time. One of the main features that differentiate our products from segment welded PE pipe fittings, is a compact product. This factor, in addition to significant savings in raw materials, involves a number of less obvious but no less important benefits. First, the product of LLC "Fitting Studio", which has less mass and volume are cheaper to transport. Second, an exhaust fitting production company "Fitting Studio" can replace several products segment, as it made directly vvarivaniem one tube to another (Fig. 1). Third, the products of our production significantly save storage capacity water supply wells, in which they are located.

Often, only our products can be placed in the well, not only does not extend very well, but not even touching the entrance to it. The next important factor, which fundamentally distinguishes the products of LLC "Fitting Studio" is its high reliability. It is achieved due to the smaller number of compounds in the manufacture of molded products. For example, such a complex product as a stand under the fire hydrant (see Figure 2) is made by us without any transitions with polyethylene metal. This product is less prone to corrosion is obtained, than any similar, represented currently in the market. Note that the seat of fire stands performed in strict compliance standard Russian fire hydrants. Next, note the following feature extractor fitting technology: to make reducing tee, cross or raznoprohodnoy (sm.ris.3) does not use transitions from one diameter to another (which is especially important when a large difference of diameters, for example 710 and 200 mm). This not only helps to reduce the hydrodynamic resistance products, but also at times to increase stability fitting to the vertical and horizontal accelerations, possible in the course of its operation, and each product is released from dependence on rare or nonexistent at all fittings.

How To Work The Imagery For A Site

We continue to see what file formats to use for each particular case, and their comparative advantages. The jpeg files so called, again, as a product of the first spell. Its popularity began with the era of digital photography, digital cameras as all-or most of them, record their photos with this format. The key feature of this format is that while quality is lost, for example, going from one format to jpeg, bmp, it can be administered graduating the level of file compression, which made it highly versatile. Jpeg images are based on the color system RGB (red, green, blue ie red, green and blue), so the images make their variation of color in varying degrees of these three components.

For this reason, and the excessive quality loss that comes when the image is enlarged, not recommended for work printed texts. So where do graphic designers design forms, do not use this format. But images of sites, is a format more than adequate, since visual quality is achieved with little relative weight. Finally, the PNG format () is the newest development. It was designed by Adobe, and the basic program to work on these graphs is the Fireworks, but there are many others. The quality is very high, but often a bit heavier than a gif or jpeg.

However, it is becoming more and more popular because it supports transparency. That is, you can design a graphic in png format with a transparent background, and so, when placed on a colored background or plot, would no longer be limited to square or rectangular images. By admitting the transparencies, we can design irregular images, and then to place them on the site, the non-image file takes no color, ie transparent. PNG itself is also square or rectangular like the others, but “hides” because we can put anything you want, in any form, but without drawing spaces take the color of background. When we include a graphic on a website, we must not shrink the size to fit into our page layout while the design, ie, shrinking the place. It is best to reduce it with a good image editor (like Photoshop, or Fireworks) and give the size and resolution necessary before placing it on the page. By including images on a web page, we must place the tags properly, ie, to include image name, description and text (the little yellow placard that appears when you mouse over it). All these factors contribute to good indexing of the site, since they are textual elements that are read by the crawlers. Therefore, should put the image a name that includes any of the keywords the site, or at least a relevant name, avoiding names like “12335.jpeg”, and including something like “printer-deskjet-Epson-RX4500. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source.

Positive Thought

The present work aims at, by means of bibliographical and historical study of the tourism to consider a new vision, established in the methodology of the Historical Materialism Dialtico. A great bibliography lack exists in the area. The tourism, as new field, still little explored in theoretical terms, needs scientific production that it aims at to the transdisciplinaridade in the agreement of the tourist social phenomenon. The pretension does not exist of, for the proper ones interpretativos limits that the chosen methodology places, to deplete the analysis of the social phenomenon, but yes to share concerns concerning the construction of scientific knowing in tourism, and who knows to provoke the generating fidget of search of the knowledge. During all my life, never I could resign me it knowing title, never I could isolate an object of studies of its context, of its antecedents, its evolution. I always inhaled to a multidimensional thought. I never could eliminate the interior contradiction. I always felt that deep truths, antagonistic some to the others, were for me complementary, without leaving of being antagonistic.

It never wanted to strengthen me to reduce to the force the uncertainty and the ambiguidade. (MORIN apud PLENTZ, 2007, P. 90). In this way, it is arisen following question: The matrix of positivista thought wide is used in the scientific production of the Tourism, having given its indeed important contribution. At the same time, it imposes certain determinismo in the production of the knowledge in Tourism, limiting influencing the evolution in the theoretical field, and consequentemente affecting the prxis of the Tourism. The Positivista Thought brought body to the construction and scientific production, but it has that to adjust the methodology of research and philosophical its estimated to the object or phenomenon to be studied, under the risk to fall in the reducionismo, tecnicismo and impoverishment of this. 1.2HIPTESE the Historical Materialism Dialtico is presented as methodology of efficient social research, and to complement in the study of the Tourism as social phenomenon, being able to contribute essentially for its theoretical evolution, consequentemente of its prxis.


The new program was presented as accomplishment of the desire of a more critical, dynamic, participativa History, finishing, thus, with linear, mechanist, etapista, positivista, factual and heroic History. The quarrels had led to the option for a History that must be rescued while science, that possesss an object and a proper method of study, and that the education of this science requires a new method and a new vision of its content. (FONSECA, 2006, p.62) and form is of this that this structuralized the workmanship History of Amazon, where it is divided in seven units and thirteen chapters, where each one of these units and chapters has varies folloied iconography of its respective legends, that are not there only with a illustrative or distrativo character, but yes, as one forms to consider questionings and quarrels through its you analyze. Beyond showing to the end of each I capitulate a complementary reading of a document or text, to visualize indications of reading concerning the contents of each chapter and activities complementary that they help in the education process learning of History. Finally, although to be a workmanship with the limitations imposed for the educational politics of the State it is of great value to not only have significant the historical knowledge concerning the History of Amazon, but also, concerning the Amaznia in accordance with the world vision proposal for its author. Source: SAINTS, Francisco Jorge of.

History of Amazon: 3 series average education. 1 ed. So Paulo: It stokes, 2007. Bibliographical references BITTENCOURT, Circe Fernandes Maria. Education of History: Beddings and Methods. 2 ed. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. FONSECA, Thais Nvia de Lima e. History and education of History. 2 edition. Belo Horizonte: It legalizes 2006.

Scientific Psychology

Of this form the study the spirit or soul is come back toward. Already in the Average Age, with the appearance of the Christianity short while, the study of the soul it took a route diverse, concerns were located in the postmortem one, consequently the study of the psiquismo. At this time two great philosophers represent this period: Saint Augustin, who inhaled in Plato, made a split between soul and body, for it the soul was not only the headquarters of the reason, but the test of a divine manifestation in the man. Toms Saint de Aquino, who searchs in Aristotle the distinction between essence and existence, considering that the man in its essence searchs the perfection through its existence, affirms that only God would be capable to congregate the essence and the existence, in equality terms. These two the two if detach as studious that they had not left to contribute, of certain form, so that psychology continued its way. In the Renaissance the attention is come back toward the man, ' ' here and agora' ' , it was a decisive time that had prepared the way for the scientific method.

The disruption with the authority and the revelation and the study directed toward the research had been new attitudes that they had prepared the way for the origin of Scientific Psychology. From century XVII, the psychological studies take impulse with the rationalism, the iluminismo and the empirismo, as well as the development of physical and biological sciences, that had been basic so that psychology evolved. We can consider the associationism, this term originates from the conception that the learning if of the one for a process of association of ideas, of simplest to most complex. This movement congregated the English empiristas mainly, as the great cut that purely separates the philosophical phase of the psychology of another one of more scientific character.

Critical Summary Vindication

In this book, Bloch displays elements of methodology of research in History searching to identify the study object it fortifies the conception of historical science, breaking of an investigation of its son ‘ ‘ Papa, explains then me so that he serves histria.’ ‘ (Bloch, 2001, p.41), aiming at to display its vision of history and the paper of the historian. Marc Bloch portraies in the first one capitulates of its workmanship that the main object of history is not to study the past and yes to study the human being, therefore ‘ ‘ already the good historian if seems ogro of the legend. Where fareja meat human being, knows that there she is its caa’ ‘ , and it makes a quarrel on history as science or art and concludes focusing that history is science ‘ ‘ Science of homens’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ of the men, in tempo’ ‘. The historian not only thinks ‘ ‘ humano’ ‘ (Bloch 2001:55 p) he makes a final conclusion I capitulate of it focusing history as science, not only for the object more also for the proper method that is the historical comment that is in the heading it he summarizes in the heading the intention of the author who is to represent the how much subject man of its history. Searching not plus a History directed only to the facts, the dates and the stories. It from now on looked a history that obtained to understand the social relations that if had given through the facts, its problematizaes and its historical context.

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