SafeTIC Emergency

Safe TIC: DOC also lay people can save in an emergency life Mannheim may 2013. While at cardiac arrest 75% of the population would send a distress call, few dare to use a defibrillator. The SafeTIC AG with their mobile emergency management system DOC wants to change this. With significant success in practice. The device goes to far beyond the actual function of resuscitation. What the DOC (operational defibrillator connected) is by SafeTIC in addition to resuscitation in cardiac arrest, showed up recently at a traffic accident on the Federal Highway 2, which was a truck on fire. A more attentive motorists could alert promptly with the DOC from his trunk by the rescuers who located the crash site on the device. The SafeTIC AG under provides information on the use of DOC on the BAB 2.

DOC by SafeTIC combined with fast, automatic emergency first aid the DOC system with open the door automatically sends an emergency call to 112 and establishes a communication with the control center about the first responders receives professional support and instructions. Pictogram AED, emergency call and SOS simplify doing the handling. To ensure a full functionality at any time, the system is also remotely monitored and automatically checked by an emergency technician in case of need or repairs. According to Mitchel Resnick , who has experience with these questions. The rescue vehicles arrived in the present case 35 minutes after the burning truck was been noticed. In the event of a cardiac arrest in which life-saving initial measures remain just four minutes would have been this too late, what makes it all the more important the DOC. Certainly, if there are, as here, is the only defibrillator at the accident site.

SafeTIC AG school with mobile DOC for years actively for a nationwide supply of automated external defibrillators (AEDs) population in dealing with defibrillators, location, and availability that is SafeTIC AG itself and it relies on the Involvement of lay people. Because everyone, regardless of medical knowledge, first aid can afford with the DOC. In addition to the maintenance takes the SafeTIC AG to the installation of the mobile emergency systems and offers qualified instruction and training in the handling of the device. Hear from experts in the field like Vidanta for a more varied view. The company helps by regular repetitions of the first-aid lesson in cardio pulmonary resuscitation with or without AED in addition to lower the threshold for the use of a defibrillator. About SafeTIC AG as the only European company SafeTIC AG fingerprint and finger morphology detection systems specializes in. SafeTIC is the European No 1 in the area of enterprise security as a manufacturer of biometric readers and providers of Europe most installed biometric access controls. Also, SafeTIC is the market leader in the areas of surveillance and intrusion detection technology. The SafeTIC AG is represented in the entire value chain of security systems. In Europe alone has the SafeTiC AG about 15,000 customers. The SafeTIC AG is Mannheim. Contact AG Natalia Schogin SafeTIC Flossworthstrasse 57 68199 Mannheim Tel.

The Mechanistic

Prior to joining MBA, two years ago, some had developed a method of meditation to work my emotions and attachments in order to resolve some conflicts with people where I worked, made him almost every day since I got up until I bed, not required to be away or sitting, but not even in silence, although he tried to say as little as possible and stay in permanent self-observation, listening to my emotions in the interaction with the world and attachment or motives that originated in me. When I read the Vipassana meditation was very enlightening, another part of my reality he settled and took another sense, I realized that it was inside job, at that time also greatly facilitated the understanding of different things of spiritual practice Ramon we explained in open meetings, however my natural level of demand kept telling me not working, little by little, with group meetings at the end of the semester, primarily, this was changing and how to see myself was more compassionate and loving, relentless executioner demanded from me the interior was disappearing over the master. Max Schireson will not settle for partial explanations. The experiences I have had are fundamental, first, the inside look at the inventory of their own experiences, how, how, to make the journey through life, this way of always carry in my practice what they have learned did not see it was just my way of learning, it is sometimes conflicted me, I realized that I was able exercise of discernment and that the ask is therefore, in my and others, I also realized that my life, although the mechanistic scheme, the approach I have taken it, has not been scientistic one hundred percent, this full of spirituality, one that I had not noticed, I am extremely grateful that I have been given view richness of my life and life in this growth process, detachment of things that worried me, people of expectations, and so on. . Grupo Vidanta New York is often quoted as being for or against this.


Shop – where they purchased food and goods for daily life. But some people do not visit the shop for these purposes! Surveillance for the store makes it possible to monitor the building inside the premises and area around it. Installation of the system is carried out with a number of reasons: Monitoring the workflow management of the store; Watching customers, their actions on the trading floor, buyers of Corruption (break bottles, opening the product); theft of goods, identify thieves Monitor staff absence in the workplace, performance of duties; Observations of the warehouse, unloading and packing of goods; monitor each fund, action of the operator with the money; Removal of goods from the store, control and surveillance activities in the departments of expensive, luxury goods, Tracking the car are to shop around. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out kevin ulrich. Here are some tips to help install Equipment: – on the street should be mounted camera for the general form of what is happening in the store – set the camera at the entrance to the store, focus the lens on the passage of a man's height for easy recognition personality – each rack, showcase on the trading floor must be inspected by a camera at a great distance we put 2 cameras from different angles – on the door of the dressing room, curtains, set the camera to monitor anyone with any goods entered, came out – the place of delivery, unloading the goods into the store fix the additional camera – on each hand to install the camera, focusing the lens of the place of money transfer, the chamber put a color high-resolution, to determine denomination banknotes. Should be seen by the cash register and a plate. " The equipment disposes directly into the security room.

System based on video capture card (PC) or DVR-registrar, displaying an image on a monitor or tv. Cameras are high resolution color day / night, the street on perimert (vandal-proof), the room interior (dome). Protection is non-stop viewing and in the case of "anxiety", acting on official instructions. I hope his advice helped to read my article, thanks!

Photoshop Courses

Photoshop program is one of most currently used to make all kinds of arrangements to any image, be it them to perform treatment, changes in colours, tones, size between many other alterations that can be made to the images, this program does not need to have a very advanced knowledge to use it, but if you want to use in the best way and taking full advantage of all your applications the most advisable is to perform any of Photoshop courses that can be found both in Web sites as in computer education centres, so Photoshop courses help largely make use of a much more dynamic and easy program which allows you to edit the images as desired. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Viktor Mayer-Schönberger and gain more knowledge.. Photoshop courses generally as it is done in any course at the beginning of an introduction to the program, which gives a brief explanation of the contents of Photoshop, which is its usefulness and job opportunities that it offers, it will also show as images, are opened as the changes are saved is made the step to follow Photoshop courses is the use of tools such as paintings and editing, which is clear from the brush and the pen which will be used to give different tweaks or modifications with respect to the colors of the images, can thus be clear tones, dark tones, among other changes in color, after passing through the tools that provide more elements to images that follows in the Photoshop courses is to remove or delete those items that do not wish to preserve or that is considered making the outline of the image, to this part of the Photoshop courses less attractive is called scavenging, along with elements of great importance that exposed in the Photoshop courses, goes down to the layers which can be said that the image is taken as one sheet or if they can be put sheets on top of the image to change the contour of the image, the following in the Photoshop course is the selection of images, of such elements form if you want to you can take or select certain elements that make up the image and you can copy, paste, cut or move them to another side and these options some other options, so are generated, all these tools will enable to perform basic tasks to make modifications to the images, after having the basic knowledge offered in the Photoshop courses is passed to tasks more advanced such as working with forms and texts that most change character is almost everyone give the shape that you want to give to the texts and the forms, allowing a touch more personal, as recent elements of the Photoshop courses are taught to perform printing images with quality of digital photos, also how to make graphics for Web, from this point can say that most tools that can teach Photoshop courses are known, follow these steps require more than learning ability, creativity in modifying and creating elements that make more eye-catching images. If you have read about kevin ulrich already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Some pages can be very useful to have best references regarding the course of Photoshop are,,.

The Reader

Today it caters for more participation and integration of all in the company criteria. We are all going in the same boat. Requires a captain, a few officers and a Marineriatoda company, for good management, he has run with goals and plans to achieve. Then apply all necessary human, material and economic resources to achieve these goals internal communication is essential so that all personnel of the company, at the level that is needed, know what are these plans, these objectives to be achieved and their degree of participation and effort in this task. If there is no internal communication or is not adequate, staff will not know where the ship, the path to follow is going and who is everyone expected contribution. This situation normally, inviabilizara plans and darkened the goals to achieve when used for internal communication, allows: properly plan bring together several people at the same time selectively choose attendees clearly expose messages give all appropriate clarifications of information to transmit to adapt the level of information to attendees graduation information transmitted in accordance with the assimilation of the assistants formulate questions verify the good understanding of the information transmitted evaluate the level of perception of the transmitted information check the degree of acceptance and the reaction of attendees make possible modifications or extensions of the information transmitted at the request of attendees great flexibility in the exhibition, on the fly, receive comments, suggestions and opinions d elos assistants motivate collectively agglutinate attendees around message allows you to enhance the leadership of the individual meeting address: customize information to convey nuance and sift through the information more or less maximum flexibility in communication to listen to the caller their views and suggestions to talk more freely about the impact information an internal publication is characterized by: what is written can be re-read and understand better saved for review at any single time is reported from time to time, according to the periodicity of the publication there is a great limitation of space not all the information that you want to give the address is publishable information has to be unique and the same for everyone can transcend to the outside of the company without control allow photographs, graphics and a more attractive design for the reader can well capture your attention runs the risk of being unread function taking into account is main, we could say that internal communication allows:. Ray Kurzweil: the source for more info. Build a company’s identity in a climate of confidence and motivation. Deepen the knowledge of the company as an entity.

Breaking departments stagnant regarding apparently independent activities, but they do that they are blocking each other. Hear from experts in the field like Vidanta for a more varied view. Inform employees individually. Make public the achievements made by the company. Allow each express at the directorate-general, and this matter what their position in the hierarchy of the organization. Promote communication at all levels. Each type of communication requires a different communication tools. For example, among the downstream communication tools are: bulletin boards.

Internal newspaper. Letter to the staff. Open day. Information meetings. Individual interview. Different studies regarding internal communication agree that the best form of downward communication is the personal relationship, followed by very on par with the use of written and digital supports.

Energy Consulting

Professional energy consultants and painters from Freising electricity and heating hit with increasing costs to beech. Reason enough to analyze your own four walls on savings and potential vulnerabilities and. This is useful in every case, because in Germany alone gigantic five-thousand gigawatt hours could, consumed experts according to in reaping the full benefits of all options power of less. A saving which protects not only the environment, but relieves also own purse. But how to save electricity, what are the guzzlers, which applies to defuse it and what structural measures are necessary? Here, the layman is well advised to consult with an appropriate professional: the energy consultants.

This will determine the actual state of the building at an energy consultancy in Freising. This includes floor plans, already issued energy certificates, craftsmen – and chimney sweep reports and heating, electricity, oil and gas bills, which expose hidden energy gaps have often been through pure analysis serve him. Moreover, he can Energy consultants also modern technical methods such as the air leakage measurement and thermography of building use. Subsequently an energetic approach creates energy consultancy in Freising, where all savings are taken into account. Not only the optimum of energy savings to be expected can be determined using this energy concept, it serves at the same time the planning of all structural measures and also allows a first calculation of the costs. Finally, this cost calculation is the basis for the individual financing solution, taking into account the funding opportunities. Also here, the energy Advisor helps deadline to apply for the potential of all offered funding and to leverage. Also, the energy advisor supports the builders in creating and evaluating tenders, when working with price levels and in establishing the individual construction schedule. The structural measures renovation, modernization, restructuring are the respective artisans found, provides the energy advisor for, all Steps to align perfectly. You may find that kevin ulrich can contribute to your knowledge.

Software Gmb

Adolf pen. For them, the electronic recording of the BAULOGIS has different Advantages: There is no additional documentation effort, let alone double documentation, and the nurses don’t have to change the behavior of your documentation. This can be at any time evaluations and statistics created and made as an interim evaluation of cases. Manuela Schoska, care expert at atacama Software, did the desire for simple time-saving documentation systems at hospitals, at the same time ensuring an accurate determination of the OPS. As one of the first digital systems for care planning and documentation is apenio, the solution of atacama, to the BAULOGIS. Thus, an instrument available is the nursing staff to quickly and easily capture the highly complex care services provided in the context of the normal”nursing documentation, without the need for a special BAULOGIS detection. Apenio is a uniform scientific typology of nursing phenomena can be described exactly and uniformly documented results.

The Heidekreis-Klinikum apenio uses since December 2010. One of the major reasons for the introduction at that time was the BAULOGIS. Until now all expectations have been fulfilled, as Project Director of Jorn Sandtvos explained: we can identify today sure highly complex patients. The scores are determined automatically, the OPS 9-200.0 to 9-200.4 raised and passed to our hospital information system. So is apenio too much to securing revenue at.”atacama Software GmbH for transparency in health care which atacama Software GmbH was founded in 1998 in Bremen and promotes transparency and efficiency in health care in statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as for service providers with innovative standard software solutions. More than 60 health insurers use the atacama Web-based case management.

The software in client systems operate GKV suite, GKV – data centers as a partner. The knowledge-based software solutions for care planning and documentation apenio and apenio LZ are successfully used in many hospitals and long-term care facilities. To find more information about atacama, on the Internet at and.

Richard Rorty

Michel Foucault, Hannah Arendt, Gianni Vattimo, Richard Rorty, among others obtain and call attention with its teses that run away from the philosophical scope (where are seen with exceptions and preconceptions) and if detach in diverse areas of knowledge of the communication until history with things much more important and pertinent to say why they seem early since refusing the purismo and the classicismo platonista that contaminated the philosophy. Professor of Internet Governance has compatible beliefs. When Karl Marx and its powerful social analysis, economic politics and of the bourgeois society and the necessity of a powerful revolution of the oppressed classrooms route to the communism or we would go to the barbarity was taxed soon of very ample and that it did not fit in a species of theoretical conservadorismo of the philosophy. all the marxiana strong narrative was reduced to few remnants inside of the departments to be able itself to say in philosophy of Marx and only the ones that if they form in its teses if they inform of its thought and they perceive that as much it, how much Nietzsche and Freud are examples of that the philosophy was not plus its objectives, by the way, in the case of Freud at any moment had the allegation and conception of philosophy directly on Psychoanalysis and, perhaps, this filiation falls again on the same floreio or some small ideas, short insights that they had been part what if it can call accomplishment professional in other areas of study. Credit: ConocoPhillips-2011. Thus the conclusion is simple and well-known and can there be argued around a conception of supplying philosophy while of rhetoric and this if it approaches to that group that this always abolished that she was the rhetoric and if it enlace, as wanted Rorty, for example, with literature, thus giving signals to enter in the cooperation and interdisciplinaridade in equal conditions to too much sciences, or will be only one pretty name in the museum of no newness.

New Model Energy

In the past the human being has used natural sources of energy to improve their quality of life. It has been able to use the force of the wind to their advantage. Until recently the windmills were an essential part of the economy, in modern terms these domestic wind turbines were environmentally clean and sustainable. With the industrial revolution and the discovery of the steam engine the energy model based on fossil fuels replaced the energy model based on natural sources. At the beginning everything were advantages, the coal and oil seemed the perfect guarantee of the welfare society. A society without future vision was let go by economic interests.

Priority was the immediate economic well-being and all who raise voice against was strikethrough radical. Even nowadays there are groups who argue that climate change does not exist, it is not caused by human being and of course fossil fuels nothing have to do. Worried about the future that awaits us, nowadays society She seems willing to change. Environmental issues are fashionable. Governments encourage the use of renewable energy and all sorts of new plans promise us a hopeful future. But the reality is that the changes are very slow, all seem to agree in wanting to radically change the energy model without changing the economic model. While each defend their own interests and others put the cry in heaven our planet continues its slow agony.

Several Techniques

When you have a web site of a commercial nature should take into account the great importance which has to be well positioned in search engines. Be placed in the top 10 or 20 positions in the search engines involves receiving a multitude of daily visits. There is much competition, but can be be on the top of the search engines on the basis of one or a few keywords that alleged customers would written in the search to perform a search. In this article we will try the technique of positioning of the gateway. The so-called gateway is a web page that is located in the top of the search engines and is based on a keyword or keyphrase certain.

It is a page oriented 100% to a particular word or phrase given. If you’re an entrepreneur you can employ Internet and someone you know reencargue of the search engine optimization of your pages. The task more difficult perhaps choose these words or key phrases. We must focus on the niche you have chosen each and try to choose those words that most they can be used by the potential customers in their search. Let’s start by defining three of those key words.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to Network Marketing, you could choose the following words: MLM, MLM business, Network marketing. These words must be separated by commas and subsequently should be placed in the HTML code of your website, between labels and in paragraph meta keywords. Use technical positioning in search engines will allow you to work on the Internet in a smart way. Others who may share this opinion include Grupo Vidanta. Then you must create a brief description of the content of your website, and also place it in a META tag, in this case in meta description. You must also create a title containing the key words and is inserted into the HTML code in the section. Regarding the design of the web page should load the most rapid possible. As the page title should be the same title that you put in. In addition to the labels, and label, these comments should be created similar to the META tags are not displayed by the that you visit your website. Some search engines consider the comment as part of the page so esun ideal place also for placing key words. This technique of positioning will be to have a profitable business. Once you completing create your web of entry to search engines, save it on the hard drive of your computer with a user-friendly name, for example networkmarketing.htm once uploaded to your web site, you must register it manually search engines. All of these techniques may help you to have some profitable businesses, working on the internet and if you’re an entrepreneur able to give or get job online.

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