The Group

A trend leader, effectively describes its endpoint, but generally leaves much room, people to find their own way effectively. Guiding leaders, give your people the freedom to innovate, experiment, and take risks calculated in the vision. d Afiliativo style. If the leading corcitivo obliges a person to do what I say, and the indicative asked him to come with me, afiliativo leader tells the person people come first. This style of leadership revolves around the people who employ it, value to the individual and their emotions over the tasks and objectives.

The afiliativo leader, strives greatly pra employees are always happy, and the relationship between them is more harmonious. Managed through the development of affective ties, to then pick up the coveted results of this approach, mainly because it generates a strong loyalty. Style afiliativo, it also has a very positive effect on communication. People who are comfortable among themselves speak a lot. They share ideas and inspiration. Afiliativo style, progressively increasing flexibility; friends trust each other, enabling innovation, and risk taking habits to develop fully. e. the participatory style.

By investing time getting ideas and the support of the people, a leader promotes trust, respect and commitment to your group. To allow employees to have a voice in the decisions that affect their targets, and the way they do their daily work, the participatory leader dramatically increased the flexibility and responsibility. To listen to the concerns of employees, the participatory leader learns what to do to keep alive the moral high. Finally, given that they have a vote in setting its objectives and parameters to measure their success, people working in its participatory environment tend to be more realistic about what can be and what they can not do. f. the imitative style. As the coercive style imitative style is part of the Repertoire of a leader, although it must moderate its use. In the background, the bases of the imitative style seem admirable. The leader sets extremely high standards of work performance and exemplifies them. His great obsession, is to make everything better and much faster, and requires total so that all persons of its around full compliance these technical criteria. Quickly, he identifies people with low levels of work performance, and demanded much more. If they do not fully meet their expectations, the anger replacing gradually, with much more capable people. At first glance, it seems that such an approach would improve the results, but tristemene is not so simple. Types of leadership desingado leadership: which means taking responsibility for the Group and guide the Group towards its goals determine how the group can meet its targets active follower: what it means to support and follow the leader appointed to take part in the decision-making of decisions of the group giving ideas and seeking clarity Fellowship leadership: that means team work together and support one another to fulfill the goals of the group each team member sees what needs to be done and does it own leadership: that means each person cares if same to be able to take care of the group all show initiative and personal character references: Stoner, James; Frreman, Edgard, and Gilbert, Daniel, 6a ed., Pretince-Hall, Mexico, 1999. Saval, R. Styles of leadership. Document recovered the day of November 4, 2008 magazine manage you today no.

Tell Me Of That Freedom Boast

If there is something in man which greatly distinguishes it from any other animal, that is freedom: freedom of action, freedom of expression and freedom of thought. If these three pillars are safeguarded, man is able to build himself as person and autonomous individual against nature and any of their peers. And before God? Before God, liberty acquires its highest sense, because it is anthropologically defined as the most precious gift that the creator has granted to man when he formed his own image. Without however, although all claim with nails and teeth the exercise of these human attributes, at the same time become the virtues most annoying and criticized by others. We do not support their opinion of us, we don’t like to tell us what we need to do, we don’t accept any limitations that we impose on the exercise of any expression of our genuine freedom. On the other hand, everyone thinks that the freedom of the individual begins there where ends the own and personal freedom than We are all entitled to exercise without ties. But how hard is to put that linde.

In fact most of society’s problems begin in that subtle and delicate border of respect for oneself and others. Where put the separation and who has the authority to put it? Surely, the question is, first of all, in the interior of the individual to understand freedom as a being in society. Before asking us for the right to be free, all we should begin by looking inside of ourselves and perceiving what is what prevents us from being fully free to develop ourselves as people, and if we can bear it reflecting mirror from the bowels of us, then we will be able to enable the flame of growth which we will then launch to life shared with others. I know many people who do more than assert for itself the plot of their freedoms as individuals and are paradoxically more slaves of their own principles and things that have been built with exaggerated artificiality throughout his life.

The Rule 8020 Or Pareto Principle

In this article I will talk about the Pareto principle or the 80/20 rule. According to this 19th century Italian Economist, 20% of the causes cause 80% of the results, and vice versa. This can be applied to the distribution of resources, benefits, customers, product sales, time is a contra-intuitiva rule, because normally we hope there will be an equal proportion between causes and results. Not always met, it should be in addition a clear relation between causes and results, between the input data and output data. In addition, sometimes the proportion varies a 70/30, 90/10 or even 95/5. It does not apply to everything, but it is useful as a model to learn how to focus on the basics and eliminate the superfluous. As we use this rule to help our time management? Then, concentrating on the most valuable 20%.

For that we must first analyse different aspects of our life and identify what causes provoke what results, asking us questions like: what 20% of tasks and activities that do I do result in 80% of my results and my happiness? What 20% of the cases are causing 80% of my problems and my unhappiness? What or who causes me stress disproportionate to the time I spend? Once we have the answer to all these responses, preferably in writing, we must select and eliminate ineffective, causing the worst results. If us seems too drastic to delete 80% less effective, we can focus at the moment in the less effective 20% of the total. Either using the principle of 50/5 (similar to the Pareto principle) which says that 50% of the resources or causes cause only 5% of the results, we can find this 50% and focus our efforts on eliminating it. So at least we would be focusing on rid of less efficient. Although it is better and easier to just focus on the 20% better and enhance it.

In theory with this principle could be between 300% and 400% increase productivity, if we quintuplicamos 20% more productive that causes the 80% of the results. However, probably not so because as we promote this more productive minimum, results are diluting. As I said before not always applied rule or principle is, but it is simply a useful model to take into account and apply it when we see that there may be a situation of this kind.

The State

This puts us in the trance understand what is a true leagues, fate of plate from all eras, but that seems to be forgotten: is the State nor any human political organization where has directed the effort changer of worlds; It is towards the man, per, gregarious or individual, who in summation will shed the expected product of consciousness. Because if one thing is as certain as the component of animality citizen decides to change of State, to lose is its condition of consciousness, of humanity, of growing lattice of civilizing ideas. So much so that we say, with the science fiction, that man is a mental figure susceptible of eternity that constantly seems to regret his fleeting condition of be ported into a shrinking body. The man is mind and ability of perpetual change, both to the past and towards the future. The State is there, as a projection, as that old shadow of the Platonic cave, aspiring to humanity, to define the elevated essences. It will make the work signed in the contract, with all defects that we know in the States, under penalty of conflict with its counterpart.

It will suck to improve the civilization of man kind, and its postulates force to take steps in this regard, requiring this sizing and spiritual determination of its signatories themselves. But if its citizens are sailing in the limbo of the decaying moral if they have forgotten in confusion the first principles of human and social growth, originally printed in the signature, and occurs the species that the State is above them with SAG (the only State that morally is below) its citizens is the fallen); then there will be no more than their own shadows, without suction to the high ideal. Fighting that social nature by a State to undertake in a positive sense will be doomed to failure, because the metaphor Christian to preach on the rocks or the Bolivarian of plowing in the sea will be.

The Way

Of course, you can not blame only the parents. Perhaps they, too, grew up in a family where the showdown on the high tones in children was the norm. On the formation of aggressive behavior teenager is also influenced by movies, full of violent computer games with elements of violence. Teen learns to behave aggressively by observing the behavior of their peers on the street or in school. And gradually, for it becomes the norm to prove his innocence with the help of the kulaks. Teenagers get in packs, are members of various groups such as skinheads. Source: Eliot Horowitz.

And it's not just a problem of the family, it becomes a problem of society. Hatred and rejection of the world – a terrible baggage with which the young man goes into adulthood. By the way, the observations of psychologists, has been notably reduced age manifestation of the aggressive actions of adolescents. Increasingly, there are cases of aggressive behavior in girls. It is noticeable, and no comment specialists. Recently watched the following scene: in the evening near the metro station (the place is very crowded) two little girls for 14 years – 15, no more, made a 'dismantling' of his girlfriend. One of them clutched the blonde hair 'offending'. Another raised her fist to her face, and reproached with anguish, so that she dared not longer stick to Denis, otherwise unpleasant The situation this time was completed successfully. Girl 'rescued' from the so-called girlfriends and conducted home. But how many such manifestations of antisocial behavior ends with a brutal scene of massacre? This can be seen from Media, from television, telling, for example, the murder of his teacher's students.

Holidays With Children In Marrakech

Love those who have sons and daughters travel with them, see how they discover with amazement multitude of natural and historical wonders so new to them. But an effort is also to travel with small and experience can be somewhat stressful if you do not choose an appropriate destination and holidays are organized according to their needs and interests. Here we give some tips to enjoy with your family a wonderful holiday in Marrakech. One of the most important things when adapting a holiday to children is the choice of accommodation. For example, most of the hotels and many of the riads of Marrakech have a swimming pool where children can play, enjoy the perpetual Sun of Marrakech and rest after a long day of adventures around the medina. If your hotel or your Riyadh does not have swimming pool, they can always escape to spend awhile, or even a whole day, in one of the parks with swimming pool that offers the ochre city. For example, places like Oasiria, La Plage Rouge, Le Park Marrakech Beach Garden or L Oliveraie de Marigha are excellent to spend a day of fun and relaxation with the children and enjoy together wonderful views, of a varied gastronomy and even attractions for the whole family.

Another activity that can carry out in Marrakesh with children is to take bus tour that runs throughout the city. Since the bus you will see the main places of natural and historical interest in the city comfortably installed on the upper floor. Before beginning the tour, can learn in advance about the countless stories and anecdotes relating to each of the monuments and typical sites to make more pleasant an experience of itself education for children. The Menara gardens are without a doubt a perfect place to visit with the children. More than a hundred hectares of olive groves, with a huge pond and a spectacular view over the Koutoubia and Atlas snowy mountains offer a cool and spacious atmosphere where children can play, ride pleasantly and, no doubt, admire the dromedaries that abound in this beautiful and quiet set of varied gardens.

They can also go with children to different cultural and recreational activities that take place throughout the city. The French Institute of Marrakech in its cultural agenda includes all kinds of events, from circus shows up screening of children’s and youth films, passing through weekly sessions of storytelling, music workshops and dance, theater and Visual Arts for children of all ages. In addition to these possibilities share holidays with children in the city, also they can escape in family until the sea. Essaouira is less than 200 km away and offers plenty of beaches where bathing, as well as a beautiful and tranquil medina and precious monuments and views. Also outside Marrakech, can make breaks from one day to the Ourika valley, to the desert to see the dromedaries and the spectacular dunes, or even in the same outskirts of Marrakech can make journeys on buggy or hot-air balloon or even pass a day of snow into the Oukaimeden, less than an hour from Marrakesh. So if you are planning a family holiday, Marrakech is an ideal destination full of exotic, sports and cultural activities for the kids. They may stay in one of the hotels in Marrakech, which have their own pool, or even in one of the typical riads in Marrakech, where they can enjoy together the treasures of gastronomy, architecture and entertainment of this fascinating city.

How To Make A Photo Collage Original ?

In the classic sense of a collage – a technique in art, which consists in sticking to the surface of materials that differ from it in color and texture. Collages have appeared in ancient times served as a means of interior decoration. For example, in the ancient Chinese scientists have discovered an interesting composition, consisting of canvas and attached to it of natural materials: stones, dried plants, flowers, etc. Greatest popularity collages purchased in the mid 20 th century and the emergence of photography began to appear the first collage. But as easy to guess, photos pasted on the surface by hand. Now the big popular collages from digital photos. Their main advantage is that the photo does not need to print, cut and paste.

Make a colorful collage of photos can be directly on your PC using a special program to prepare a collage of photos. For example, the editor of Photo Collage from AMS Software – is a modern and high-quality program to create a vibrant collage of photographs of diverse styles and design. Utility is equipped with a handy Russian interface through which you can learn in just a few applications. With Photo Collage editor, you can create original collages itself diverse subjects: weddings, children, greeting and even collages desires. In this case you do not have access to professional designers and photographers. Make a beautiful collage with original design you can independently, without leaving home. The most important thing – it's your imagination and flow of interesting creative ideas.

To make a collage with their own hands, you must perform a few simple steps. 1. Subject collage. Before get to work, you must define a theme for your collage. Often the subject does not need to invent – it defined itself. For example, you had a holiday at the sea and want to draw pretty pictures in the form of an original collage. In one collage can be told a story about the various memorable moments of your life. Any significant event (wedding, anniversary, prom, etc.) may be the subject of collage. 2. Selection of photos – this is no less important stage prepare a collage of photos. Find the best quality and beautiful images that most clearly reflect your chosen theme. If you are preparing a collage greeting an elderly person, you can scan old black and white photographs. This will give the composition of originality and unique style. 3. Clearance. This stage depends entirely on your taste and creative imagination. Photo Collage editor includes all the necessary tools for quality and design of the original collage. The program has an extensive catalog of ready-made templates to design different topics: wedding, baby, Christmas, vintage, etc., and also allows create a collage from scratch and choose your own unique design. You can decorate your photos with a collection of decorative frames or effectively blur the edges of images. The program allows you to add titles and captions, as well as contains a large collection of stylish clip art to design your collage. 4. The final stage involves printing a collage. Editor Photo Collage is equipped with a convenient module printing, so you can quickly and accurately print the final image. If necessary, you can choose the paper size, type of permit and the orientation of the collage on the page. Colorful collage of pictures will be gorgeous interior decoration, and will always be cause positive emotions.

The Princess

Zahara does not heal with love that you offer him, but chosen by your heart.-While both, Zahara attended his meeting with Fernando after the thick rosales that concealed the passage where this accessed and thus day by day and intoxicated by the soft smell of roses, were daily fed her so much love, that the Princess was willing to abandon their motherland and their Religion and skip these barriers to flee and spend the rest their days next to her boyfriend Fernando. A few days later, Zahara was called to presence of his father and this informed him, in short, would leave for Damascus to marry with the powerful Sultan. A desperate cry was released by the throat of the young woman – No, will not go never-.!! His bemused father and riding in anger, violently zarandeo her daughter – why desobedeces my orders why not go – because I love to another.-said Zahara.?!? Her father slapped her – your name-you!! He demanded while continuing vastly it with such force that the Princess could not avoid revealing his passion. Ben-Abed cuate began his revenge. I had to kill the boy.

Soon soldiers in surprise to lovers and the young man was captured. Zahara knew what was waiting for him to Fernando and ill. The Princess was dying of love. His father, knowing the severity of the disease of the young and eaten by remorse, went to see her but not before, having prepared a ploy as a good soldier who was. -Zahara – said you let’s make a Pact.

If I win, you have to obey my orders – which locked up wedding plans with the Sultan of Damascus – and if you win, I will let freedom so you can choose your husband-the young man nodded. I couldn’t but that OK. Peering out the window told him look this landscape – pointing slopes of the Benacantil, – if tomorrow dawns nevado and covered with a white mantle, you win.


As the technological revolution will transform the companies, governments, all the planet? If she cannot foresee, she can yourself yes, be said that nothing ‘ ‘ she will be as he was antigamente’ ‘. The man comes searching to each day comfort, comfort and efficiency in everything what he makes and of involves that it. The technology offers to the man more comfort, efficiency and agility, what nowadays it is essential, not only in the work but also in its house, where each time more the technology comes investing and gaining space. The adaptation to the changes is almost that natural. Without the least to perceive the people are creating habits and dependence with the new technologies. The people do not know more to cook without the one aid oven of microwaves or does not leave house without before verifying its box of messages the times nor leave house, therefore it will be able to make its purchases, consultations, to even know of the notice of the day and exactly to talk with somebody for the Internet, without the perigos that are gifts in the real world.

They today, can make everything this for the virtual world, world this that offers for the common person more comfort, agility and satisfaction of its basic necessities, but also are repleto of perigos and perigos these strangers, as the viruses, cybercrimes, hackers, at last the Internet still are an to be unmasked ocean. However the people are being each time more adepts to this new technology and many are being each time more dependents. For all the displayed one, it is denoted that millions of people make of the Internet its world, becoming it so excellent in its life, to the point to relegate its real life to as a plain one, and they start to live in a virtual world, we must yes use the Technologies that in are presented, but without let us forget in them the essence that guides the life human being.

Guide People

The use of a celebrity improves the transmission of a message to be able to break through the noise of the communication process. The celebrity brings with it a meaning that brings clarity to the message and publicized product and saves time for advertisers to convey that message to the consumer. Some previous investigations indicate that anonymous models offer demographic information, gender, age, status, but these meanings are relatively imprecise. The famous can offer all these meanings with a special precision. Further, the famous offer a range of meanings for personality and lifestyle that an anonymous model may not provide the same way. Other authors believe that when consumers use products linked to famous people, they get an added value in terms of imagination, aspiration and entertainment and this could be enough to tip the balance in favour of a brand against its competitors. The famous are converts into a model, a reference in the Guide to the consumer, who aspires to be and look like. Since then, this last aspect plays a decisive role and influence in the purchase, by people interested in being identified with the famous know they buy and use articles from those who have achieved success, that recognizes people his identification with those who at the moment have reached very interesting fame the opinion of RumschiskWhen notes, that is necessary to take a number of considerations when choosing which is the character chosen for the campaign, where no doubt the company, company that uses it, that in addition to promoting it, should be fully aware of the segment of the population that will reach the types of consumers who were identified with this publicity, to determine if the investment is really valid.

Specifically, indicates that there is a congruence between this and the brand Announces. This will be essential to make the strategy work. On the other hand side, is essential to analyze the situation of the brand that will be announced to enforce such congruence.

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