The State

This puts us in the trance understand what is a true leagues, fate of plate from all eras, but that seems to be forgotten: is the State nor any human political organization where has directed the effort changer of worlds; It is towards the man, per, gregarious or individual, who in summation will shed the expected product of consciousness. Because if one thing is as certain as the component of animality citizen decides to change of State, to lose is its condition of consciousness, of humanity, of growing lattice of civilizing ideas. So much so that we say, with the science fiction, that man is a mental figure susceptible of eternity that constantly seems to regret his fleeting condition of be ported into a shrinking body. The man is mind and ability of perpetual change, both to the past and towards the future. The State is there, as a projection, as that old shadow of the Platonic cave, aspiring to humanity, to define the elevated essences. It will make the work signed in the contract, with all defects that we know in the States, under penalty of conflict with its counterpart.

It will suck to improve the civilization of man kind, and its postulates force to take steps in this regard, requiring this sizing and spiritual determination of its signatories themselves. But if its citizens are sailing in the limbo of the decaying moral if they have forgotten in confusion the first principles of human and social growth, originally printed in the signature, and occurs the species that the State is above them with SAG (the only State that morally is below) its citizens is the fallen); then there will be no more than their own shadows, without suction to the high ideal. Fighting that social nature by a State to undertake in a positive sense will be doomed to failure, because the metaphor Christian to preach on the rocks or the Bolivarian of plowing in the sea will be.

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