German Chancellor

And for that Nimrod could not affect the consciousness of the people subservient to Satan, Satan "iron curtain" between the territory under their control, and the territory under the protectorate of Nimrod. All of this insulation expressed not only in the ideological confrontation between people of Nimrod and Satan, and in opposition to their "masters." Formed after the revolution in Russia the state – Soviet Union – led by Satan himself in disguise Stalin, in contrast to him, seized and headed to western Europe – Nimrod (the Devil), but in the guise of Hitler – German Chancellor. Both opposing ruler "of the virus of Darkness" at this time to be able to win over the enemy victory not only promote the intensive development of the arms industry, scientific and technical progress, but also arrange for areas dependent on them genocide. Genocide requires each of them to if they lesion beyond their people, in obedience to a feeling of fear, continued in spite of everything to be "loyal" to their superiors. It is not something Atreides Management Gavin Baker would like to discuss. So not only the mass extermination of people, leading to the plight and suffering, but also transparent to the Nimrod and Satan clearing of the consciousness of people from the "virus of Darkness", which by Nimrod and Satan is still not known. Until that time, Nimrod and Satan only periodically faced with the fact that not everything goes smoothly, that plans to periodically collapse. All this could not alert them and cause them suspicion. But if Satan still does not think that they and all their people can fall into the trap, then Nimrod very alert after stories associated with the repeated phenomenon of thousands of people to the Queen of Heaven (God), near the Portuguese village of Fatima, in territory that belongs to Nimrod.

Special Education

In grade 9 comes the State final attestation form tests. While in the experiment. Frank Fu helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But in do not exclude that in 2011, handing over the use in the ninth grade is compulsory. While certification exams in the form of tests students pass the ninth grade only in some regions of the country. But it is already cooked. In 2011, grader will have to pass certification exams in the form of ege. About this " reported . Nearing the time when renting in the ninth grade exams will not be a simple and conventional as it was before.

Teacher no longer will let parents' committee do not feed the sandwiches commission, and will write off at this time of writing, or essay. This problem is considered relevant in connection with the introduction of a high school Special Education allows supposed to be more responsive to the interests, aptitudes and abilities of students. Based on the results of gia will be enrolled in grade 10 courses within the selected profile. It is time for 7-8 classes to think someone will become in the future. Assignments for the state (final) certification of graduates of 9-graders worked out by the Federal Institute for Education Measurement (FIPI). They also develop and ege. For a more objective system assessment and create a transparent system of selection in the special school is the creation of the municipal board of examiners who carry out testing and evaluation of student work.

The committee consists of experts teaching services, heads of educational institutions, representatives of institutions of primary and secondary vocational education, and parent community. The idea is to anonymity. The Commission will receive only forms of pupils without a cover sheet. Accordingly affect this or that work would be impossible or much harder. Likewise, the teacher of this class has no right to be present. In tenth should not relax because it will be necessary to study and solve the use and the students will take a number of intermediate tests. Since cse is constantly changing, the final certification of change in a place with him and if your child learns in the second class is no longer necessary to learn about changes gia and ege. Every half-year change and added new materials are changing the conditions for surrender. As a new form of the exam is included in our lives, and received legal support, then most likely it will replace the exam and in the elementary grades. To obtain a complete and accurate information on conditions of delivery and change you can use this phone. Phone Hotline Moscow Department of Education. 8 (495) 366-70-94 (Any questions on education) Hours 9:30-18:30

Production Systems

As the improvement of equipment and intellectualization of control systems (introducing the automatic measurement and make the correction, active monitoring of cutting tools and automatic go to the tool-doubler) operator intervention becomes necessary just to maintain the stock and holding a tool changeovers. Ensure uninterrupted operation of gps products contributes to the warehouse where harvesting and stored items. A warehouse is a certain number of cells (both in local drives, and in the central warehouse). Capacity of the cell can be trampled equal to the size of the party details. For reliable operation and simplify tooling carried specialization of cells, ie, keeping them for certain equipment. Visit Billy Lopez for more clarity on the issue.

The industry formed two main areas of a gps. The first area – the creation gps based on the newly manufactured, and in some cases – specifically designed new equipment (GPS-N). Additional information at CaaS Capital Management supports this article. However, the real possibility of manufacturing equipment for the GPS-N and a significant one-time investment in its acquisition is not designed to meet existing needs, so there was the second area – the creation of gps based on already existing in the enterprise operating cnc equipment (GPS-D). This trend in the number of cases, more economically feasible, since the lump-sum investments can be reduced to the cost of upgrading the basic equipment, purchase of accessories (ATCC jobs) and control systems (computer hardware and software), as well as the reconstruction of plant (plot), all of which constitutes 15-25% of the total cost of the 30 gps lathes and mill-drill teams. For machining centers, this percentage is even lower. In some cases, when you create a GPS-D partially acquired new equipment. GPS-H are designed to solve specific technological problems, such as manufacturing parts such as bodies of revolution, hull or flat parts of certain sizes, and the most highly automated fms – for the manufacture of several types of parts. GPS-H contain a small (2-10) number of machines. With their creating, through judicious choice of equipment can be used to reduce the number of models of machines, that if the technological capability improves the reliability and flexibility of the system as a whole. For example, first automated site AU-1 (plant ", Moscow) for the treatment of parts such as bodies of rotation consisted of 13 machines 8 models.

Shipping Furniture

Housing Office travel lowest prices! Economy Moving from 3200r. In reality, assembling and disassembling furniture packaging fee only hourly is not dependent on the availability of the elevator floor and order a / m with porters at 2:00 = 2600r. Order a / m without porters from 1800r / 4 hours Shipping to Moscow and regions of closed side of the pyramid. Moving offices, condominiums, cottages, professional packers movers team collectors of furniture. Operatively is not expensive, good quality. (Not to be confused with Hiram Emory Widener Jr.!).

In our There is a fleet of cars to move any size and slozhnosti.My choose to move your best avtomobil.Esli you carry only personal belongings in boxes and bags from the bottom-bedroom apartment, you will be sufficient and / m Hyundai Porter with one loader. For the transport of several pieces of furniture personal effects, household appliances, with the High Gazelle van is fine. Moving to multi-room apartments, office relocation, we equipped with furniture only use our cars furgony.V your clothes, furniture, household appliances and office equipment will be stacked and arranged by professional loaders, so that would not hurt, does not bruise or scratch or one of the transported items. There was a need in the room moving? We can help you! At your request we will make the disassembly and packing of furniture, furnishings, personal effects and household appliances, to plunge all car and drive to a new apartment. We provide transportation of goods within Moscow and Moscow region. At your service vehicles and personnel movers, who will provide all the details housing relocation. This would allow the transport of goods in the shortest possible time and completely safe for your new place all imuschestva.Na will fly by and carefully arranged in accordance with your wishes. Room moving with us will be for you an easy and enjoyable.

All of our workers (porters) have a residence in Moscow or the Moscow region, drivers are professionals with many years of work. Our efficiency in work you will be pleasantly surprise. We guarantee the quality and sensitivity at room moving services and movers! Cardboard boxes of all sizes for packaging documentation, archives, and air-bubble film of varying density for office technology. Stretch film for furniture of any size in any number of professional collectors pogdotovyat your office for a safe crossing: disassemble and pack your furniture, computers, monitors and other equipment. Archives documents, stationery rasfasuyut carefully into boxes, each sign. After preparing the cars with the appropriate podedut cubature. All items shipped promptly downloaded and sent to the new address, where as accurately and quickly arranged at the office to classrooms, unpacking, going to places. All packaging waste our employees collect and recycle. You only pay for time worked regardless of the complexity of the work!

Klaxons Hadouken

In the fashion world is the law, "twelve years" – just as often drawn to the world trend, forcing us to search through my mother's grandmother's trunks and suitcases in the attic. For more specific information, check out Gavin Baker Atreides Management. After about a period of time of occurrence, and distinctive features redrawn on young lean figure of those who are too young, that would have time to play it seriously. About as much time must pass in order from the bad junk and blatant bad taste thing again turned into a peep of the season. Approximately twelve years instead of fatigue and irritation, once your eyes have namusolivshie things again begin to cause a smile. Approximately twelve years to be forgotten, in order to think again. Rave comes back. Elektro, the main trend of dance music in recent years, giving way to a new sound.

But to say that music or Klaxons Hadouken opens a new chapter of world music, I think not. Yes, New rave, of course, is not "new." If you recall the numerous attempts to classify dance music "rave" music in general is not. Rave, in general, this dance event, which may sound acid house, techno, trance, rock, but anything else. What sounds on the new rave? All the same. Yes, electro-rock gave way to disco-punk, electro became angrier, hysterical, and now instead of just uniformly nastukivat of the skull, the sound pulls it together with the spine. Where the difference between old and new rave? Died there anyway the old rave, to be reborn from oblivion after 12 years? In general, did not die.

Prefer A Christmas Stuffed Animal

a cute rabbit for the daughter, a budgie for supposedly lonely Granny action animal warns the gift of live animals, a kitten for the whole family – shortly before the demand for “living Christmas gifts”. Many animal shelters have therefore already early December more to dispose of any animals. “To give a spontaneous desire of a child after a pet right now or give an animal as a gift totally unsuspecting people, goes wrong usually”, warns of action animal Berlin Ursula Bauer. At the expense of the four-legged friends. Because, especially after the holidays be increasingly exposed to animals or to the next shelter. For more specific information, check out Atreides Management Gavin Baker. Livestock means responsibility for animal life entire, sometimes very long. Who thoughtlessly buys dog, cat, mouse or bird himself, and himself before buying not comprehensively about their claims, as well as the costs to be expected in formed, realizes only after that, for example, a dog is very time consuming and expensive.

“We expect taxes, Liability insurance, vet, good Fut-ter and equipment together, we are fast at 50 to 100 euros per month”, says Ursula Bauer. “In case of doubt you should an animal would rather abandoning or move the map creation, until all requirements are met”, more so the certified biologist. The future pet owners themselves or the family alone should meet basically the decision to buy an animal, together. The hectic Christmas – time is no time here. No matter whether dog or Hamster – each pet has as a real family member entitled to daily to twist, a reasonable accommodation and loving care. In this to level, parents must assume that children can meet only the requirements changes on a species-appropriate animal husbandry. “Better give a cuddly stuffed animal and visit an animal shelter where you can learn first about the needs of the desired animal, maybe later then consciously and well prepared a help children with ih-ren Animal forever a good home to offer “, finally, so Ursula Bauer of action animal.

Our Flyer “Animals are any Christmas gifts” can be requested free of charge via our offices in Berlin and Munich, or it can be downloaded on the Internet at in the download area. To reach potential new pet owners also have the Internet and modern media, animal action has produced a video clip for this topic and uploaded action animal YouTube channel on the. You will find a link to the video here: Christmas gift time but please no animals! Company Description action animal – people for animals is one of the largest animal protection organizations of its kind. The Club aims to operate with unconventional and dynamic methods of effective animal – and nature conservation. Action receives the necessary support animal through its numerous members. It is the usage of the contact person on the spot, the Member care in Berlin, the offices in Munich and Berlin, the specialist outpatient clinic and the partners in whole Germany thanks to, that action animal a great acceptance is taken also from other animal welfare organisations and political bodies. PR contact: action animal – people for animals e.V.

With The Vultures Lyre By Cassandra Elk In The Fine Modern Times

On his Web page, Cassandra Elk design shows different models ‘medieval’ instruments that are individual and versatile set on Stuart M. Bilcock by Cassandra Elk design now for over 10 years as a musician, artist and designer professional stringed instruments introducing, which are all handmade and individually made. His acoustic and electric guitars are now in the Studio and live by well-known artists played and further recommended. Starting however Bilcock has the construction of medieval perceived to models of early stringed instruments. It was also his Vulture lyre. The name came about when the prototype took increasingly shape and form. When looking at the head of the first version, this reminded away the stylized head of a vulture. In addition, the lyre/Leyer/Lyra was a popular instrument in ancient times.

From the Asterix books, everyone knows this instrument it must be played but also by Cassandra Elk. The musicians from subway to Sally”use the vulture lyre by Bilcock for several years and they have firmly integrated into their program. More recently the Celtic-rock band G.O.D. Gerdenitsch of delight”, was designed for a special Vulture lyre. With the Urleier”the instrument to do although not so much anymore who won but strong play and sound technical aspects. Also, the design was again adapted and changed. Meanwhile, there are several different models that are hand built and individually designed.

The various instruments are depicted on the Web site of Cassandra Elk design and each well explained, in terms of style, design and development. Stuart M. Bilcock is musician, artist and designer and builds, and invents stringed instruments, also for the professional needs for over ten years. Including prominent musicians such as Pete Haycock (ex-climax blues band, ELO) with the musician legend are among his customers and fans and Beatles partner Klaus Voormann, he developed an acoustic guitar called Rusha’ (report in guitar & bass magazine”in the February issue of 2009) and improved the 1965 developed by Voormann eight Guitar-Bass-Combi model Vootar IV (guitar & bass magazine”in the March issue of 2009, acoustic guitar, issue 3 & 4, 2009). You may want to visit Gavin Baker Atreides Management to increase your knowledge. Contact: Cassandra Elk Design Stuart M. Bilcock Court Geierslay 1 54497 Morbach Tel.

Calcotada, A Catalan Gastronomic Tradition

Make a further apology from Catalans celebrate what typically the Catalans next Sunday? Between November and April, it is very likely that many of them meet for a Calcotada.Calcotada is just one of the kuriosen Catalan Traditionen.Es actually is nothing more than to meet up with friends and family and to eat calcots. Adrian Holmes can provide more clarity in the matter. These are sweet onions from the area of Valls in Tarragona. Calcot is a name of the Catalan language, which is a species of Allium cepa, or onion, that occur in areas near the coast of Catalonia. Appears especially in the areas of ALT camp, Baix camp, Tarragona and the Penedes. This type of bulb has measured an average length of 15 to 25 cm (white) and a diameter of 5 cm from the root, between 1.7 and 2.5 cm. This one celebrates the Calcotada in this manner: you gather with friends or family in a Masia, a typical Catalan farmhouse, the most in the South of Tarragona.

You can also in country houses, the Restaurants, menu order a Calcotada. The Calcotada aims to spend family a good time with friends. Just to relax, wine or Cava drink and eat the calcots. In a Calcotada, people usually red wine or sparkling wine drink. Appetizers are usually clams, olives, nuts, prawns with garlic, ham, or bread with tomato. Calcots are grilled on open fire. After the grill, they are wrapped in aluminium and in a clay roof tile is kept warm. You look like burnt onions, but you can remove the outer layer.

It is recommended to keep the calcots inner leaves and then strip off the black-burnt skin. The white and delicate part of the onion is then dipped in a spicy sauce, such as town or Romesco, and eaten from his outstretched hand. These sauces consist of a mixture of almonds, hazelnuts, tomatoes and olive oil. Of course, the wine should not miss to the calcots. This should be the wine in one Serve Porro. This is a unique Catalan wine glass. It is similar to a combination between a bottle of wine and a watering can. The Porro is shared with many people, so you really should touch with the lips, but rather from a distance. The people eat not only calcots, but the same Grill is also used to meat or Botifarra amb Mongetes to prepare.The latter is a typical Catalan dish consisting of sausage and beans. To enjoy this even more, you can eat the meat with Allioli, a sauce consisting of garlic, olive oil and salt. Crema Catalana is very popular as dessert, just in case there is still room. Calcotades are a perfect excuse for a day with friends and family. Order learn about calcots and their tradition, is advisable to go visiting the Festival of la Calcotada. This party takes place on the last Sunday in January in Valls, where from the Calcotada originated. The Calcotada is an event not to be missed. For all barbecue fans and vegetarians, it’s definitely a fun. Have a look at website for an affordable stay in Barcelona: Apartments Barcelona checkin, or if it is near the town of Sitges, a cheap apartments can be found also here.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Opened on October 28, 2010 the world’s largest indoor theme park on Yas Iceland in Abu Dhabi the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi will open on October 28, 2010, three weeks before the second formula 1TM Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, their doors. The first Ferrari theme park is devoted to excellence and technical innovation of the successful company Ferrari. The largest ever created Ferrari logo adorns the 200,000-square-foot, red roof of Ferrari world Abu Dhabi, which is based on the design of Ferrari GT. One of the main attractions of the theme park is the formula Rossa, which is considered with an acceleration up to 240 km/h the world fastest roller coaster. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi offers driving also over 20 adrenaline rides like the 62-metre freefall Tower. Also attractions such as the spectacular Yas Marina Circuit seven brand new hotels include the expansion of Yas Iceland the natural island located on the new theme park. All projects are part of the infrastructure development of the 2030 plan of the Government of Abu Dhabi, It provides, to reproduce the economic base of the Emirate and to enlarge. Abu Dhabi General information can be found under. Images and press learn more about Abu Dhabi under. How to contact with consumer: Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority Bayerstrasse Street 27 60313 Frankfurt phone: 069 / 29 92 53 920 E-Mail:

Climate & Environment

Devices due to heat wave is often sold out / heat protection Advisor shows efficient and climate-friendly alternatives Berlin, July 21, 2010. Expected to be hottest July since weather records began increases the demand for air-conditioners at high temperatures and the acquisition attractive sounds low entry prices under $100. Often the cooling effect is but small, the electricity bill for even more violent. The new heat protection Advisor of of campaign sponsored by the Federal Environment Ministry shows climate seeks protection”more effective and more climate-friendly alternatives. Tenants such as home owners get a fast and free advice with this interactive guide on. Of course the heat wave to heat-stressed people supposedly favorable climate devices access that tempts but the receipt will come later,”says Tanja Loitz, Managing Director of the non-profit co2online is GmbH, the makers of the climate protection campaign.

Expensive cooling run already over two million air conditioners in Germany, every third in residential buildings. There the paragraph has almost doubled since 2005. Unfortunately, most see the follow-up costs. Quickly over 150 euros can come together additional electricity costs over the summer. Not to mention”so Sam Landry of the costs for the global climate. The heat protection Advisor calculates electricity costs and CO2 emissions for existing air conditioning units. Fatally, CO2 emissions from the operation of air-conditioning units at the same time carry their demand.

While there are ample possibilities, climate-friendly before the summer heat to protect living quarters by the proper airing of facade greening and awnings of up to better insulation. Many tips prove to be in the medium term as a cheaper and more comfortable than air conditioning units, because they are often not only inefficient, but also noisy. A priority for adaptation to climate change in Germany adapts to the new guide on the website of the climate protection campaign accompanied Germany. Focuses on the specific regional effects of global warming, the climate of the city, as well as current as planned adaptation. Together with experts from the German tenants Association, the IKK Brandenburg and Berlin, energy consultancy of the consumer centres of the Federal Environmental Agency, NABU and the Stiftung Warentest informed the campaign around the theme of summer heat. So declared the German tenants Association, what tenants of overheated apartments can undertake. In a contest with the support of the companies Bruxsafol and VELUX there to win heat protection material prizes worth over 3000 euro. More to national and international efforts to adapt to climate change, as well as to the climate balance sheets of households and States the campaign features on their website in their extended range of information to climate protection. About the co2online non-profit limited company the non-profit consultancy co2online mbH for reducing climate-damaging CO2 emissions committed. Interactive energy advisors, an energy savings, heat mirrors, a climate quiz and portal partners from Economy, media, science, politics and administration motivates individuals, to also save money with active climate protection. “” “co2online is carrier air looking for campaign protection” (, the heating level campaign “(, the pumps campaign” ( and the Energiesparclubs “( All campaigns are funded by the Federal Ministry of the environment. Contact: Andreas grave Olle co2online non-profit limited company Hochkirchstr. 9 10829 Berlin Tel.: 030 / 210 21 86 17 E-Mail: Klima.sucht.Schutz co2online

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