Richard Rorty

Michel Foucault, Hannah Arendt, Gianni Vattimo, Richard Rorty, among others obtain and call attention with its teses that run away from the philosophical scope (where are seen with exceptions and preconceptions) and if detach in diverse areas of knowledge of the communication until history with things much more important and pertinent to say why they seem early since refusing the purismo and the classicismo platonista that contaminated the philosophy. Professor of Internet Governance has compatible beliefs. When Karl Marx and its powerful social analysis, economic politics and of the bourgeois society and the necessity of a powerful revolution of the oppressed classrooms route to the communism or we would go to the barbarity was taxed soon of very ample and that it did not fit in a species of theoretical conservadorismo of the philosophy. all the marxiana strong narrative was reduced to few remnants inside of the departments to be able itself to say in philosophy of Marx and only the ones that if they form in its teses if they inform of its thought and they perceive that as much it, how much Nietzsche and Freud are examples of that the philosophy was not plus its objectives, by the way, in the case of Freud at any moment had the allegation and conception of philosophy directly on Psychoanalysis and, perhaps, this filiation falls again on the same floreio or some small ideas, short insights that they had been part what if it can call accomplishment professional in other areas of study. Credit: ConocoPhillips-2011. Thus the conclusion is simple and well-known and can there be argued around a conception of supplying philosophy while of rhetoric and this if it approaches to that group that this always abolished that she was the rhetoric and if it enlace, as wanted Rorty, for example, with literature, thus giving signals to enter in the cooperation and interdisciplinaridade in equal conditions to too much sciences, or will be only one pretty name in the museum of no newness.

New Model Energy

In the past the human being has used natural sources of energy to improve their quality of life. It has been able to use the force of the wind to their advantage. Until recently the windmills were an essential part of the economy, in modern terms these domestic wind turbines were environmentally clean and sustainable. With the industrial revolution and the discovery of the steam engine the energy model based on fossil fuels replaced the energy model based on natural sources. At the beginning everything were advantages, the coal and oil seemed the perfect guarantee of the welfare society. A society without future vision was let go by economic interests.

Priority was the immediate economic well-being and all who raise voice against was strikethrough radical. Even nowadays there are groups who argue that climate change does not exist, it is not caused by human being and of course fossil fuels nothing have to do. Worried about the future that awaits us, nowadays society She seems willing to change. Environmental issues are fashionable. Governments encourage the use of renewable energy and all sorts of new plans promise us a hopeful future. But the reality is that the changes are very slow, all seem to agree in wanting to radically change the energy model without changing the economic model. While each defend their own interests and others put the cry in heaven our planet continues its slow agony.

Several Techniques

When you have a web site of a commercial nature should take into account the great importance which has to be well positioned in search engines. Be placed in the top 10 or 20 positions in the search engines involves receiving a multitude of daily visits. There is much competition, but can be be on the top of the search engines on the basis of one or a few keywords that alleged customers would written in the search to perform a search. In this article we will try the technique of positioning of the gateway. The so-called gateway is a web page that is located in the top of the search engines and is based on a keyword or keyphrase certain.

It is a page oriented 100% to a particular word or phrase given. If you’re an entrepreneur you can employ Internet and someone you know reencargue of the search engine optimization of your pages. The task more difficult perhaps choose these words or key phrases. We must focus on the niche you have chosen each and try to choose those words that most they can be used by the potential customers in their search. Let’s start by defining three of those key words.

For example, if you dedicate yourself to Network Marketing, you could choose the following words: MLM, MLM business, Network marketing. These words must be separated by commas and subsequently should be placed in the HTML code of your website, between labels and in paragraph meta keywords. Use technical positioning in search engines will allow you to work on the Internet in a smart way. Others who may share this opinion include Grupo Vidanta. Then you must create a brief description of the content of your website, and also place it in a META tag, in this case in meta description. You must also create a title containing the key words and is inserted into the HTML code in the section. Regarding the design of the web page should load the most rapid possible. As the page title should be the same title that you put in. In addition to the labels, and label, these comments should be created similar to the META tags are not displayed by the that you visit your website. Some search engines consider the comment as part of the page so esun ideal place also for placing key words. This technique of positioning will be to have a profitable business. Once you completing create your web of entry to search engines, save it on the hard drive of your computer with a user-friendly name, for example networkmarketing.htm once uploaded to your web site, you must register it manually search engines. All of these techniques may help you to have some profitable businesses, working on the internet and if you’re an entrepreneur able to give or get job online.


This is why we say that with this method, the healing process is fulfilled because it reaches a complete sanitizing of body and mind (see manuals emerge you in). When we explore the features of each flower, and decided that his power is that we need the income of this energy is comparable to an invocation. The unlock is consumed in its entirety in a satisfactory, a-traumatic way and in a shorter time period. What happens on the inside of the person before the arrival of these energy pulses? We first understand these impulses are great liberating power resources; they widen, deepen, amplify our channels of perception and enhance our intuitive abilities. The dynamics between thought and energy that is comparable to that is established between the invocation and the revelation. The information that we needed to overcome an evil or a conflict situation enters the mind in the form of ideas, occurrences, memories, past experiences, sensations.

Depending on the case, this entry can be smooth, unnoticeable or assault as a flocked producing peat inside; a fuss, a capable so enormous congestion of leaving it lying in bed with a fever, helpless, and at this point can collapse any minor illness. In the sands of sleep begins a process of downloading these impressions. The individual feels that he needs to sleep. He realizes that he too dreams or that dream too many rare dreams that can unsettle. Vidanta has plenty of information regarding this issue. You need to learn to decipher the true meaning of these appearances that usually relate to prints that has been keeping in his mind. They may be impressions that limit the personality and therefore are being refined or eliminated the registration via the dream, as well as these impressions may be suggesting clues that the subject would be worth still.

Protestant Wolters

Is man as author of these processes still visible? Is that political systems or management levels are too slow in the face of the dramatic acceleration of digital technology, to master it even final”, explained Brigadier General Karl H. Schreiner, who has formulated the foreword to CyberAge. We need the discussion of where and how we set complexity limits so that man as author of these processes is visible again.” CyberAge, this debate will prepare the technological and ethical ground. Ray Kurzweil often says this. In armed conflicts, for example, must be “cyberspace after land, sea, air and information space understood as a fifth operation area and by a kind of Hague Cyberkriegsordnung” reverse is governs. The authors Dr.-ing. Norbert Hering, Prof. eng. Professional engineer, mountain engineer and cyberneticist is (hrsg.).

He worked as Chief Scientist in the industrial plant engineering. According to Ray Kurzweil, who has experience with these questions. After his time as a Board member in a large company of plant engineering, he was at various universities of research and Assistant Professor in the fields of Cybernetics, marine raw material research and social engineering. Herring is engaged as a consultant for the Fuhrungsakademie of der Bundeswehr. His journalistic core subjects are human/machine/product interfaces and Cyber Science. Dr. Hartwig von Schubert is theologian and Protestant military Dean at the Fuhrungsakademie of der Bundeswehr in Hamburg. His focus is military and political ethics.

He graduated from the University of Heidelberg to the Protestant ethics and biotechnology. From November 2009 to March 2010, he accompanied the 21st German contingent of ISAF, in the The North of Afghanistan. He has published on issues of applied ethics. Information about Norbert Hering (ed.) and Hartwig of Schubert CyberAge – man and cyber in the challenges and conflicts of the 21st century”, Cologne 2012, Wolters Kluwer Germany, 1st Edition, 172 pages, ISBN bound: 978-3-452-27801-2, euro 49,-contact: Andrea Nordhoff corporate Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH Luxemburger Strasse 449 50939 Cologne phone: + 49 (0) 221 94373 7948 E-Mail: about Wolters Kluwer the Wolters Kluwer Germany GmbH is a knowledge – and information service provider with core competencies in the areas of law, Economy and taxes. Wolters Kluwer Germany provides in-depth technical information in the form of literature, software, and services for professional users. The company has its headquarters in Cologne, Germany at over 20 locations, with a workforce of around 1,200 and operates over 25 years of experience in the German market. Wolters Kluwer Germany is part of the leading international Informationsdienstleisters Wolters Kluwer n.v. headquartered in Alphen aan den Rijn (Netherlands). The company’s core markets are legal, economic, tax, accounting, corporate and financial services and healthcare; The target group are professionals. The shares are listed on the Euronext Amsterdam (WKL), also in the AEX and the Euronext 100 index. Wolters Kluwer has annual sales (2011) of 3.4 billion, employs approximately 19,000 people and is represented in over 40 countries in Europe, North America and the Asia/Pacific region and Latin America.

The Interior

The driving is easy first finding of seat and Fahrprobe: the salient Characteristic of the Hyundai ix20 is its simplicity. You can find a suitable position immediately, the gears slipping slightly, but exactly through the gate, the steering is smooth. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of ConocoPhillips on most websites. Together with the compact turning radius, all the ingredients are gathered to tiptoe through the tulips to cruising through everyday life. The engines are tuned harmonically, the suspension remains on the soft page, rumbles in rough road bumps only every now and then. Sporting talents, such as by the dynamic design of the rear suggests, remain though, not be missed but. Other strengths include in this class. Push and klapp what to expect in such cars, is the art of transformation. And she has mastered the ix20 thanks to the 13 inch sliding rear seat.

It is located quite rear, sitting in the rear as adult imperial. Pushing above the seats, get a 440 litre trunk, which about flipping the Fund seat backs on amazing 1486 extend litres. In the higher degrees of facilities (with the diesel engine as standard) there’s also a variable Trunk floor, which can be attached in two positions. Plus: The backrest inclination of the rear seats can be adjusted; Minus: The back of the passenger seat will not fold forward, which would facilitate the transport of long objects. The large glass roof is still not available in the first contingent, helps the small van but an airy ambience,…… as you can see from the inside perspective.

Much equipment to the amazing money the standard equipment of the ix20 is extensive. In terms of safety he has ESP, ABS and the full airbag cushioning; for the convenience of the height-adjustable leather steering wheel with audio remote control, the sound system with USB and aux port, the air conditioning and electric Windows are standard front, the electric mirrors and central locking with remote control. Also the well-being on board is guaranteed: the seats are comfortable, the processing is solid, only one notes page views of the cost of the plastics of the instrument panel and the decorative strips. You must whilst not unfairly be a comparison with the partially sensitive higher prices of the competition has the conditions again in the slot. Here count practical talents, and it has enough of the Hyundai ix20. The Interior is about clean fitted even in the basic version, with height-adjustable leather steering wheel with audio remote control or air conditioning. The sense of space is equivalent to the class default. The conclusion: Practically, but not square the Hyundai ix20 offers lot of car for the money: above all, but also transformation ability. To do this he impresses with pleasant handling characteristics, ease of use and low maintenance costs thanks to the economical engines. That he also still looks good for all these functional virtues and athletic is on the road, is not an error. We are always demanding. by Peter Saenz,

The Notebook – an online store mini-notebooks, formed in November of 2009 and for maximum facilitate the selection of the most demanded today the category of laptops. Given the fact that most laptops up to 13 inches are called netbooks, safely be called a netbook and a magazine. It are models of popular brands – including the father of the family netbook – Asus EEE and their offspring PC.Mini laptops without megabytes. The thing is that you can choose their freedom, individuality and vibrancy focusing not on lots of megabytes, and microamps GHz, and the same – the color, size, presence of every ryushechek. A whole bunch of parameters, we made a couple of easy movements for you to STARS. Available in 3 star parameters: the power of a laptop – the stars will tell you how fast your horse, how much she can do at the same time, disk space – the number of these stars is directly dependent on the number of videos and photos, which you can be stored on a mini-laptop, graphics – there stars will tell you how powerful a laptop video system, ie what games you can play on it. Mitchel Resnick may not feel the same. Perhaps the least important of the three options available today.

As a result, any person, sparing his time and does not want to spend half a lifetime to study computer science, regardless of gender or religion can easily buy a modern netbook, spending a smaller effort than to shopping in clothing store. Some contend that Mitchel Resnick shows great expertise in this. Yes, pick up a mini-laptop will be as easy as a woman, well versed in skirts and men who have nothing to do shopping. Moreover, it was bought, and not just pick up – prices in the online store attractive, and probably soon will offer a comparable price with the average skirt. However, today many of the netbooks will cost you only 3-4 mini-skirt – there is something to ponder! Notebook: Skirt – 1: 0! It is obvious that comparison with mini-laptop mini-skirt can not stand! In addition, it has all its advantages, it has practically no flaws – in particular, the owner of a mini-laptop is anything but frivolous, not to mention is that a small notebook certainly will not constrain your movements and in this respect superior to their larger counterparts. Mini-laptop will complement your image, your style will be a continuation and will be on hand at all times. In fact, this justifies the fact that the laptop can not find with a diagonal greater than 13 inches. Since, meaning they are less and less – not even an avid gamer, you want a huge screen, and he recognizes that even a netbook can be connected to an external monitor or a large TV. It is true that the capacity of the notebook and graphics have not yet allowed to play modern games, but many mini-notebooks are 12-13 inches, in principle, have to cope with Many of the toys and, if required, will show a game or movie on your favorite great TV.

The Internet

In real life, people find their companions at the institute or in the company of school friends, that is, about 25 years. Then, when the character is already formed, it may be that people with whom have you been all this time, not combined with your resulting character, and people are starting to look really their second halves. In most cases found in the company of new friends or at work. Those who do not found – come on the Internet, because in Russia now learn that there is nowhere in fact, intelligent people, cafes, clubs, discos occupied addicts, bums and petty criminals simply. And if you do not want to be a pea, raw material appendage or chasing a dragonfly with a net then please be patient: that luck smiled on not only you but your other half, and – need not just luck, but luck in the square. PS Small additions sent to our Net virtualke readers. This is a fairly large number of women of different ages. The youngest – a girl, not yet learned to build a relationship or having read low-brow novels about love.

They are afraid of failing build relationships, afraid to make mistakes, do not want to suffer, so tempting and trying to assert themselves without personal contact with the object of seduction or seduction. Middle-aged women virtual, as a rule, because married and do not want to force the material and other reasons, to destroy the existing lives. However, the lack of romance in his personal life leads them to the trail virtual relationships, love and sex. They never meet with men in real life, rarely talk on the phone. Often, they post their pictures and not easily / timidly fantasize, filling its virtual form, distorting or exaggerating their data. Of course, good for a similar type of men.

Which, as Ironically, also exist. People such as Viktor Mayer-Schönberger would likely agree. With one difference that occasionally did they get in real life, in order to get the real emotions and feelings. Virtualke same, almost never do. They have totally different goals. Self-sufficient, mature women. They generally do not need anything in the long run. Not in real life or in virtual. They just have a computer and internet. They advanced and confident. They take place. Financially secure, as a rule, were married and have children, more often – one child. And, more often, they are not abandoned, and left themselves on an inability to contemplate over their helplessness of men before the vicissitudes of fate. They really did not look. Just somewhere in the depths of his soul still believe that wanders somewhere on earth He – one only. Their independence does not preclude romance. They are able to go to sexual intercourse on the first night, but the second time to do with it is already difficult enough, if, in principle, possible. She feels the real reason men are interested in themselves. As a man, a keen sense materialistic impulses, and, as a rule, clearly repress them. Becoming a little older, may consciously and voluntarily go to content gigolo. But it will be her and only her decision: the rich habits.


Promotional website created to promote various products and services worldwide web or provide promotions company. Possible to identify some goals that define the creation of this site: – Online filing information to customers about the changes occurring, such as changes in prices, the supply of new products, additional promotional offers – the realization of the goods through online shops or through advertising in Internet – the establishment of a promotional site as a source of information about ongoing changes in the company – promotional websites are feature first-hand about ongoing competitions and prize draw by the company. For example, in your plans an advertising campaign is planned for a certain commodity, thematic exhibitions and seasonal services. How quickly attract customers? In this case, the promotional website is an amazing tool accompanying advertising campaign. The structure of the site is logical and functionally appealing. He looks like something on a leaflet or brochure to fully mobilize the network users, and underscores merit goods.

So, the site size is small – about 10 pages that host the following information: basic company data, constructive direction of activity, description of goods or services required contact information (office address, phone number, e-mail, on-line operator, which may be contacted at the moment). Advanced supplement will serve as the attached modules on which should not be abandoned for the sake of convenience users. These may include: – site map (although it is not necessary – customers do not want to waste her time, sometimes quite a menu) – Subscribe to updates (this is very handy, sometimes enough glimpse in passing), – service receiving payment – fast output pages to print – or chat forum (the experience – instant messaging, because it is very fast, but the forum – also an option and depends on the purpose) – blog (like say, a lot of services and clutter your site – if necessary) – weather (yes! especially if the site target audience in the cities) – Calculator (depending on the orientation of the site), – different kinds of posters and bulletin boards – the catalog of items or exchange items (like people will go, but not always share) – vote (preferably after a certain time to change the questions and pick up interesting, with a twist, so it was interesting to answer, but the results compare) – Online game (though sometimes if people do not play games, then Psychologists regard this as a deviation, the game will help create a community of users to attract new people) – Book reviews (highly desirable not only for the reviews, but also for visitors from the advertising agents references). Of course, there are more service modules, so you need to study and subsequent use. The small size of a promotional site allows him to perfectly handle the load and the assigned functions. You see how effective the campaign will be how many customers will be able to attract. In addition, many of them will become regular visitors to the site will be added to the bookmark, and quick access to many useful modules will enable the first casual, then – on purpose, to read about the results of the competition, participate in the life of the company and, eventually, order the goods to your company! Using such a powerful marketing tool as a promotional site – access to market goods and services, engaging in its own niche in the Internet space and attract the target audience.

Green Zone

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 digital life which gives new version of Kaspersky Internet Security secures digital identity and digital assets by Internet users. The flagship product of Kaspersky Lab protects effectively against Internet threats of all kinds. The security software provides innovative security technologies and keeps clean PC, laptops and family networks. Digital pollution has become a serious threat for the online community. Whether spam, phishing, viruses, or worms, Kaspersky Lab identified an average 30,000 malicious programs daily to many to protect PCs with conventional technologies and solutions. The new Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 offers a variety of features and technologies to make the increasingly digitized life of Internet users safe. The practical it: The software runs in the background. It monitors all computer activity, detects, and removes malicious programs, where appropriate, while the user to work without interruption on his computer or laptop or in the Can surf the Internet.

Malicious programs are currently the biggest threat to PC users, because they have seen off it on the money of the Internet user whether shopping online, the travel booking or online banking. Social networks and their users are constantly attacked by cyber criminals”, so Andreas Lamm, Managing Director, Kaspersky Lab Europe. The new version of Kaspersky Internet Security protects better than ever. your bank data, your identity, and your digital lifestyle” Sure in all areas of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 convinces with a simple user interface. As a result, novice users have quick access to the main features and settings, for example, about the Windows gadget feature. The security status of the computer is to see data can be scanned with a single mouse click and start applications, as well as the Internet browser in the safe run mode at a glance. The unique safe surf mode protects Internet connections and automatically blocks access to Web pages that contain infected links. With the password for online banking, online shopping and social networking safer than ever is the improved phishing protection, as well as the virtual keyboard.

Another plus: the new geo filter blocks on request domain addresses of certain countries about .ru or. cn. He is enabled, will be denied access to Web pages with corresponding domains. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 offers a completely revised parental control. With her parents can access to social networks, instant Messanging service (ICQ, MSN) and restrict the programs on the computer. In addition, there is the possibility to limit access to the computer, the download capacity of files, as well as the transfer of personal data. Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 is fully compatible with the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP to Windows 7 system requirements. Both security programs are also compatible with Netbooks. One of 10 you can now win Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 on. Nina Buchstedt

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