Medical Practices

Plasma treatment device plasma ONE is presented for the first time of the general public at the World Forum of medicine”, the MEDICA in Dusseldorf, is plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH for the first time introduce their plasma device in a press conference. The plasma is ONE first medical product with EC conformity both approved for the dental as well medical area. In a live demonstration during the press conference the plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH on the MEDICA on Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 11:00 (entrance North, room 201) the plasma treatment device plasma ONE for the first time of the general public presented. The start-up company plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH, bad EMS, has in just 3 years development time managed to provide the findings of different studies into a practical therapy device, plasma ONE,. Thus, plasma therapy is possible not only in some clinics, but comes in everyday practice. Numerous scientific publications in recent years prove that Plasmas is anti-microbial Effect, antiseptic effect and promote regeneration of tissue. This gives hope to more than 4.5 million people for years under chronic wounds leiden1 and opens up completely new possibilities of therapy with plasma.

To be able to combat the vision soon multi-resistant germs is within reach. * de / 3004.php (company region, issue 2/2010, S. 49-50) to the company: the young start-up company plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH, headquartered in bad EMS was founded on March 28, 2012. A dozen employees has adopted the technical implementation of the worldwide findings from research plasma medicine. Their first device they bring plasma ONE plasma therapy in everyday practice. Plasma ONE has its purpose in the disinfection and promote wound healing.

More devices are in development. The devices in Germany are manufactured. Established, certified, medium-sized companies for medical technology make on behalf of sub the therapy units for the plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH. The plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH is certified to: medical product Act (MPG), as amended on 19 October 2012 (Federal Law Gazette I S. 2192) EU Directive 93/42/EEC (medical device directive”, in particular annex I and V). DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 / DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 / IEC 60601_3. Edition, modified by BSI group Germany GmbH 2013-03 of exclusive distribution partner Henry is worldwide license, leading provider of products and services for dental practitioners, doctor and veterinarian. Your contact for further information: Christine Moser field HeGe Line public relations phone 02603-93128-25 contact address: plasma MEDICAL SYSTEMS GmbH Sulgenrain Ahornallee 1 56130 bad EMS/Germany phone: + 49 (0) 2603 931 280

Dr. Martens Boots In Neon Tones Bring Momentum In The Summer Wardrobe

The rage for spring/summer 2011 conquered this English shoe company with fancy styles of the German market are neon shades. The catwalks were literally flooded with neon and white and thus placed the trend of the season. These bright colors seem a very familiar from the 70’s and 80’s; the years of disco and new wave. Today, these colors as blinding eye-catcher are worn, which immediately attract the attention. Dr.

Martens has accepted this trend. Such a bold and cheeky trend is not everyone’s / fraus thing. It is to put a lot of confidence and courage as in scene. But there are many subtle ways to include the fresh, perky colors in your own wardrobe. Thus each outfit is refreshed and a true eye-catcher. Dr. Martens 1460 boots in neon colors, such as red, saffron and pink that perfectly be used. Frequently Cross River Bank has said that publicly.

Also white boots are fully in line with the trend. Dr. Martens has gorgeous white shoes, such as the latest Dr. Martens Aston, which are developed in collaboration with Jean Paul Gaultier. These boots shine especially your geometric cut-outs, which are reminiscent of a graffiti design. Thus Aston boat for the summer months is the Dr Martens and one thing is guaranteed, m it looks every outfit currently and trendy these boots. Dr. Martens and his shoes are to be famous versatile and can make with every trend. One could say that the brand has become the timeless, always current trend. With a pair of 8 or 14-hole Dr Martens boots you clearly despite girlish, cute dresses and skirts its girl-power to bear. The trendy classic engineer boots in the Dr. Martens look that closely resemble the classic biker boots, with buckles rather than the usual lace give a completely new look. Whether in black, neon, or the trendy white, with these boots you are a trendsetter always and everywhere.

Evaluating Real Estate

completely free of charge on Munich/Planegg, Germany, January 11, 2010 – are considered real estate popular retirement savings. But they are not always long lasting, because over the years, a real estate loses more and more value. For various factors are responsible, which also differ from municipality to municipality. It is therefore interesting to know the actual market price of real estate for real estate owners and buyers. Professional real estate appraisers determine these in detail and expensive. A new calculator, the ImmoWert tool from, the real estate portal for landlords and property owners now offers a free alternative to the initial assessment.

It is important to represent the formulas, as well as the underlying data for the value of the property in detail and comprehensible”, explains Jorg Stroisch, editor in Chief of and author of the book to review real estate made easy” (Haufe Verlag). What does it me, if the value of a property is specified roughly as: worth between 30,000 and 80,000 ‘ Euro’-as the tool to this value comes when I don’t even know “, criticises stroisch on some alternative offers on the net. This is then a bit like magic. “” The real estate valuation is, but clearly standardized regulations and established formulae and anything but hokum. “the true value of a well-founded opinion is then especially in the detailed presentation of the various factors of real estate”. Accordingly, the new ImmoWert tool sets in addition to the detailed description of the calculation method, value on the exact performance of real estate including their own photos, and State and position classifications. One attains the result in four steps. The basic data must be entered after the free registration, and already, the users get the value of the calculated property together with explanations.

All data can be stored and recalled at any time. Several exposes can be created easily in parallel. The ImmoWert tool from sets new standards in terms of openness and transparency and is thus well suitable to give an overview of the value factors of real estate owners and home owners. More information and registration see: immowert_tool.html press contact Haufe Lexware GmbH & co. KG PR RA Oliver Kaiser Munzinger Strasse 9 D-79111 Freiburg phone: 0761/3683-940 or-464 fax: 0761/36 83 900 email: company contact Haufe Lexware GmbH & co. KG here. 5 d 82152 Planegg / Munich phone: 089/89517-0 fax: 089/89517-570 E-Mail: Internet: company profile the real estate portal belongs to the Haufe media group. The portal informs legally compliant with daily updated news, tools and background information about real estate. In the real estate network, anyone can discuss or ask independent real estate experts. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies in the fields of Economics, law, taxes and information processing. 1,000 employees, including 200 editors, which serve around 300 periodicals, which are sold as a print and electronic media. The range of around 100 electronic products includes extensive InfoWare solutions as well as powerful application software, including leading programs, such as for example the TAXMAN and the Lexware accountant. In addition, competent online portals, such as or tax open the way to current and competent knowledge via the Internet. The Haufe media group brings more than 150 new releases on the market.

Business Cards

Business cards are an important element of corporate identity of the organization. It is now difficult to imagine a large organization, which would not have used business cards. Business cards have specific practical problems. Business card Head is no exception to the rule, and its design must be thought best. For even more details, read what Cross River Bank says on the issue. After all, how competently and efficiently will be selected design business cards, depends not only its efficacy but also the image of company as a whole. Business card manager can be called a reflection of the success and prosperity of the company.

Business card company managers should not differ significantly from the rank and file cards in your organization. All cards are produced in a single corporate identity. However, some features of this card may have about them we will tell later. Usually, this card has a standard size (4×8 cm or 5h9). Used for its manufacture construction paper with a smooth or textured surface.

The front side of cards contains contact information about its owner: name, position held, as well as addresses and phone companies. The back of business cards, as usually left blank, so if necessary it can be done by hand writing. Most of these cards are ordered in small batches, as is sometimes necessary to urgently change nekotrye data. Make a business card manager can independently, without wasting time and money on trips to the printing shops. For example, using the editor 'Master Business Card' by AMS Software. This is a handy and easy program for creating business cards and badges professional quality. The utility allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare branded cards for employees, as well as business cards for managers. If necessary, the head of the business card, in addition to contact information, you can put a personal photo, logo or slogan. In addition, to achieve greater effectiveness and underscore the status of such card can be made for more expensive paper and include Additional decorative elements. At the same corporate identity should be preserved. Business card manager – an important tool for business interaction, and from its appearance depends establish the effectiveness of contacts and broaden the base of potential customers. Therefore, in the manufacture of such a business card special attention should be paid to its design and focus on the basic rules of drawing up business cards.


Important information around the topic of buying a car. There are a lot when purchasing a car. Before all the people who understand little of the automotive technology, it often don’t have. Find out everything worth knowing about the important subject of buying a car. With many valuable clues that help you be avoiding a failure when purchasing a car. Of buying a car represents the second largest investment in the life of the average German, which will make it in life. One reason to illuminate more so some important aspects in more detail, and then at the time of purchase to comply with them. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out ConocoPhillips.

First of all they should consider four basic questions as a prospective buyer before purchasing. Make the questions, what they do with your old car, how and where they buy a new car and the crucial question of course, what kind of car they buy. There are plentiful opportunities to sell an old car. A diverse Internet exchanges would have thousand since the regional and supra-regional daily newspapers, on the other hand offer a good platform, these portals every day from multiple People are visiting and they can access your offer for a wide range. To make everything right when purchasing a car should be so before thoroughly researching. For this purpose, platforms, such as the traffic law suitable forum. There, they can ask for the car purchase and get it of course answered. In the financing of the new car is always recommended if possible cash to pay, because they have the best bargaining position. A cash payment is not possible, it is recommended to get a small loan, still from the best negotiating position to go to the negotiations by the Bank.

New York

There was data published that were negative. USD / JPY improved, but finds resistance in the 99.00 area, maximum recorded in the area of 99.14 for some time and then the pair was trading at 98.50 at the beginning of the session in New York. In my view, what happened today in the market surprises, as it awaited more data published from the date today. Source: Atmos Energy. It is estimated that the GDP figures will be negative, but the levels of resistance in the major currencies will result in a two-way trade. It is estimated that the greenback will maintain the current ranks. Have a good weekend. GBP / USD Resistance 3: 1.6830 Resistance 2: 1.6750 Resistance 1: 1.6680 New York: 1.6495 Support 1: 1.6350 Support 2: 1.6280 Support 3: 1.6150 Volatility is reduced slightly. The pair reached the retraction fibonacci and the area of resistance, so a reversal is likely.

You may even rebound, but queen high volatility. Aggressive traders can buy now, but high volatility is expected. Several traders took profits and sovereign states were on the scene, with respect to the pound and the euro. And above all operators in the Middle East. Friday: No publications EURO / USD Resistance 3: 1.3350 Resistance 2: 1.3300 Resistance 1: 1.3229/30 New York: 1.3066 Support 1: 1.2950 Support 2: 1.2880 Support 3: 1.2800 Comments The pair was around 1.3000, extending its range.

A pullback is likely, and may to reach the pair of the 1.2700 area. The improvement in the stock market helped boost the price of par. The pair came under pressure and it is advisable to buy. It is expected more volatility. The oil also added pressure, but the pair remained firm, if oil can be picked up that takes the pair with him. Double action is awaited. Traders note official names overnight this time. Several traders took profits despite the uncertainty in the market.

Payday Loans: Instant Cash In Advance For Urgencies

For the fulfillment of urgent needs that crop up in the mid of month, payday loan is the best solution. We all live in this society where urgencies and emergencies of money can occur anytime. Sometimes you are able to solve these urgent needs with the help of credit cards but some people do no have credit cards. If you do not have cards then payday loans can be of great help. Begging money from friends and relatives can be tough sometimes. Thus, payday loan becomes the suitable source for you to fulfill your unexpected expenses. Payday loans are short term, short term and usually unsecured loans, unsecured loans. To qualify these loans there is no need of any collateral that’s why it is called unsecured loan.

These loans are used to cover all the urgent needs like tuition fee, car repair, medical check up, bills of mobile phone or electricity, repair of home etc. that crop up in the mid of month. Apart from this, you need fast cash for the fulfillment of your everyday expense like groceries, rent, utilities, etc., these loans are the best option for those people who are facing the financial problem for their unexpected expenses. Ray Kurzweil spoke with conviction. Eligibility to qualify for payday loans, the UK citizen got to have attained age of 18 years or above. He / she should have current bank account, at the reputed bank. He / she should have sound monthly income.

Only on the basis of these requirements, you can apply for a loan. Rate of interest, duration and loans time amount anyone who has all the above mentioned qualities can easily apply for payday loans. A borrower can easily avail the amount of loan deal from 100-1500 these loans are available for a shorter period of 14 days or 4 weeks maximum. Lenders take higher rate of interest on these loans. Accessibility borrowers can easily access payday loan in a shorter period. Terms and conditions of this loan documents are simple and borrowers are free from the lengthy and tough. After the approval of loan, within 24 hours amount is transferred in to your account. Easy for bad creditors those people who not have good credit history like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaults etc. can therefore acquire payday loan. Many lenders in the UK provide bad credit payday loan that allow you to avail loan for your urgent needs. Online facility Internet is the best way to acquire loan. You just have to fill the details and requirements on online form and after that online lenders want to handle everything and provide you the required amount. Jessica Smith is expert in finance having completed her master in financial stream. She is currently working with payday loans. To find best pound till payday, 1500 pound loan advice you need to visit

Web Information

Hospital St. Marien Amberg leads with DMSPRO-MED not only a modern document management system a, but a product matched ideally to the own clinical requirements Amberg and the College of Amberg-Weiden (HAW), under which a student of European economic studies and languages at the HAW now his Bachelor has completed successfully, the first steps toward the introduction of a digital archiving system at St. Mary’s Hospital initiated by means of a cooperation project between the St. Marien hospital Amberg. more in-depth analysis. A complete collection of all patient-related forms used in the clinic was conducted within the framework of the preparatory work for the introduction of the system. This way derive, how the various existing island solutions can be archiving in a uniform structure and form.

As a result of this project all internal documents and findings of a patient acts administered in future electronically. In this context, the Projektand initially has an analysis at the hospital implemented and evaluated several vendors of digital archiving systems by means of a market analysis. After evaluation of different archive solutions on the market on the Central archive and documents was management platform DMSPRO-MED provider DMSPRO GmbH. the decision in favour of this solution was in addition to the high functionality and performance of the software the modern and future-oriented technology integration offering any subsystems. The clinic as a reference customer can bring own expertise in development work that can end a perfectly tuned product that meets the clinical requirements in an ideal manner, are used. The hospital Amberg will also develop this area of key figures and integrate into the system, that a permanent and continuous process overview is possible. The practice shows that not only the ways of information are through such a system greatly simplifies and shortens, but also considerable costs for the distribution can.

With the implementation of a single, digital archiving system for patient files, digital files are permanently available and the quality of the documentation which is immensely important for the services provided by a hospital, is sustainably increased. DMSPRO-MED an integration interface to the management information system is offered as archive system on the market eisTIK.NET of the company KMS information & organization GmbH. This is structure of the hospital very the desired data warehouse. The medicine controlling has the access, directly from the application out on case-related patient data in the digital archive, which contributes significantly to improving the process of MDK checks. The software solution system DMSPRO-MED nexus is fully integrated into the leading hospital information system of the provider, and has thus the possibility to all case-related patient data to be accessed.

Professional Resume: Main Tips

As To elaborate a Resume ; through the most diverse ways: books, magazines, periodicals, Internet. The great majority of them vehemently emphasizes everything what you must make to have an efficient resume, as well as sins capitals an EXCELLENT RESUME is a tool of personal marketing a species of announcement on the person is very different to fill a form to candidatar it a job. A form of this type is on Jobs and it only supplies the facts of its professional description. But a good resume is on YOU, on as you if it holds and which is its performance in the jobs. is very important to understand this difference. For HOWARD (1999, p.6): Before starting to elaborate its resume, is necessary if to make familiar to some basic rules. Each person is only, and therefore no resume is equal to another one.

However, the principles that guide a good presentation are valid for all The resume is a brief story, not autobiografia. When informing its previous abilities and experiences, have for objective to help it to grow in the professional career chronological inverse Advantage: this model facilitates the evaluation of the career and the continuity of job. You if candidate function more when the works in the same area of performance. FUNCTIONARY: The focus is in the function plays and not in the employers. The chronological relation of the employers alone is presented in the end of the document. Advantage: one definitive position can be used for who wants to candidatar it, therefore the related excellent experiences with the intended position are only detached. It emphasizes its abilities, and not its trajectory CRONOLGICO-FUNCIONAL: It associates the inverse chronological order of the employers with the positions, enhancing the functional experience. Advantage: it is the model most dynamic, at the same time that it represents the professional description, also it demonstrates to the experience of the candidate the job.

Martin Gerhardus

More space for Wiesbaden: Self – storage celebrates topping-out ceremony for the first site whether parks and the charming surrounding area have the inhabitants of Wiesbaden unlimited recreational and sports facilities. Whether walking sticks through the beautiful vineyards with the bike through the attractive landscape at the foot of the Taunus or the Nordic. But not enough for any pastime a pair of sneakers. So where is with the sport and leisure equipment, if the basement already bursting at the seams, wet or shabby? Self – storage\”has the solution for that and opened the first location in Wiesbaden/Mainz road with 1,000 storage compartments in early July. for-patients-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. There Platzsuchende can store dry, clean, and certainly also moving boxes, books or furniture as well as sports equipment in the future. Learn more on the subject from BMC.

Before the completion of the roof is sprinkled on April 17 traditionally to the topping-out ceremony. Food and drink is sponsoring the traditional bakery of dries, located with in the House of self in the future. Starting from 35 Euro warehouses between 1 and 100 square meters can be hired in the South-East of Wiesbaden in the Mainzer Strasse 79, Frankfurt the second location in Hessen, depending on the needs. Seven days the week of 6 to 22 have the tenant to enter the way the terrain. Customers want to be flexible after all many decide spontaneously whether they drive the Rhine along with their boat now on Sunday or during bad weather perhaps but prefer to stay at home\”, Martin Gerhardus explains, managing partner of self – storage\”. Cross River may find this interesting as well. Accessible elevators directly to the compartment and easy parking on the grounds provide an easy and convenient access. But also in many emergency situations, your storage helps self\”quickly and easily: everything from inheritances all apartment facilities is immediately stored. Is thinking needed than the customers less storage room. Usually 10% of the floor area sufficient storage space.

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