Toy Stores

Going to the toy store, each of us remembers the days when all we could buy his parents to children – toys that multiseries production, and all families had a standard set of toys that do not differ particularly complex to manufacture and did not have the developmental characteristics. The peak of technical ideas in the production of toys, electronic games become primitive. Remember the game "Electronics" or "The Wolf and the egg"? Later toy market was inundated low-quality goods made in China, which was scattered through the day after use. Now specialized toy stores selection is so broad that at times you get up in deadlock. And your purchases can be limited only by the size of your wallet and imagination, and perhaps your child desires.

Today's children, as we are, immersed in a world of electronics and appliances and then simple machines, wooden modelka and kites will not do. It requires a heavy artillery – RC model cars, radio-controlled model helicopters and similar toys, created by last technology. After all those times when the machine moved only a rope, a long time have sunk into oblivion. Perhaps if our childhood was like toys, and it would be interesting and fun. Often, many parents that in his childhood of these toys have never heard, just do not know which toy the child will be suitable. How happy the child a new toy and make it so that its interest in acquiring in the near future has not died out: This will help you our advice.

Street Lights With LEDs

"We live in an era of high technology" – this phrase several beaten, but the very fact it does not cancel. One has only to turn around, it becomes apparent that the future of which we read fiction stories still some 15 years ago, has already come: alternative fuel sources, solar panels, street lights with LEDs, color screens on the phones, surpassing its resolving power tube TVs past generation. We live not just in the era of high technology, we are living during their battle for the most efficient use of energy consumed. The technology, which will be discussed below, one win in this battle already scored. It comes to LED-technology, which unequivocally dominates the market for LCD-TVs and monitors for several years now. But a victory it did not seem to be limited. LEDs are preparing a decisive blow now already in the sector of household lighting.

Lamps, lights, street lights with LEDs, signs – all of these lighting elements emitting diode (light-emitting diode, or LED) allows to achieve a record high timing life of the product, along with low power consumption, so do not be surprised to find near some shops or private homes, street LED lamps. It's not just the pursuit of something new. This is a deliberate and conscious step towards economy and efficiency of both electricity and money holder. Street lights with LEDs can last for much longer arc or discharge lamps, as well as significant way to reduce the electricity bill. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of LED-technology for example, all the same street lamps with LEDs. Two cores, as mentioned above: it is low power consumption and high durability. However, this matter is not limited.

Unlike any other, LED-lamps produce almost no heat, which allows you to confidently declare their fire. Such lamps do not create a heavy load on the grid, which is also their undeniable advantage. Due to low power consumption they can be installed even on suburban areas, where the quality of the input wiring, usually leaves much to be desired. In the street lamps with LEDs do not use any chokes and starters, which virtually eliminates the possibility of short circuit and fire. Simplicity Device LED-Lighting fixtures in this case is an undeniable advantage. Really a lot of pluses. Inadvertently pose the question: "Why such lamps are still not commonly used?". The whole thing in disbelief most people to something new, as well as in price. Until recently the cost of street lights with LEDs was significantly higher than the cost of similar models with other types of lamps. May play a role yet and that the fact that people tend to take into account only short-term costs, and does not take into account further savings in electricity, as well as replacement of lamps, which in the case of street lights with LEDs are simply not required. You can still speak at length about the advantages of LED-technology in the field of domestic lighting, lack of flicker and high color rendering, but to do it – still that extol the benefits of internal combustion engine to steam, or digital video to analog. In the world of high technology strongest survive, or rather the most rational, reliable and environmentally clean, and it seems that the LED preparing to win another landslide victory.

Lamborghini Ferruccio

Almost all of automotive history is built on individualism. Exalted Henry Ford, Enzo Ferrari, Ferdinand Porsche, Ettore Bugatti, Lamborghini Ferruccio not only founded the company's own name, but also embodied the enforce their personal views about the ideal vehicle. However, individualism departs when it comes to the legendary brand Maserati, created by six brothers, who for many years a model of technical excellence and unbridled power, the embodiment of collective engineering genius. Auto racing – the engine of progress in the children of Catholic parents, Rodolfo and Caroline had seven Maserati, but one of them died in infancy, and six of fate was destined to become the founders of the company, famous for his fast cars. Each of the brothers – Carlo (1881 born), Bindo (1883), Alfieri (1887), Mario (1890), Ettore (1894) and Ernesto (1898) – contributed to the fact that during many years is called 'style Maserati'. Passion for cars older brothers instilled Maserati Carlo.

He worked as a manager at the firm Junior, as well as engaged in the development of aircraft engines. His other passion was racing. Carlo attracted by the opportunity not only to taste of speed, but also to understand the limits of technical possibilities of cars in extreme conditions. For an engineer to the bone it was very important because the technology of that time did not are reliable. In 1907 Carlo Bianchi under the flags of the team takes part in competitions. Low-voltage circuit breaker cranky ignition system a few times out of order, and the young have to change his Maserati on the go.

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