Management Research

It fits to evaluate the tool that, inserted in a organizacional culture, brings resulted specific of collaborators, either in form of departmental information or information of the proper individual. Thus, I have the expectation to analyze the SharePoint tool, demonstrating through 0 variable as; to collect, to share information, communications, documents, to develop business-oriented ideas, planejamentos, and at the same time to receive information from members of the team through research on-line you personalized, will follow tasks and subjects with personalized lists. The changes that can present with the implantation and adequate use of the same one to favor the Management of the Knowledge by means of the contribution tool, SharePoint 2007. The idea is to unmask if the model tax for the tool really favors in the Management of the Knowledge and if the same one contributes in stages of the informacional and organizacional flow of the institutions. One of the main arguments for the tool it is the fact of it to allow, beginning, the access of a bigger number of users of an internal net. These will be able, certainly, to change information in clearer, fast and efficient way. For if dealing with a tip technology? where the product is being used currently at the same moment that we are arguing in research course? the national scientific community is primordial already to have contributions with subjects and elaboration of research being approached the subject. The methodology adopted for evolution of the research through the experience of the use of the tool of contribution Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and its practical applications of sharing of the knowledge in technology companies.

2. MANAGEMENT OF the KNOWLEDGE the identification of a globalizado and competitive market took the companies to search forms of if differentiating and becoming sustainable and competitive. The traditional economy only kept orientation with the resources that entered and the products that leave. .

Robotic Vision Applied

1. INTRODUCTION 1,1 History of the Robotics Since the primrdios of our generation the man comes creating things or objects to facilitate its day-by-day, developing tools to hunt, to prepare and to cultivate its foods, tools to defend itself, and for construction of its homes, rationing its time to be able thus investiz it in other activities or so that its work, and its life if become more easy, and that they satisfy its habits. With the discovery of the fire and the invention of the wheel, the man comes each time more evolving in its creations. We can cite a great growth and evolution of this with the development of weapons in the civilization Greek, and great mechanisms in the medieval age, after many years with the creation of scheme vapor for James Watt in 1769 for which this was an important handspike in the progress of industrial automation in the world, after these great ones you scheme and evolved mechanisms each time more comes being servant, to facilitate, to improve and to give more quality in the productive processes..

United States

Thus the Internet comes molding the virtual language, that can be found in sites with interactive programs, each one with its peculiarities and one particular writing, in this environment that influences the language through its members, use that it in its chats. The SITES OF RELATIONSHIP In way the diverse existing sites of relationship, the ones that possess registered in cadastre using greaters are the cited ones, with millions of users above registered in cadastre. Orkut, for example, is a social net filiada to the Google, created in 24 of January of 2004 with the objective to help its members to know people and to keep relationships, the initial target of orkut was the United States, but the majority of the users is of Brazil and India. In Brazil it is the social net with bigger participation of Brazilians, with more than 23 million users in January of 2008. Facebook, is a launched social net in 4 of February of 2004. The website possesss 750 million using users who create profiles with photos and lists of personal interests, changing private and public messages between itself and participants of groups of friends. The MSN, Messenger, is the biggest vestibule of the world with more than 250 million only users, spread for the whole world. Chats is ' ' the meeting point, the table of the bar, the bank of the square, where people of all the country if find for a descompromissado chat or nor tanto' '.

(STORCH; COZAC, 1995). In these sites the types of people are inserted all: children, adolescents, students, intellectuals, insane people, devoid psychological, engineers, pcs hacker, pilots of airplane, all in search of social contact each more difficult time in this war where if she became the life. But, informatoca this gift you do not append in the sites of relacionamente, this inclusa in diverse environments, one of them is the education.

Elizabeth Maria

In this Dowbor direction (1994, P. 122) it adds that, (…) front parallel existncia of this delay and the modernization, is that we have that to work ‘ two tempos’ , making optimum possible in the delayed universe which constituted our Education, but creating quickly conditions for one utilizao’ nossa’ of the new potentials that appear. Therefore, the technology starts to adentrar the educational spaces, pertaining to school naformao of supervisors and overseers, in the contextualizada action nasexperincias, practical knowledge and. these, in turn, have aoportunidade to insert the technology in practical its, resell and reelaborando it, placing this practical as focus of the proper formation. The supervisors einspetores are formadores and partners of the educators, with which compartilhamprticas and reflections. In this boarding formaoque is about one if it develops natransversalidade of the resume; he interrelates formation-action, action-reflection, reality-content, man-machine, art-technology, theory-practical.

As the Prado (1993, p.99) (…) the learning of a new referencialeducacional involves mentality change (…). Change of values, conceptions, ideas and, consequently, of attitudes is not one mechanical act. Umprocesso is reflective, depurative, of reconstruction, that implies in transformation, and to transform means to know. Concluding, the technology cannot be ignored by the education and, muitomenos for that in the educative space they have the function of assisting to think to erepensar the pedagogical changes making possible that the school is not espaodesconectado of the sociocultural reality of the present time. The supervisor and pertaining to school oinspetor need to recognize the technology as to assist in the processoeducativo and, mainly, the process of continuous formation of the eeducandos educators, in way that is possible, in the educative space, to use to advantage odesenvolvimento for the construction and rework to know necessary to the aoeducativa. REFERENCES: ALMEIDA, Elizabeth Maria. Computer science and Formation of Professores.Braslia/DF: Parma publishing company, year 2000 (vol.2).

Table Activities

We will initiate the actions on the basis of the raised priorities, and will create a system to take care of to the actions proposals, if it deals with a flow that describes activities responsibilities, each collaborator to carry through the actions of its responsibility with support, so that if it does not lose during the passage of implantation of the actions. This tool we call DRA (Diagram of Net of Activities), with the objective to generate a flow of linked activities, in a logical sequence, where the activities do not pass to the following activity, without it has finished the activity previous. The responsibilities are commanded by individual, that has stated periods for the deliveries based on the target of the project, can generate a diagram of nets of activities (DRA), that it is a graphical target with the activities, responsible stated periods and. The accompaniment of all is very important the activities that you compose the DRA, is basic that the stated periods are followed faithful so that let us can fulfill the cronograma definite. The variations must give treated immediately, to minimize the impact in the implantation of the actions. The DRAs can be extended the too much activities raised in the Table of Priorizao, of agreement with the availability of investment in the project, since all the raised actions are important for the project, remembering that all the actions must be argued in team, and the inclusion or not of plus an action for treatment, must be of common agreement eats team of the project. After the implemented actions in accordance with its intentions, we must have accompaniment of the actions to verify its real pontecialidade, that is, if the result is really the waited one for the team. It does not advance to insert action for the improvement of a process or service, if not to exist periodic accompaniment with presentation for all involved in the activities and the too much teams of support, being proven or not resulted waited them.

Capacity One

Not being that one its initial objective, can be come back and be remanejar its commands. It is a process of go-and-comes constant of the ideas. This not only brings resulted in the cognitivo side, as well as in the affective one, also working its auto-esteem. The capacity to make intuitivas assumptions and logical analyses of these intuitions demonstrates to some of the periods of training and used mechanisms for the brain during the use of some program, being considered an open software. According to Brave (1998), ahead of a situation problem, the apprentice has that to use all its cognitiva structure describing for the computer the steps for the resolution of the problem, using a programming language.

The description of the resolution of the problem goes to be executed by the computer. This execution supplies one ' ' feedback' ' only of what he was requested to the machine. The apprentice will have to reflect on what she was produced by the computer; if the results not to correspond to desired, the apprentice have that to search new information to incorporate the program and to repeat them to it the operation. Softwares closed is those where it does not have intervention of the child, only participation in the actions already previously established. In them, we find games and challenges. We cite as example the game, where it generates pleasure and interest, at the same time it assists in the acquisition of the self-knowledge, teaches to deal with symbols and to think for analogy. The child starts to understand rules and to deal with them. It works the formation of concepts and development of abilities for the construction of meanings, stimulating the curiosity and the inquiry, by means of different ways of representation. Therefore, the game is an important didactic instrument that can and must be used in the institucional education.

Barreto Rasps

It currently comumente is more comumente used as tool of research, leisure, entertainment, work and available to one alone click, therefore having, to be seen with good eyes, if mainly used communication all in rational way and not in way consumista. In the scientific field when it wants, it produces wonders, it assists in the scientific discoveries assist in the prolongation of the life, through the development of vaccines and medicines in the combat and treatment of illnesses that afflict the humanity. It still helps to also implant half sustainable of energy that contributes to diminish ambient damages that later ours will guarantee lives deeply here future in the Land. Well more present, in this reality the computer has itself, in its more diverse variations, as car-head, of this technological invasion in our lives. In little time the PC will take account of all the homes and will pass to synthecize all the existing medias, stimulating a new very small and portable, capable equipment model of assisting in them in the daily tasks, that go since a simple payment of accounts until the regulation of temperature of a house.

Who sees this fan of benefits and of the praticidade that the technology provides mainly in the domestic world, it does not imagine that in an ample vision, this relation still generates serious conflicts. To have technological domain between the nations, means to have to be able. When more the technology is developed, plus a country printed domain on the other. An example in the practical one of this is the warlike power of U.S.A., that for having an army and more modern weapons finishes for being a nation destemida before the others. This without counting of its internal advances, always to the front investing weighed in space research and mechanization of industries, finishes making with that they reach the highest levels of growth in the economy. This accurate formula of investment in technology and posterior return, sprouts covets on the part of some leaders politicians who turn in this model a necessary form to get endorsement before the world. Many heads of states in secrecy handle and store nuclear elements of dangerous form under the excuse of making solely with intention of alternative energy.

But, which will be the real intention for brings of this? The wild race for the plant construction nuclear, beyond increasing the risk of contamination for emptying, it makes possible the alternative use and pernicious in favor of the war, since the peace, still is very relative between the nations. We live in way to the instability, nuclei of conflicts blow up all in the world with great easiness. What it worries is that these radioactive substances, that can very be converted into weapons of destruction in mass well, fall at the hands of terrorists with position politicians what would generate enormous tension. Leaving for retssima final, it is evident that for more, that the humanity if pledges to decide the problems of the world with advances, is to salutar to stand out that, an action always generates a reaction. that no matter how hard this action, in principle, either made of good-faith, nor always, it will make jus to the reason for which she was servant, and its reaction could there be most diverse possible.

Social Media

The people who visit a store on-line after reading on it in a site of social media are 10 more inclined times to buy something that other users, suggests new research of Sage Pay (PSP). The research, disclosed that, while seven percent of all the visitors of a virtual store makes a purchase online, the virtual storekeeper who receives visits from people who enter in its store through a site of social media beyond having 10 more visiting times – 71 percent – go to clicar in the operation section. The study still it showed that, while the retailers on-line can be good in attracting the consumers for its site, only one minority will be converted into customers. I suggest that, companies must develop tools of stronger marketing to make this conversion, the social media marketing, as advertising in the Facebook is a tool little valued, but it is highly efficient. Simon Black, director of the Sage Pay, said: ' ' flying of site for site, she is necessary very to seduce the customers of today. When the consumers enter in a store online, they even can to make a research and to place one or two things in the stand of purchases – but exactly when it types its number of credit card, not yet it has guarantee of that the sales will be realisada. The modern customer, many times looks at for the reaffirmation of a critical positive, offers special to become it accessible, cheap options of delivery and a fast, easy way and insurance to pay. Although the results, the research also disclosed to the skepticism on the power of the social medias between the traders on-line, with only five percent inserted believes them that the social media was the more efficient communication channel. This affirmation was supported by Keith Weed, Director of Marketing of the Unilever, that called ' ' word-the-mouth in esterides' ' , and it added that the marks could use it in its benefit.

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