Barreto Rasps

It currently comumente is more comumente used as tool of research, leisure, entertainment, work and available to one alone click, therefore having, to be seen with good eyes, if mainly used communication all in rational way and not in way consumista. In the scientific field when it wants, it produces wonders, it assists in the scientific discoveries assist in the prolongation of the life, through the development of vaccines and medicines in the combat and treatment of illnesses that afflict the humanity. It still helps to also implant half sustainable of energy that contributes to diminish ambient damages that later ours will guarantee lives deeply here future in the Land. Well more present, in this reality the computer has itself, in its more diverse variations, as car-head, of this technological invasion in our lives. In little time the PC will take account of all the homes and will pass to synthecize all the existing medias, stimulating a new very small and portable, capable equipment model of assisting in them in the daily tasks, that go since a simple payment of accounts until the regulation of temperature of a house.

Who sees this fan of benefits and of the praticidade that the technology provides mainly in the domestic world, it does not imagine that in an ample vision, this relation still generates serious conflicts. To have technological domain between the nations, means to have to be able. When more the technology is developed, plus a country printed domain on the other. An example in the practical one of this is the warlike power of U.S.A., that for having an army and more modern weapons finishes for being a nation destemida before the others. This without counting of its internal advances, always to the front investing weighed in space research and mechanization of industries, finishes making with that they reach the highest levels of growth in the economy. This accurate formula of investment in technology and posterior return, sprouts covets on the part of some leaders politicians who turn in this model a necessary form to get endorsement before the world. Many heads of states in secrecy handle and store nuclear elements of dangerous form under the excuse of making solely with intention of alternative energy.

But, which will be the real intention for brings of this? The wild race for the plant construction nuclear, beyond increasing the risk of contamination for emptying, it makes possible the alternative use and pernicious in favor of the war, since the peace, still is very relative between the nations. We live in way to the instability, nuclei of conflicts blow up all in the world with great easiness. What it worries is that these radioactive substances, that can very be converted into weapons of destruction in mass well, fall at the hands of terrorists with position politicians what would generate enormous tension. Leaving for retssima final, it is evident that for more, that the humanity if pledges to decide the problems of the world with advances, is to salutar to stand out that, an action always generates a reaction. that no matter how hard this action, in principle, either made of good-faith, nor always, it will make jus to the reason for which she was servant, and its reaction could there be most diverse possible.

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