Convention Between Regions

Two regions United by a common goal, a common cause: solidarity with the beaten inhabitants of the community of Curepto, which even today has 50% of its buildings on the ground after the earthquake that affected the area Center-South of the country on February 28. What began as a citizen initiative only weeks after the disaster is already officially a matter of State, and has the specific goal of lift 22 houses of 48 square meters with wood the Coyhaique forest reserve and the effort of the men and women who serve in the plans of absorption of Labor which administers the national forestry Corporation. Together in this effort today are the forestry agency, civil society through the Committee supportive communal Coyhaique carried out the campaign’s fundraising the heart of Aysen in Curepto, the Regional Government of Aysen that provided resources to build houses, the municipality of Coyhaique which has provided facilities for the activities of the campaign and the private company that has made its contributions in material and economic resources. Why a visit to the region of the Mayor of Curepto, Luis Armando Gonzalez, the Mayor of Maule, Rodrigo Galilea, and the judge’s letters and warranty of Curepto, Juan Mihovilovich, promoter of the initiative from the start, definitely sealed the multisectoral commitment by the families who await their homes. The meetings with the intendant of Aysen Pilar caves, the Mayor of Coyhaique, Omar Munoz, and the regional director of Conaf, Juan Eduardo Barrientos, and the joint visit to the work Don Guanella, where the houses are constructed were the prelude to the Convention which signed Galilee and caves in the House model installed in the Horn ride, in the Centre of the regional capitalin order to formalize cooperation between the regions of Aysen and El Maule. In a special way, Mayor Gonzalez underlined the commitment of who lifted the homes.

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