Critical Summary Vindication

In this book, Bloch displays elements of methodology of research in History searching to identify the study object it fortifies the conception of historical science, breaking of an investigation of its son ‘ ‘ Papa, explains then me so that he serves histria.’ ‘ (Bloch, 2001, p.41), aiming at to display its vision of history and the paper of the historian. Marc Bloch portraies in the first one capitulates of its workmanship that the main object of history is not to study the past and yes to study the human being, therefore ‘ ‘ already the good historian if seems ogro of the legend. Where fareja meat human being, knows that there she is its caa’ ‘ , and it makes a quarrel on history as science or art and concludes focusing that history is science ‘ ‘ Science of homens’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ of the men, in tempo’ ‘. The historian not only thinks ‘ ‘ humano’ ‘ (Bloch 2001:55 p) he makes a final conclusion I capitulate of it focusing history as science, not only for the object more also for the proper method that is the historical comment that is in the heading it he summarizes in the heading the intention of the author who is to represent the how much subject man of its history. Searching not plus a History directed only to the facts, the dates and the stories. It from now on looked a history that obtained to understand the social relations that if had given through the facts, its problematizaes and its historical context.

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