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Almost all programs have a feature for viewing history. In some programs of history is preserved in part, that not all events are recorded. Very useful opportunity to celebrate in the history of events such as repairs, mot, breakdown and so on. Naturally, the program should search tools equipment on certain events. Otherwise, the meaning of the history of a few lost.

Most programs only offer device-specific view of history. All of the above mentioned three criteria are closely related to implementation of the reporting system. Lack of convenient tools retrieve data could negate all the benefits of a program. Reports – is a basic tool for your. It should be simple, fast and multifunctional. Usually in the accounting programs offered a set of standard reports.

In some programs, you can manually edit the printed report forms that might be useful. Attention should be attention to the possibility of exporting the report data – not always means the sample data can meet your needs and may need post-processing of data. The backbone of any accounting system – a database. Reference to its choice depends safety, performance, features multiplayer modes and ease of administration. Before you decide on the choice of accounting system, find out whether it is possible to back up the base, how much time spent on its restoration in case of failure, as you can transfer the database to another computer, can there be a multiplayer mode. Here is an example from his experience. Was chosen as the accounting system in an organization where there is many branches, and taking into account the dozens of people involved.

How To Choose A Power Supply For Computer

The easiest way out – to consult with a specialist in computer maintenance. But if this is not possible, give you a few simple tips. Firstly, it is necessary to calculate the maximum power consumption components, but it is better to take this value to the stock, because in the future will be easier to modernize. The most powerful of power consumption components are the processor and graphics card. They are more powerful than the more powerful unit supply is needed. uestions.. From experience, it follows that for almost any home computer psu 400W would be enough. The exceptions are the computers with more than one video card, more than two hdd or processor with 4 cores – in these cases a more powerful psu. If you want to use sli out of 2 Radeon 4870X2, then use the power supply capacity of at least 600W.

It is also very important to pay attention to the brands of power supplies! Worked well – fsp, Acbel (and its derivatives – Chieftec, Cooler Master), Floston, Thermaltake (Series Pure Power and Tough Power). Production of these producers is to affordable, very affordable. More expensive but better quality – are the products of the following manufacturers: Zalman, Cooler Master, Gigabyte. Good luck choosing!


Translation of documents (passports, certificates, certificates, diplomas, certificates) – everyone at least once in their lives enjoyed the services of an interpreter or a translation agency. But with the coming into our world of computers and the Internet emerged opportunity to carry out the translation using electronic translators. What can I say – it's convenient, instant and, most importantly, free That's all the positive aspects of such a transfer to an end. No program able to make quality translation at the same high level as if it made a professional translator. Since the language – is a living, dynamic phenomenon, which is in a constant state of development. and master it fully a human being, and not the machine, even the most high tech.

And when it comes to areas such as: legal translation, medical, technical translation, taken for their implementation can only an expert translator with experience only in this, a particular area Even in a simple, seemingly banal and simple translation can prevent serious, sometimes negatively affecting our lives errors, especially if is the translation of legal documents, which require not only accuracy, clarity and reliability, but also knowledge of legal terms, the special vocabulary, characteristic of documents of this type. Each translator confident in their linguistic abilities, but this, unfortunately, this is not enough in translating the document, which is replete with specific terminology. After all, for high-quality translation, we must not simply translate the document, it first of all, should to interpret, but this is impossible if the interpreter does not possess at least a minimal knowledge of the subject perevoda.No there is a downside – if the translator is dokoy with its field of specialization, but he had insufficient knowledge of the language. It can correctly interpret the specific terms, but no more. The most common translations – translation from / into English, translation from and into German, translation from and into Hebrew translation from / to Romanian. Certain difficulties experienced by people who need the translation of legal documents, documents from and into Hebrew. Since the translation should carry a translator, who also owned the least Hebrew and was a practicing lawyer. Thus, a good translator needs to combine a lot of positive and useful qualities, it must be a true expert in their field who can provide not only fast, but quality, professional translation.

The English Ghost Effect

The only drawback – on the tv when viewing in the anaglyph glasses can pretty much ghosting associated with features of video conversion, so the highest quality viewing obtained on the computer monitor or projector. The disadvantages are not very good color rendering (due to color filters are transferred matter is particularly bright blue and red colors), sometimes filter skips not "own" image – resulting in "ghosting" (ghosting) pictures (from the English Ghost – ghost, a ghost. We can clearly see the image appears to semi double). There are many options anaglyph glasses: red / blue (red / blue, R / B), red and green (red / green, R / G), yellow-blue (yellow / blue, R + G / B), green-krasnosinie (green / magenta, G / R + B), red-blue-green (red / cyan, R / G + B). The latter are the most common, most films intended for viewing with these glasses.

Watch movies in anaglyph format can be in any video player. Buy anaglyph glasses can be bundled with licensed dvd with 3D films, with special stereoknigami or magazines, or be ordered on the Internet. If the purchase anaglaficheskie glasses does not work, they can make their rukami1. Pulfrich effect. Pulfrich effect is used to demonstrate the 3D effect, in film and television. In this case, himself a 3D effect is achieved due to the fact that the brain is a little longer recognizes optical stimuli darker than light. The essence of the recording using the Pulfrich effect is that either withdrawn object (person, animal, machine, etc.), or the camera is continuously moving in a certain direction.

The Universe of Computers

However, it is possible that in fact one time step in our universe – that is, the calculation of the state of the universe for the next point on his condition at the moment – requires consistent (and possibly in large numbers) calculations are performed for more than one cycle of a computer. And besides, the number of strokes on the course to go from iteration to iteration, may be different depending on the state Universe at the appropriate time – for example, it depends on the number of cell space, which currently define the size of the universe, or of transition rules (laws of nature – with our own, internal about the universe, the point of view) that operate in one way or another, different for different points, states of matter. Thus, we can assume that the frequency of the Lord's computer is more than 1.85 h104 cycles per second (there is a mean second of our time), and the numerical ratio of durations in the Lord's Computer (we call this the duration of true time), and in our universe (we call this the duration of our time) is not constant. That concerning the beginning, the modern theories are variants of the Big Bang theory. Some of them are beginning to put a single point at which the matter density would be infinitely large, so it turns out mathematically, but due to the fact that the mathematical description of the evolution of the universe is likely to deviate from the physical reality near the beginning – this is the time zone in which the theory does not work.

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