English Education

The education in any area must prioritize the preparation of a citizen. Educators are alerted by White (1872, p.29) ' ' we muitssimos young that had made a superior course had not gotten that true education that could for in use in the practical life. Perhaps they have the fame to possess superior education, but in reality, they are only ignorant educados' '. To be professors in the exercise to contribute for the formation of professors of English language is odd task and a privilege. In the varied possibilities to create, and to innovate, the professor must be he himself and each time to improve its knowledge and its position as educator. Considering the necessity of programs so that a perfectioning of the teach-learning of the English language in Brazil acts here, the study and development of the improvement of professionals in relation the methodology, knowledge and didactics it is significant fact and of much relevance.

Let us see what Peter Demon (1998, P. 205) in it guides: The center of the professionalization process is not, in first place, in making, but in knowing to make, because the deriving professional renewal of the handling and production of knowledge is much more decisive that its accumulation. Thus, to be professional is less to routinely exert a craft, of what to know to always reinventar it, all day, making of this to know permanent impulse of change and not of resistance. To remain professional competent, the sense for the renewal is still more crucial, perhaps more crucial than the practical one. If it cannot think about the use of alone or isolated technology. The planning of the process of necessary learning to be made in its totality and each one of its units. A detailed planning is required, in such a way that some activities are combined in search of the intended objectives and that the several techniques are chosen, planned and integrated in order to collaborate so that the activities well are carried through and the learning happens.


Through the technology it can be taken the most diverse information in this direction, what it is not being fact, unless if commemorates the international day of the water, or becomes one I appeal for the TV peace, among others commercial. What I want to esclarescer is that how much bigger the use of these ways for this change better will be the results, added is clearly the developed ambient education in the communitarian schools, centers, agricultural regions, colonies of fishes, where ideas and images can be displayed of what it really happens with the fauna and the flora when they are removed of its environment of origin. I believe that attitudes as these to trace goals, to encourage to the boycotting the purchase and sales of the species, to introduce the community in general an extremely chocking reality of what it happens with the nature can judar sufficiently. ‘ ‘ The awareness of the population will be able to discourage this illegal commerce and only to protect the right to the life and freedom of animais.’ ‘ Necessary that all the people recognize the use of removed goods of the nature as being crime, not only as a light infraction of conscience. This is a difficult work, that demands the permanence of the persistence and the courage to face new challenges, therefore the responsibility of if prioritizing the fiscalization in a complex way, using half diverse to surround the infractors in general getting the aid of the population, so that let us can get resulted positive to each new attempt.

Let us see some situations related of. All these birds had been apprehended of a closed truck that left the Bahia and if it directed for So Paulo. Of the 749 apprehended, 400 had more than died due to the transport without water and food. This is the traffic that you it does not see. This is the real face of the traffic of wild animals. The finger of the bird was broken by the passarinheiro that tried to anilhar the adult animal. This procedure is carried through searching to burlar the fiscalization being made to seem that the animal was born in captivity and was anilhado when youngling. ‘ ‘ Important to stand out that the fiscalization if of also in the reserves and the parks in order to protect the removed flora ilegalmente.’ ‘ These are some of the situations created for the bad use of the natural patrimony of the environment. The majority does not arrive at the destination traced for bad the dealer due ace conditions of transport, feeding and physical space. Removed animals of its nests many times do not obtain to adapt themselves to the captivity.

Capitalist Production Crisis

The IMPORTANCE OF BOARDING INTERDISCIPLINAR FOR COMPLEX PROBLEMS Jarsen Luis I castrate Guimares I. INTRODUCTION last the two decades register a state of deep world-wide crisis. It is a complex, multidimensional crisis, whose facetas the aspects of our life affect all: the health and the way of life, the quality of the environment and the social relations of the economy, technology and politics. It is a crisis of intellectual, moral dimensions and spirituals, a crisis of scale and premncia without precedent in all the history of the humanity. The economic support or support of the development, which was only seen of an angle, without even though taking in consideration the resultant implications of a wild search and irrational of this advance, tends to be worked in another way. This work has left of the principle that the knowledge to interdisciplinar is the base for the solution of the complex problems fruits in the Way of Capitalist Production.

This vision to interdisciplinar, holistic, allied the Theory of Complex systems have much to contribute in the search of the solutions of these problems. For such boarding, the work is subdivided in three topics. The first one deals with the understanding of what it is interdisciplinaridade, what it is method, as well as its description, arriving to make aluso what it is methodology. As it deals with to the boarding to interdisciplinar and the complex problems, appraising complex problems, way of production and characterizing the way of capitalist production, as well as treating specifically to the theory of the complex systems. The last part brings the conclusions concerning the work. 2.

BOARDING INTERDISCIPLINAR the term interdisciplinaridade is present since when the man it starts to search the knowledge of the world, the nature and the proper man. Philosophical science studied the totality of the things. From certain moment in history it had a dismemberment of this totality, that is, sciences if they desmembram of the philosophical one, appearing: medicine, Mathematics, Physics, History, among others.

Coppola Therefore

According to Ramos and Coppola (2009, pg. 5) ' ' Thus, the Internet as a new media to be used in the education must be analyzed as a communication instrument, information, of research and production of knowledge. It needs, therefore to be recognized and appropriate as tool pedaggica.' '. In such a way the Internet is a technology that has well-known educative potential, therefore allows to the access the inaccessible sources of information for other ways, beyond disponibilizar great amount of resources multimedia. This without counting the fact of it to disponibilizar call blog that according to Boeira (2007, pg.3) ' ' it is an important instrument of communication, interaction and sharing of ideas, information and knowledge of colaborativa form, and for these characteristics, an important tool becomes that can potentially be explored in the area educacional.' '. Such blogs allow to the communication and the colaborativo work what, increase the possibility to appear pupils who can be active agents of its proper process of learning and not mere passive receivers of knowledge, without critical sense. Thus the case of the boy Ren Silva is fit who created the project ' ' Voice of the Comunidades' ' a net of you inform in the Twitter that has provoked a true revolution in the community of the Complex of the German, where it deferred payment, fact that comes of meeting what Gomes (2005, pg.3) in reference to blogs says: ' ' The school and the activities in carried through it are more displayed to the public scrutiny but also next to the communities where if they insert and they confide new chances for envolvement and contribution of diverse members of these comunidades.' '. This project of the boy Ren Silva if fits even though in a form of active social mobilization and in a species of constructive or colaborativa learning, therefore it provides an educative action that considers the individual way to think of the people and looks for to minimize the conflicts for the interaction and exchange of information of a person for another one until arriving at a capable collective consensus, even though, to mobilize the government to take care of to the necessities of the community.

Informacional Production

In accordance with SAINTS, in relation to the way Technician Cientfico and Informacional in the region, guarantee. In the same way as they participate of the creation of new vital processes and of the production of new species (animal and vegetal), science and the technology, together with the information, is in the proper base of the production, the use and the functioning of the space and tends to constitute its substratum. (2009, p.238) It points with respect to the necessity to provide the increase in quality for the produced food diversity, for conservation and I reuse of the water in the ground, in the guarantee of the production stability that they aim at to sociabilizar many experiences and greater alimentary security you stop families who usufruct of the agriculture of irrigao.CONCLUSODiante of this context, recognizes the importance of the handling, the control and the conservation of the hdricos resources for the Mesorregio of the Paraibano Wasteland. Looking for always to use of less sensible cultures to the hdrica deficiency, reverting the process of degradation of the natural resources in the micron-basins, alternative on the basis of technological that increase the vegetal production, the agricultural productivity and the net income of the agricultural producer. Mainly for the construction and the intensive use of the wells (or cacimbas), dams and underground barrages for production of foods and animal consumption. Especially used for the creation of polar regions of irrigated fruticultura. As well as implanting, of gradual form, stimulating next to the institutions of research and assistance technique the generation of alternative technologies for the recovery of areas in degradation process. Stimulating practical that it facilitates to the preservation (infiltration) of the water of rains and the replacement of the water in the ground and without damage to the basic necessities of the devoid population for the preservation of the environment that culminates in a sustainable alternative to guarantee the future generations more abundance to its locality.

Constructing Objects

The objective of our article is to analyze as the virtual objects of learning can contribute as material pedagogical didactic in the education process/learning of disciplines of History of Brazil, beyond showing the relations of computer science with the education and understanding as the learning objects are produced virtual. The relevance of our article we find in the direction of that much has if to argue on this subject, therefore with the computational technologies each time more gifts in classroom we must be apt to work with the most varied material pedagogical didactic, where we fit while professors or futures professors terms relative knowledge the relations that they involve the new technologies with the pedagogical process, as well as being qualified to work with these objects in the education process/learning in the daily one of the room of lesson. The theoretical referencial, is based on articles disponibilizados in the world-wide net of computers, and with the contribution of these searched and cited authors we will be able to analyze and to understand, as the use of virtual objects of learning can dinamizar the education process, as well as the next relation between computer science and the education. Between the articles that we find we can detach of Wagner Antonio Jnior, intitled ' ' Objects of learning virtuais' ' 1, where the author presents analyses concerning references on as the virtual objects of learning are constituted, guiding, moreover, on its didactic-pedagogical applicabilities as material. Ana Cecilia Togni with the article ' ' Constructing Objects of Aprendizagem' ' 2, contribute with our analysis in the direction to show as we can construct virtual objects of learning from the technologies disponibilizadas for computer science through the use of the computers. Dbora Bittelo and Denise Viera with the article ' ' Computer science in the Education: Past new the Tecnologias' ' 3, point out concerning the use of computer science as a pedagogical didactic resource, focusing the relations between technologies of computer science and communication with the education, arguing with this, knowledge, culture, technology and society, beyond historically contextualizar the relation between education and computer science.

Executives That Run The Business

Changed the corporate professional nature of the organization, of course, also the profile of “capo” or the executives who run the business of “lords of crime” in the vast global network of money. Bandito is a man of success, or rather, a successful media buyer. Executive is a mobile office, computer, connecting with the world in seconds of a luxury hotel room. l a specializes in making money from crime navigate the global economy and generate exorbitant profits in countries where public assets are being privatized. In the 1990s, the famous Italian judge Giovanni Falcone, recognized worldwide for its dedication to the fight against the Sicilian Mafia, saying it believes in drills had not yet been created Esperanto in international organized crime.

Today with globalization mafia generated in time-space and technology support of economic globalization, the language barrier was overcome: the Sicilian Mafia “talk” of peacefully with his fellow Yakuza (Japanese) or the Chinese triads, or, equal the Russian Mafia and Colombian cartels. No limit on money laundering, is now a setting operation, but was held out of business or any business organization operating in the global economic stage. Experts from all fields of knowledge that the current stage of development than briefly classify as “organized crime” should be so central to tissue SIMBIOSE operators crime with the democratic state. From the Far East, through China, Russia, Western Europe, Africa, USA. UU. and Latin America, there are examples of episodes in which public entities are confused – or fusion – with the power structures of the mafias, cartels and secret societies, whose lawyer, writer, consultant. Secretary General of the Center for National Policy Studies and General Carlos de Meira Mattos Honorary President of the “Luso International Foundation for Education and Culture in northern Portugal”, the initiator of the network of International Schools in Portugal..

University Education

The universities need to be more selective in choosing their faculty. This includes hiring educators, also, to have the experience, knowledge, skills, teaching skills, can communicate, motivate, creative, innovative, and meet the needs the environment in which they develop, in order to promote solutions to problems that arise., promote the changes required to encourage everyone. The national stage and even indicates that international is born, a new teacher, able to find opportunities that the current scenarios require teachers who should not be anchored in the traditional teaching of the past, on the contrary, they must use the new tools of communication who have had a significant impact on new learning, integrated into everything that provides information technology, social networks, scientific, educational, giving way to a new style of teaching, do more proactive dialogue, research help of virtual classrooms, video conferencing , its benefits, scope.

Specifically, universities should pay more attention to the teaching staff, teachers have identified fully with the requirements of the current scenarios, support their programs, approaches, activities, leading to a new paradigm of learning, to share creativity and innovations. It requires that their teachers are fully integrated with the demands that the new techniques of communication the computer involved, in their classes and research. Be more proactive in for solutions to national problems, participatory training, professional development required within their specialty.

Universities have a commitment to break with the traditional selection without warranty teachers, academic excellence required, and not to use the political commitment, friendship, family. This requires another kind of teacher, fully identified, not only with the needs that each stage presents, but with the knowledge and tools that allow students who are providing, along with tools that foster skills, abilities, whether appropriate, necessary, to generate change and face challenges safely., otherwise universities do not justify their reason for being..

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