But desire not to comment all the methods to index its page Web in google, but to share with you an effective way so that our page Web this indexing in google quickly. The way more effective than has given results me, is to index a page Web in google through the article directories. The article directories are sites where one can publish contents of diverse subjects, and because Google it likes much the contents, these article directories are their favourites, since he reviews google them with a high frequency. We imagine that just we have created our page Web or blog, we have published there some articles and contents. Then it is moment for indexing our page for the first time Web, first that we do is to raise one or more articles in 2 or 3 article directories, but remembers to always put at the end of each article that we publish a reference to our page Web which we wished to index in google, for example at the end of our article we would put our connection and soon we hoped to that the directory article administrator approves our article.

Once approved our article, it will be question of 2 to 3 hours so that google finishes indexing our page Web. Now it is to mention in which directory of articles we can publish our contents. Not to forget that each article it in the end includes the reference of our page Web or blog. Next I mention some of the article directories that better results have: Then in summary, the steps to index your page Web in google with article directories are the following: To publish your article with the connection of reference to your page Web? To wait for the approval of your article (it is generally in 4 hours)?

To Add To Diagrams To A Page Web Wisely

Graphs Web of quality are the first in a page Web in being judged by the visitors independent of products or services that the company offers. Therefore, to add any image or photographs in a Web site can affect the image of the mark of the company as well as its credibility. The visitors in line can give to a good or bad impression depending in the quality and creativity that the designer had at the time of creating the Web site. So to create visually attractive professional Web sites, some advice must be followed. The images that have a great meaning only must be including. Since the images can relatinizar the time of load of a site, he is better to only add the images that are really important for the site.

Ten in account when you add new graphs in the site, first thinks if those graphs will be of aid to increase the effectiveness in promoting products or services. It chooses graphs that are excellent to the subject of the site. The relevance of the graphs is very important in a Web site. The color of the graphs must adapt to the harmony of the site. The colors cause that the site is visually more attractive and interesting for the human eye, if they are used of suitable and correct way. Therefore, in the selection of colors and images, asegrate of which is compatible with the subject and colors of the site. Mixture of graphs and text. When adding images to the site, are advisable that are mixed between text. Asegrate of which it is legible so that the site has important messages for the visitors in line. Original author and source of the article.

Social Bookmarking

How to take traffic to your Web? Three ways exist essentially: 1. – To create the traffic by one same one: Positioning in finders, essentially Google: To have a good positioning by the key words in the different finders is first, the more obvious and effective form to take traffic to our Web. Another one is by means of the use of blogs. To generate content in ours blog and to share it by means of the blogosfera. Podcast: content in audio: We can create our own radio with spoken content. Video: the form more in height at this moment, using the platforms of content in video like You Tube.

All to that we are going it content to be able to share with our contacts and to viralizar the message thanks to them. For that reason, our network of followers in the different networks is important to share the added value content that we are going to create in different commented means previously Another form is to use the Social Bookmarking. To use the social markers to share our favorites in order to secure to more visits and a better positioning thanks to the connections. 2. – To buy the traffic: By means of adwords, I connect, banners.

That is to say, we paid by each one of the clients who arrive at our Web. Before realising any campaign of this type we needed 2 things: Strategy to turn the visitors into potential clients? To have a system to measure the return of the investment of the campaign and the yield that to us each click in each provides unites of the average employees. 3. – To take the lent traffic. Other people and other Webs with traffic, go to direct part of this traffic they are going and it to take towards our site. Basically, I talk about a program of affiliates, that usually is not known, but not for that reason despicable.

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