GreenTec Awards

Emission-free electric mobility and innovative design are sweet at the Centre, the 21 April 2013 – again be GmbH & co. KG and the solar charger the EIGHT suggested Point.One for a prestigious award. The GreenTec Awards 2013 honor pioneers who go ahead on the way to a green future, a step. Companies to reduce technologies, products, innovations and services that contribute to preserve the environment in terms of environmental sustainability and pollutants will be nominated and awarded. Mobility is the company sweet with his solar charging station in the category”nominated. The EIGHT GmbH & co. aims KG to inspire people for emission-free mobility.

For this among other things the solar charging station has developed Point.One, which embodies all the positive properties of electric mobility, and which makes it possible that electric vehicles are a part of modern urban life. Thanks to innovative production technologies and a digital process chain has the company provide a platform for the efficient realization individually designed products. Environment and mobility are years in the Centre of attention. The pressure to find environmentally sound solutions and to implement, is growing. The degree of mobility of the world’s population is increasing, the resources are dwindling and emissions need to be reduced dramatically”, Christoph B. explains Rossner, managing partner at EIGHT. “Here we want to use the solar charger Point.One a character set, that is design leaning on through innovative technology, conservation of resources, a sustainable use concept and the organic forms of nature.” EIGHT is currently working in a joint project with ABB, BMW, RWE and other partners on a quick charging station for electric vehicles, which will be opened by mid-year. The station is at the BMW Welt in Munich. EIGHT developed a customized and aligned with the needs of users solar charging station for the new charging standard CCS / combo. As future-oriented interface between human, vehicle and renewable energy makes the solar charger the potential of emissionsfrier mobility visible, tangible and usable.

Telematics Awards

This is a very exciting and responsible challenge for the company, the users and the telematics industry.” The importance of this assessment is clear, for example, in the use of the digital patient file, which is essential in the management of clinics, practices, care and care facilities, but which is still discussed in detail. Sensors increases the possibilities of using the value added and use are so complex, because telematics solutions network getting smarter. The integration of sensors and computer science for management tasks can significantly relieve internal processes for the benefit of the operating cost and labour required and increase at the same time the security and service. Last but not least, the economy of increasingly the countless offered telematics apps, which accepted in a private setting is already completed, now also the everyday more efficiently and open up a range of great services and facilities is operated. For all the offers, the massive Provider density, to keep always the orientation and to maintain transparency, the focus on quality in technology, to be able to direct service and support that is often very difficult for users and other interested parties. The TELEMATIK award offers therefore the very best conditions, to establish orientation and transparency in the market this is the aim of the organizers. Candidate appears on the information page to the telematics award 2013 to the submission form. Background information will be awarded the telematics award outstanding development services and solutions in the field of telematics.

The competition takes place in the annual transition from vehicles and human telematics and is reserved for companies with headquarters or establishment in the German-speaking. The ver grant, the media group of telematics, aims, on the one hand the telematics industry in German-speaking countries to strengthen, but also the offer for interested parties and users more transparent and more understandable with assessing these TOP providers to represent. The TOP companies in the sector itself, scientists, experts and journalists observing the market daily. The quality of the Telematics Awards is guaranteed by the expertise of the promoter and its partners as well as through the expertise of renowned expert jury and ensures the high quality of the review with its composition of scientists, journalists, experts, creative, makers and users.

Internet Survey

But also the print survey has its merits: decides a Pasant in the survey to take part, so he performs these mostly up to the end. Through the Overview can be safe to say that every passerby was questioned only once. The survey can be relatively easy: pen and paper and already can start asking. Never in the rain in a cold and drafty pedestrian rise again”- incorrect display. It isn’t quite that simple then.

Finally everyone must ask, what theme matches the corresponding survey. After the audience, the question of course also enters the battlefield. Therefore, the idea before you create should already be answered how. How will I make it someone of persuading to take part in my survey? It is in the pedestrian area or on the Internet: people must actively be pointed out the survey. In times of spam and junk mail, electronically sent requests to a poll to participate often are ignored, deleted, or simply away clicked. To deny the threshold and turn to other, more important issues is very low.

Here, the print survey of course has its advantages: nothing is so convincing as a personally listed by above, friendly please. They rejected, as a cold computer program a nice person much harder. Also the spatial containment can be made much more accurate with a print survey. When it comes to a concrete project in a city or the needs of a place, so can targeted on-site asked be. Selection of persons may commit much more specifically. Who is my target audience and where I can meet these people? An online survey to reach the masses. The target group is the average Joe. No cost online questionnaires and the time required is minimal. The evaluation is digital and is thus also simplified. Print surveys are, however, more time-consuming and more expensive, sure, but personal and targeted.The evaluation is also more expensive.

Dr Fred Luskin People

(TM 18:21 – 22). In practical terms, we can say that the absence of the pardon is something that cause damages does not stop that one to who hates, but we exactly, therefore we cross the life ' ' mount acima' ' , something that, according to ' ' Art of guerra' ' it produces defeats, and ' ' we drag one weight morto' ' , remembering, every day last dissabores. Let us see stretch of work carried through on the subject: In the scientific field, Charlotte Van Oyen Witvliet, teacher of psychology of the Hope College, in Michigan, U.S.A., and its colleague, had made an experience with 71 volunteers. In it, they were asked for whom if they remembered some old wound, something had made that them to suffer. In this instant, he was registered the increase of the sanguineous pressure, of the beatings cardiopaths and of the muscular tension, identical reactions to that occur when the people feel anger.

when he was asked for that they if imagined understanding and pardoning the people who had made to them badly, they had revealed calm more, and with pressure and stabilized beatings. In 1999, the Dr Fred Luskin created the PROJECT OF the UNIVERSITY OF STANFORD FOR the PARDON, having combined in its dissertativa research one psicoteraputica technique, focando and rational emotividade, with some studies on the impact of the negative emotions, as anger, hurt and resentment in the cardiac system. Luskin describes the pardon as being a form of if to reach the calm and the peace, as much with the other how much I obtain exactly. The therapy that it considers encourages the people to have greater responsibility on its emotions and action, and to be more realistassobre the challenges and falls of its lives. In the Power of the Pardon, it explains the process of formation of a hurt and demonstrates as such fact possesss a paralisante effect in the life of the people, defining novepassosaesterespeito: 1.

Planigrafo Reader

Following the use, the window of the reader will require periodic cleaning. In order to clean it, transparency applies on the window the gummed side of a sticky tape, and soon retrela. It uses a sticky tape to clean the reader of tracks. It never uses cleaners with alcohol. Warnings on the maintenance of the reader of tracks: There are several things that never must do when it cleans or it uses the reader of tracks: It directly does not spill cleaner for glass on the window of the reader of tracks. It uses a very smooth fabric piece. It does not use cleaners with alcohol. It will only be able to use cleaners for glass with ammonium.

It does not submerge the reader of tracks in any liquid. It does not rub the window with abrasive materials, including paper. It does not push the crystal sensor with its nail, or any object like for example: a pencil. Frequent problems in the recognition of fingerprints If the reader of tracks has difficulties to read his track, consider the following thing: The window of the reader of tracks can require cleaning. You can not be touching the reader of tracks of correct way. So that the reader of tracks can take a good reading of his digital track, he must place the yolk of his finger (not it end, nor the side) in center of the window and apply uniform pressure. He does not move his finger of side to side. Excessive pressure will distort its track, and too slight pressure will avoid a sufficient exhibition of its track.

Asegrese to On guard maintain its finger in the window of the reader of tracks until it sees the light flash. Then, it raises his finger. You can use any finger in the reader of tracks, but the forefinger of any hand works better. If the reader of tracks is capturing his track (the light yes flashes), and has treated all the previous steps already, he tries to return to register the track in the system. This information is applicable to software for biometric control of access and attendance of personnel i-Tread Planigrafo Carlos Alberto Quijano Professional Acevedo I.T.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is regarded as renewable energy more important since the last millennium, this is due to the tremendous amount of energy emitted each second. More than 4 million tons of hydrogen becomes helium. Solar energy is the future for all the world’s energy that is expected to increase in the coming years due to growing population and changes in lifestyles demand. Why use solar energy? Solar power and the numerous advantages of solar panels are very beneficial in many ways since you can not only have a positive impact on the environment, but you can gain energy independence, reliability and security. Solar energy is a cost-effective method to meet their energy needs.

Therefore, it would be accessible for everyone to meet your current and future requirements of energy in an efficient manner. Energy Residential Solar with the constant changes in lifestyles, people are adopting the new trends to conserve more energy, ever more favourable to the environment. There are several things you need to know before planning a system of solar energy for your home. This depends mainly on the amount of energy that will be used for your home in simple words, it all depends on your energy consumption and the need. This can be estimated through a simple survey in your House, from the number of electrical appliances that are currently in use.

In addition, the number of members of the family will help you determine the amount of energy that can be used. How can I benefit from solar panels? Solar panels for homes are the same as large industrial solar panels, but that only differ in size of others. Within the solar panels they benefits they are fed by the natural light of the Sun, regardless of whether it receives light from the Sun throughout the day, with only receive a small fraction of sunlight work these solar panels in all the conditions. For more solar power in your home, solar panels are indispensable. You can recalculate the number of solar panels through the analysis of energy consumption and in accordance with the lifestyle they have. Another important thing, the initial location of the solar panel plays a key role in the estimation of the number of solar panels that may be required. There are some areas in the world that receives more heat from the Sun, compared with others who do not receive little or any brightness of the Sun. Therefore, these solar panels can receive more energy in highly sunny areas, this would lead to a job more efficiently the total power of the solar panel. Secondly, the strength of the solar panels depends on the batteries of solar panels that will be used in the procedure. Batteries are different and have different capacities to store energy. These batteries are available in 12, 24 and 48. The distance between your home and the batteries also contributes a lot in the efficiency of the panels. Benefits of solar energy for our homes, solar energy is one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy. A solar panel in house is within the alternative solutions more popular and profitable for energy. Solar energy is free of waste by-products and pollution, by which makes large consumer advocates of the environment, as well as any contribution by persons in the increase of global warming.


We remember: about the same time the first world exhibition instead and in the Boer War South Africa was in Paris… Due to its history, the Chinese fight to date against any interference in their internal affairs! The economic international values, rules and middle Western knowledge, English language, Latin script, Arabic numerals, decimal measurement systems and technology (Internet) and legislation (standards (DIN EN ISO 9001), patent and trademarks (, , Nobel prizes) are West (digital think, sense: causal thinking in causes) founded and had to also by the Asians (analog think purpose: Zielfuhrend think) will be accepted.) Historical course of differentiation between West and East: the historical development of mankind (of the speech to the font) It can be shown to the two guiding principles of the Old Testament: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. (Blood revenge, guilt) Remember me so I you. Will help you even help you God. These are the principles of people in indigenous beliefs and clan societies, such as in Asian societies today.

“” The Jew of Jesus made it be: love your neighbor as yourself! “and someone on the left cheek, hits you so even the right stall him!” (Pacifism) “The ten commandments of the Christians were published: you’re not supposed to!” From the English Bill of rights (1689), they overcame the prevailing until then thought of the school and replaced it with the principle of parliamentary sovereignty. Thus was initiated the way political enforcement of human rights. The Declaration of independence of the United States (1776). Declaration of human and civic rights (1789). Only in the West. It developed the individual companies (Zivillisation of the first world): the freedom of Single bordered by the freedom of the others. Today, the monopoly of power and the individual supply lies with the State (separation of powers). In Asia: help friends even helps you God or your karma.

Homeland Security

People need more confidence with the way the world is happening today. We are all looking to improve our current systems of surveillance and security, to protect our stores and their merchandise, or our homes and families, this is a great concern. CCTV hardware and software that is produced every day to improve our surveillance systems. Due to the fact that we need more security to protect what we love, manufacturers of closed circuit television are becoming richer. Every day there is a surveillance tool for the creation of new to help people protect themselves and help the authorities to protect. We use surveillance cameras to watch over our family and home.

The police are using video surveillance equipment to ensure that we are being protected against criminals and that justice is served. Surveillance cameras can be hidden in buildings, so they are not detected by people walking by them. A camera surveillance go unnoticed, while video recording and all that happens, because it is made to blend with the area. Video cameras are available small sizes is such that not even know they are there. Hidden camera, digital camera, camera obscura and the camera nanny, are some of the different types of surveillance cameras you can buy. Security cameras are used to protect and ensure that people are safe, but can also be used for other things such as recording of the activity. These cameras are also used in police work the crime tape and capturing criminals. The surveillance cameras also used to obtain evidence for the police can arrest it.

Live Video Mixer Full HD

Software video mixer for live events, sports, and events G2 video systems presents a mainly software based full-HD Video Mixer with its new software product LiveVideoMixer. All functions are aligned on a simple implementation and optimized for sports, theatre, exhibition or live events. The current version allows the mixing of two external channels of live video from HD video sources. As a third channel, different video file formats can be played to. The graphics and text functions are concentrated. Directly replaceable text inserts as well as counter with overtime and scores for sporting events are available as well as graphics and logo overlays with alpha channel and a ticker Bellyband.

Various transition effects are missing as well as picture-picture. Via mouse, keyboard, touch screen, or external USB controller, the graphic elements are a continuously – and hideable. The visually appealing retro surface houses a lot of configuration options and send Videofader. One serves the digital HDMI output as HD output commercially available graphics card. The LiveVideoMixer focused consistently on intuitive and easy to use, despite the great functionality at low cost. LiveVideoMixer HD is a new multi channel Video Mixer with Logoinserter, Grafikinserter, Textinserter, score display, clock and game time ticker, all in one software and in full HD resolution. Only a PC with matching input cards is required by the software-based system.

The result is a very low-cost video mixer system which leaves nothing to be desired. With cheap HDMI full HD input cards and commercial graphics card, a complete video mixer can be built without great effort. Any video files can of course be integrated video player play and mix with the live signal and graphics. Now also available as PiP. Stepless fading / picture in picture / transition between live signals as well as manual and automatic / hide graphics and texts are possible as well as automatic shadows for texts and free alpha transparency in PNG Graphics. All configuration like E.g. colors, positions, transparencies, texts, etc. can be used conveniently as save settings and again immediately become available for new projects. G2 became known through hard – and software for broadcast applications like E.g. the PC Genlock TeleViser or Infotain-info system.

Example Polaris

How the decision of change of changed the CO2 balance and prevents one of the largest climate sins; Example Polaris alone through a sustainable electricity can everyone in the course of his life up to around 30 tonnes of CO2 savings. * this amount is comparable to the emissions of a VW buses *, with the man twice circled the Earth. “In the face of rising especially in the field of information and communication devices power consumption in households, is always crucial a conscious choice of energy, sustainably to protect climate and environment”, says Florian Henle, co-founder of the independent green energy provider Polaris. Already, experts predict that carbon dioxide emissions can be increased by up to two percent 2012. A few days ago, even nearly the tilt limit has been reached in some places on the Earth. Thus the amount of concentration of greenhouse gases is meant in the atmosphere, from the consequences of climate change are no longer recovered.

The global consequences such as cyclones, floods and droughts are valid under Experts then as a little more manageable. Power consumption: one of the greatest sins of climate at home climate sins, which are triggered by the consumption of electricity, can be different than, for example, in the consumer or in the diet with only a measure to prevent: who will switch to green electricity, which avoids with each kilowatt-hour consumed that it further CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere. Through the increasing use of digital devices, households need more and more power. The consumption in the area of audio/TV and Office to the 3,5fache has increased since 1996. Today he makes almost a quarter of the total private consumption out. * also the power consumption for washing, drying and flushing has greatly increased in recent years. Instead of despair in the face of the diversity of possible measures, you should focus better on a manageable measures, advises Immanuel came by the ISOE the Institute for social ecological research.

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