Live Video Mixer Full HD

Software video mixer for live events, sports, and events G2 video systems presents a mainly software based full-HD Video Mixer with its new software product LiveVideoMixer. All functions are aligned on a simple implementation and optimized for sports, theatre, exhibition or live events. The current version allows the mixing of two external channels of live video from HD video sources. As a third channel, different video file formats can be played to. The graphics and text functions are concentrated. Directly replaceable text inserts as well as counter with overtime and scores for sporting events are available as well as graphics and logo overlays with alpha channel and a ticker Bellyband.

Various transition effects are missing as well as picture-picture. Via mouse, keyboard, touch screen, or external USB controller, the graphic elements are a continuously – and hideable. The visually appealing retro surface houses a lot of configuration options and send Videofader. One serves the digital HDMI output as HD output commercially available graphics card. The LiveVideoMixer focused consistently on intuitive and easy to use, despite the great functionality at low cost. LiveVideoMixer HD is a new multi channel Video Mixer with Logoinserter, Grafikinserter, Textinserter, score display, clock and game time ticker, all in one software and in full HD resolution. Only a PC with matching input cards is required by the software-based system.

The result is a very low-cost video mixer system which leaves nothing to be desired. With cheap HDMI full HD input cards and commercial graphics card, a complete video mixer can be built without great effort. Any video files can of course be integrated video player play and mix with the live signal and graphics. Now also available as PiP. Stepless fading / picture in picture / transition between live signals as well as manual and automatic / hide graphics and texts are possible as well as automatic shadows for texts and free alpha transparency in PNG Graphics. All configuration like E.g. colors, positions, transparencies, texts, etc. can be used conveniently as save settings and again immediately become available for new projects. G2 became known through hard – and software for broadcast applications like E.g. the PC Genlock TeleViser or Infotain-info system.

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