Therefore, that one that if to become humble as this child, this is the greater in the kingdom of skies. (TM 18:4). We go to remember some orientaes of the Word, that has not covered nine points, but all the situations: ' ' It pardons our sins, as well as us we pardon because to pardon to the men its offences, also your celestial Father will pardon you vs' '. (Mateus 6:12 and 14). ' ' When you will be praying, you pardon, if you tend some thing against somebody, so that your Father who is in skies pardons you your offences. But if not to pardon, also your Father, who is in skies, will not pardon yours ofensas' '. (Landmarks 11:25 – 26). ' ' Before headquarters some stop with the other benign ones and merciful, pardoning you ones to the others, as well as it pardoned you to God in Cristo' '.

(Efsios 4:32). ' ' You heard that it was said: you will love your next one and you will annoy your enemy. Say I you, however: you love your enemies, bendizei the ones curse that you, you make well to they hate that you and you pray for that they maltreat you you perseguem.' ' (Mateus: 43 and 44). Pablo says of Jesus pardoning we, and to whom if they repent, and this involves the biggest offence of all, the rejection of the Son of God, its torture and crucificao, but the reply of Christ we know: ' ' Father, pardons to them because they do not know what fazem' ' (Lucas, 23; 34). If somebody imagines that this was a moment reaction, must remember quetarefa of Jesus in our favor continues, although to be, daily acting in order to overload the reasons by which it was taken to the cross: He was rejected, and the most rejected between the men, man of pains, and tried in the works; e, as one of who the men hid the face, was rejected, and we did not make of it case some.

It Enjoys Its Sexual Life Is Successful And Wealth In Its Life

One feels satisfied with its sexual life? It is enjoying this important area its life of total form? Feels sexy? One feels desirable to the eyes of opposite sex? The studies of the sexlogos and others, show that the people with a satisfactory sexual life are happier and more effective in their uses. Many people do not enjoy a total sexual life, because they do not feel beautiful, do not feel sexy. To these they turn them beliefs into apathetic people, reserved, timid and crude. Result of this, does not render the sufficient thing in their uses, since often they are incapable to request something because they are scared of they reject which them, also, are incapable abrir themselves, to support. However, there are other people whom they seduce are his single presence. To these people all wish to serve, all wish to them to have the opportunity to do something by them and to happen, although it is moments, to his side. These people do not have exceptional capacities to carry out their work, do not emphasize by their intelligence and some not even are particularly beautiful.

What is what they have then? What is that that obtains that the other people wish to serve to them? Which is the secret? Those successful, rich and happy people have a mind sexy. These people do not try to be sexy. They are sexy at subconscious level. These people get dressed in any clothes and they are themselves attractive. Some are thin, other robust ones, others rellenitos, but without mattering as they are, to them all they it has left well.

Perhaps now that knows east factor the success, the pleasure, the wealth and the happiness, you ask yourself How profit I to return to me sexy from the subconscious level? How profit to seduce? Whichever effort and time I must invest? If you wish to transform his life, she only must see the super cash Subliminal videos Powerful Seduction. This pack of powerful videos will make that you transform into a person sexy, attractive, successful, happy and total. And with respect to the question of how long? You only must see these videos during 20 minutes daily and in few days, you will begin to see the results. The people will call to him, will invite to him to leave, will facilitate the things to him, will offer support to him, even before ask for you it. As a result of this, its sexual life will be but satisfactory, its health will improve, its success will be the bread of every day and its banking account will begin to grow of maintained form.

Universities Language

Initially, the use of computer science in the schools, initiated for the secretariats, for administrative use, searching to follow the technological development and to improve the quality and pontualidade of the processes in the organizacional scope. with passing of the time, the computer was also taking another environment pertaining to school, normally called ' ' laboratory of informtica' '. The evolution of the use of the computers in the pertaining to school environment migra, of the secretariat for the computer science laboratories, Brave (1999) affirms that, ' ' the politics and proposals pedagogical of computer science in the education, in Brazil they had always been basically in research carried through in the Universities in function of the schools of the net pblica' ' starting, in the decade of 1970, if to develop through movements that Simo Grandson (2002), flame of waves. The first wave, for the author, was SOON and the programming. SOON it is a programming language created for Seymour Papert, that contributes for the learning of mathematical concepts. Seymour Papert, as Gregolin (1994) worked with Piaget during five years investigating the evolution and nature of the infantile thought. In 1964 of Technology/EUZ was changed for MIT (Massachussets Institute, where it planned a language that could be used by the children having at the same time available capacity of processing and resources to the user as the professional languages.

To this language it called SOON. For Papert (1985), the resource must be used to develop the applicable ability of the use of the computer and knowledge to the proper life. ' ' The paper that I attribute to the computer is of a carrier of embryos or the cultural seeds whose intellectual products will not need taken root technological support a time in a mind that grows ativamente.' ' (PAPERT, 1985, P. 23) SOON it has a proposal pedagogical construcionista guided for a epistemolgica vision.

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