It is estimated that in the next few days serious news in the world of software, that Canonical, the company in charge of the Ubuntu operating system, is considering seriously disposed of the Firefox browser to replace it with Google Chrome. It is still not sure, but if true it would be a truly radical change. The reason for this decision finds its justification in the new project of the company, called Ubuntu Linux Netbook Remix, which is intended to equip a large number of laptops with Google’s browser. It is estimated that this can achieve better performance on netbooks than Firefox. On the other hand, Chrome is the third most used browser on the Internet, which currently owns a share of the market of the 6.73%. Also, not only part of the project of free software created by Google, but that their development is entirely based on open source components, including its search engine and its structure of applications. In this way, the browser of the Orange Fox both relief has brought to the disagreements of the users of Internet Explorer, would be relegated to the past. Although we should expect to see the course of action that Canonical will take in the coming days..

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