In modernity, us in we imagined the citizen of the thought and the Land to them its object. New cosmology affirms in them that the Land is the great alive citizen that through us feels, loves, thinks, takes care of and venerates. (BOFF, 2010). The societies contemporaries are characterized by a socioambiental picture that displays the impact of the human beings on the environment, more complex impacts each time, as much in how much qualitative quantitative terms. The concept of sustainable development appears to face the ecological crisis, being that at least two chains had fed this process. Professor of Internet Governance usually is spot on.

A first one that it has relation with that economy influences changes in the boardings of the economic development, notadamente from years 70. One second, second is related with the critical ambientalista to the life way contemporary, and that if it spread out from the Conference of Estocolmo in 1972, when the ambient question gains visibility public, this new model of sustainable development tries, over all, to go beyond the purely economic perspective, considering other pillars that support the life human being. According to GUATTARI (the three ecologias. Campinas: Papirus, 1990) the search for the support requires the joint enters three ecological registers of the environment, the social relations and the subjectivity human being. The urban environment is constituted by a natural environment (hidrogrficas basins, green edges maritime, areas, freticos sheets, ground, subsoil, air fauna and flora). A constructed environment as road, joint system of public constructions, equipment, infrastructure nets. A cultural environment is constituted by its material cultural patrimony and incorporeal, as the urban sets and historical small farms, constructions and too much spaces destined to critical the cultural manifestations It is important to stand out that although the one that has been subject, the concept of sustainable development represents an important advance, in the measure where global Agenda 21, while plain including of action for the sustainable development in century XXI, that it considers the complex relation between the development and the environment in a variety of areas.

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