Electrical Work

Prices for such work are rising because of increased length cabling installations, the complexity of installation sockets and switches in a log cabin (with the slightest error can be impossible to remove quietly chipped), drilling deep holes, sometimes up to two meters. But as far as design, then there can not speak. On walls seen some switches and sockets, not padded boxes, corrugated and pipes. The cost of electrical work can be reduced by making the technological holes in the process of building a house. Another way to reduce costs electro work – installation of wireless radio switches. Plan number, location, outlets and switches must advance as accurately as possible.

Otherwise, you get additional . For the sealing of old electric points have to hire carpenters, which in turn – increased the estimates for all construction. Hidden electrical work in a wooden house should begin before the installation of doors, installation of ceilings and floors. Works associated with the hidden, inner assembly, split, usually in two stages. The first stage involves assembling circuit grounding, connection of electricity from the column, wiring, mounting and connecting electrical control equipment, drilled nests under Escutcheon, is being installed accessory boxes, preparing a site for the frame. In the second (after treatment of walls, floors, ceilings) step is the connection and installation of outlets and switches, installation of lighting fixtures, chandeliers and sconces. Here are some tips for installing the internal power .- All cables pass through the wooden walls should be made in metal sleeves, tubes, Raspaechnye boxes should be available for inspection and maintenance .- In homes with multiple floors for unloading the main switchboard, installed floor switchboard. This allows reduce the cost of cable (and thus reduced the price, price, price for electrical) and simplify the management of energy supplies, materials used must have a certificate of conformity and certificate of fire security, which guarantees the quality of your electrical work in a wooden house. Price list of electrical and experience, we can say exclusive electrical work, each company is different, therefore, responsible in choosing a contractor. Calculating the cost of installation for the initial treatment should not be much different from the final cost of electricity .

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