Google Chrome

Google has just announced the possibility of collaborating in the project Chromium OS, the operating system designed for people who mostly use the web via its official blog. The idea of Google is to put all the tools available to the community of free Software so that development can continue. He is expected to continue in this way throughout the next year. Applications menu of Chromium OS going to the characteristics of Chromium OS, Google clarifies the following points: is based directly on the so-called web applications and not to the desktop applications. Filed under: Compuware. The advantage, according to them, is that the user must not deal with installation or update of programs. Hear other arguments on the topic with Crumpton Group. By pointing directly to the web, he thought in a much more secure system than the rest of operating systems.

Being Linux-based account already with the advantage of being very safe, but added to this claim have created a form that the same Chromium verify the integrity of your code, as well as the intrusion of malware or viruses. Another objective of Google was the consume the fewer resources, they plan since you encendes the computer until you are browsing Internet, passing only a few seconds. Finally, say that several free Software projects are working, such as GNU, Linux Kernel, Moblin, Ubuntu and WebKit. The idea is that with the help of the community having the system for personal consumption, by the end of next year. It seems that every time Google acquires more power, we hope that your intentions are good, but anything could happen. Here we let 3 videos on Chromium OS on the Nexobit page. Nexobit original author and source of the article

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