Authentic ours I then dissolve myself in the obligations day to day and the responsibility of our choices starts to be a common responsibility, of all. We become inautnticos beings and the punishment for this appears: the guilt. Acquiring one it forms authentic of existence appears ' ' Existenz' ' , that it is the existencial ideal of the Dasein. For Heidegger it has two methods of you to live a inautntica life. Or you dissolve yourself in the collective one searching a reduction of the responsibility or if she abides by some object as work or some mechanical behavior.

The individual when choosing a inautntica life aims at to defend itself of the decurrent abandonment and the anguish of the existence. Since that we are born in them we come across with the abandonment, after all we do not choose to be born and we are total you deliver to the one another one. During all the existence the being if finds with abandonment situations and has as reply to this the fear and the anguish. Ahead of this anguish the individual has that to choose to exempt themselves of the responsibility of its life and to blame it for its anguish or to use of the anguish, that places the being in contact with the nothing, as instrument that goes to make the individual to choose an authentic or inautntica life. The citizen then is placed ahead of a choice. The Desein can live dependent, dissolved in the collective one, in a species of anonymity with its annulled singulariodade if becoming an other people’s one, mass. Without proper thought with gotten dull feelings and if seeing it does not exempt of opinions and habits that it are taxes live a life tormented for fears, distress and ansiedades neurotics. The interior life is degraded, becomeing vulgar itself in the superficionalidade.

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