Image Processing Helps Climate

Thanks to optical control unnecessary emissions and steps but unfortunately not of course avoid responsibility to assume, is very important for the environment. Their transport and the necessary energy consumption many pollutants into the environment get through the production of goods. The optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH in Karlsruhe () is working to promote sustainability in companies. Klaus smarter with its optical image recognition”can avoid unnecessary transport routes and conserve resources. The intelligent vision system detects error already as soon as possible, to respond accordingly. Since July, 2012, optimum is a member of the VDMA, the Verband Deutscher Maschinen – und Anlagenbau e.V.” This assumes responsibility for the environment and has launched a sustainability initiative launched under the label BlueCompetence, which counts the Karlsruhe company optimum GmbH since the middle of last year to its responsible partners. Industrial image processing can contribute to environmental protection, about by by the immediate detection of nonconforming product avoided unnecessary steps. An error message can immediately intervene before the production and transportation of faulty products ensure that the unnecessary consumption of raw material releases more pollutants into the environment.

In addition, this early detection can prevent that defective article in production further processing leads to damage to machines and they need to be repaired. “Unnecessary emissions and their causes prevent what is special about the sly Klaus is his way of working”, says Wolfgang Mahanty, Managing Director of optimum datamanagement solutions GmbH. the innovative system detects products on the basis of characteristics and mind is also not if a part in a different position or position than in learning. It is very flexible and adaptable, and thus for many areas of application, from the goods receipt, production, picking up goods issue,. suitable” Also unnecessary transportation costs and the resulting resulting emissions prevents the cunning Klaus”before, because it detects incorrect article already during the picking process and informed about the Packers. The software can also show using a Visual representation, what looks like the product to be packed and when the Pack process is fully completed. This works even with very small parts that have only minor differences, extremely quickly.

So, only really correct shipments to customers are shipped, which is also in the goods once again consider and document. No unnecessary costs for the operation, no unnecessary burden for the environment, the combination of industrial camera and lighting allows an optimum detection of incoming parts. The specific software detects and controls this on the basis of the features stored in the database. An individually designed special machine construction completes the system. So a complete inventory overview and precise orders can allow and avoid unnecessary transport and storage costs. Unauthorized complaints can be credibly refuted thanks to process documentation and associated loads and emissions reduced. Through the user-friendly application, you can easily adapted the system to changing situations. Contact: OPTIMUM datamanagement solutions GmbH Mr.

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