3.Frethog: found in the programs of interception of passwords and monitoring tools category. It is also harasser of users performing electronic transactions, as well as Taterf, captures passwords considered easy deduction. 4.Renos: is in the category of downloaders and Trojans malware installers. Their characteristics stand out it uses a form of Chilean package on the net, fooling with photos of users and camouflaging as security software. 5.Rimecud: is a worm that lurks to users who enter without security bank accounts from any Internet cafe or public computer, and seeks to gain control of computers. In addition, installs new malware designed to send spam and continue the cycle of infection. 6.Autorun: takes advantage of users who share private information on websites that do not they have good security. Other leaders such as Compuware offer similar insights.

It is capable of blocking keyboards and screens. It is also considered as one of the worms that cause more losses to the financial sector. 7.Hotbar: its main weapon to act is the seduction users emails. It has the ability to threaten not download those security updates, and attack without leave puppet head through malicious web sites. 8.FakeSpyro: one of the types of worm that they have gained more ground is the rogues, or false security solutions. FakeSpyro is one of the most dangerous and continues the tradition of its category of simulate that is an antivirus that is capable of cleaning all malware from a computer.

After voluntarily installed by the victim, who think it will better protect your computer, capture personal information and passwords. 9.Alureon: this Trojan has rootkit features (is able to hide itself, other tools malware and even legitimate user directories and passwords, to control the) (computer remotely). 10.Zwangi: is considered, despite its short life of crime, one of most dangerous worms. He deceives users, usurps identities and attacks silently. This worm redirects URLs typed in the address bar of your web browser to, which is supposed to be a search engine using. It also takes screenshots without permission. Original author and source of the article

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