Middle East

On the internet there are various techniques, medicines and ways to achieve a few centimetres more, both in thickness and in length. However, many of the ways that are promoted on the internet of how to enlarge the penis, are scams. Not to say that all are. It is proven that the miraculous pills and supplements are not legit, and are a complete scam. Many people have expressed having achieved only recurring charges on their cards credit for purchasing these products. And on the other hand, they have obtained no results after several months of consumption of these products. Vacuum pumps on the other hand, produce a temporary effect that continues to be an illusion for the user, because for a moment you may see your Member much thicker and even a little longer, but this is the effect of filling all blood vessels of the penis with blood and take it to the end of the swelling. This is very dangerous because there is a risk of getting an injury that could leave the user completely impotent’s lifetime, to break veins you go through the penis by the excess pressure.

Surgery and weights. Without a doubt, is one of methods which guarantees a longitudinal growth, most diametrical not, which I think is what you seek, increase the thickness. With enlargement surgery, lost weight. But in fact if there is a surgery to enlarge penis. It is the surgery of the thickness, which consists of applying grease to the sides of the penis.

It is the only way to do it, in this way one greater thickness is obtained. But here there is a trap that nobody explains. And it is that you as fat that it is, is prone to burn with use or friction, i.e. the centimetres gained with this surgery lose them in a matter of days, after you start to maintain relations. And you will have to return for more and become a cycle of dependence with the surgeon. In the long run it is very expensive and it is not permanent, it is like using a prosthesis. But not discouraging. There is a last method, something which is testified that it works, on the internet (in English) you can find quite a few testimonies from people who have found a way of how to enlarge the penis and also how to win a few centimeters in length, only based on manual exercises. They are exercises known as Jelqing, an ancient technique from the Middle East, practiced by Hindus, Arabs and other nearby that has allowed them to keep a secret after generations to have a pretty big and thick member. You’re techniques are in different parts of the network, but only some are legit. The majority provides incomplete information. I recommend to read some testimony, there may be that page is good or recommendable. I leave you a very interesting article about someone who achieved his goal.

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