Several are the factors that can influence this phenomenon of the desterritorializao as the current educational politics, the form each more competitive and exculpatory time with that the society behaves, everything this in the aid to understand this question better. Time was it where the professor had autonomy and was respected in classroom, fact that if became marcante more from years 1990, that Heasbaert relates to after-modernity. The idea that if has of desterritorializao is intrinsically on with modernity and after-modernity, being able to be understood by the point of view of the rupture or the continuity. Some authors consider that with after-modernity he had a rupture, a paradigm in addition that had modified the bows of the society, the introduction of the technologies had breached barriers with the world, making with that the relations human beings were each time more weakened, the accomplishment of more distant contacts each time, introduced new values in the relation of the societies. For other authors, after-modernity is only one evolutivo process of modernity. After modernization it only accented some existing characteristics already.

Thus, let us see what in this author says to them when analyzes the movement of? desconstruo? proper of after-modernity: The movement if carries through in such a way in multiple forms, seen for many as traps or as masks of the clutter. Vocbulo after-modern adjusts this speculator inventory to it of? desconstruo? of the simulations. It has some years gradually forms the list of the disappearances (…). The appearances, the illusions and the images? noise? of the unnatural and ephemeral communication the constituent elements of a Real had become little by little that is not joins, but that it is perceived and accepted under these aspects.

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