Monterrey Teaching

Carlos Mora Vanegas Thanks to a scholarship that gave me the ITESM through Dr. Edgardo Reyes Salcido had the opportunity to pursue my graduate studies in Masters in Management, with strong emphasis on marketing and human resources for many years before that time I joined to be educated, just four years had gone by the start of this school, and came from a graduate student in management and economics at the University of Chile. I had the opportunity to exchange views with colleagues from different Latin American and Central American countries who entered the school in search of knowledge to contribute effectively applied to the companies they serve, of course, I was accompanied by Mexican professional courses, many graduates ITESM and prestigious national universities.

By then, only this School in Monterrey was the graduate degrees in administration, however, his reputation was felt as qualified teaching staff, all with doctoral degrees, many administrative sciences, graduates of renowned American universities, in addition to the agreements that ITESM had with some universities that allowed qualified teachers teaching at the school, something that touched me to experiment with three professors, including this, my dear Dr. John Aberle California, with whom he maintained a good friendship and I always recommended that I go to the United States. I remember very well the master classes taught me that in markets Dr. Gonzalez Arce, who eventually led me to explore this area a with which I identified in the exercise of my profession and where I have been teaching for many undergraduate and graduate years at the universities where I have had to teach classes and I think he would approve my administration.

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