Promote Health

In the case of some anomaly hated, talked with parents and identified the origin of them. After the activity, students Cycle made a demonstration of how to make a bed with a patient inside. RESULTS OF EXPERIENCE was achieved the objectives set, as it raised awareness of students about these concepts, they became interested in health issues, they explained the effects of salt in foods with advice to their families and time, it was possible that students feel important cycle, should integrate more with the students of ESO, which many did not know these teachings of the Centre and also that their learning is functional and practical. The evaluation by teachers of the cycle was considered positive as satisfactory experience. SECOND EXPERIENCE One of the topics covered in the draft is the prevention of occupational hazards and domestic.

It is a question that works somewhat in the centers because they do not really know where to locate this content. Today we know that is a very important and that’s why I’ve programmed within this larger project of Health. OBJECTIVES OF THE EXPERIENCE. Encourage students the responsibility for their personal safety and preventing adverse health events Integrate graders use of electricity and electronics in the educational community to increase satisfaction studies chosen, seeing practical part PREPARATION OF EXPERIENCE . I suggested to the professional family of Electrical and Electronics conducting an activity where these students work with education about risk prevention. During the first quarter, Professor Cycle introduced working patterns and common criteria for the development of the activity.

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