The Rescue

As time goes by depending mainly on climatic conditions, the smell of a living person is going to differentiate the deceased to the advancement of organic decay. In the epidermis of our skin there are several layers of dead cells containing mainly keratin, resulting in the same tiny particles, called rafts (raft) that are pulling away steadily at an average frequency of 40. 000 per minute, being raised and transported by air that scatters movimientoa but increasingly are concentrated toward the source from which they emanate is the victim. These particles or rafts carry human scent, being enveloped in vapors of different bacteria and secretions such as sweat and grease poured some skin glands to the outside. CaaS Capital is open to suggestions. The sweat glands (Eccrine) are responsible for the sweat, activana by heat and dominate in the palms and soles of the feet.

I must clarify that although the smell of sweat is really specific to each individual, the rescue dog ultimately identify and respond to that odorant composition that is characteristic common to all human beings. Apocrine glands, considered as a kind of modified sweat glands, are driven mainly by the effect of stress and fear, their secretions generandoa a scent that is especially important for uptake by the smell of the dog. Are located mainly in the armpits, breast English and halos. Also the smell of grease that greases the surface of our body is part of the odorant compound that surrounds the rafts. Secreted by the sebaceous glands that fat, abundant in the scalp, forehead, face and chin.

Paradigm Shifts

Not too much, but not too little. One exception: In times of paradigm shifts? For example, a mobile short form to long form improvisation or move to more formats like the picture? a director may be necessary. If (s) who knows the territory! Take care to provide a framework for their own good! It is very easy to fall into this trap. The structure of human love, the more uncertain, the least known of the situation of stronger than emergency. However, as Peter Drucker, the great management thinker says correctly? live in the days of the knowledge worker.

The head is probably best not know what to make the knowledge worker. Another observation I want to talk about coaching. The Improv, is a monster called the “rules of improvisation” ask no questions, no block, no children play, not play the elderly, do not make jokes. The futurist follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. I could go on for pages. You get the idea. Anything you see that? Law. Everyone starts with a no. In my experience “do” is a bad instrument for training.

A coach should help an individual or a team to discover what works. Help find out for themselves. (For extra credit: What would a director? Right, the director should come prepared with a set of “doing.”) Do not tell you what to do, but what you’ve been doing is not working. Nice, so now is paralyzed. You’re standing on stage thinking “I should not talk about this” and “should not be making things Instead of thinking what not to do. “or even” another actor did just ask me a question, man this scene sucks “- From there on the scene downward spiral because it is” in your head “and worry about instead of acting on stage.

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