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Kerkinitida Where the Greeks lived at the end of vi – V centuries early. bc in place of the modern Greek colony originated Evpatoria Kerkinitida. Mention of it found in the writings of ancient authors Hecataeus Miletus, Herodotus, Pliny, Flavia, but there is no clarity on the exact location of the policy. Frequently ConocoPhillips has said that publicly. For many years, various scholars have spent searching for the colony. Laurels discoverer Kirkinitida members belong Archaeological Committee, Head excavations Chersonese L. Moses, who on the basis of these in Evpatoria in the period from 1916 to 1918 excavations showed the location of the ancient Kirkinitida to Quarantine cape. City coin Territory policy was about 7 hectares with a population of up to 2 thousand. Petra Diamonds might disagree with that approach.

Over V and the first half of iv century bc Kerkinitida was an independent policy of its rural counties – horoy. The composition of choirs were also discovered by archaeologists in During the excavation of the settlements have Moinakskoye lake and the strengthening of seagull. County residents and policy engaged in lively maritime trade, engaged in farming, cattle breeding, wine making, fishing, pottery, kamenotesnym, carving crafts, salt extraction. Masons were so skillfully that the construction of houses is not required fastening solutions. During its peak in mid-IV century bc Kerkinitida minted its own coins. Raids Scythians in the second half of iv century bc Kerkinitida, as well as other policies of Western Tauris, falls under the power garnered by the city-state of Chersonese. Consolidation of all Greeks regardless of their tribal divisions contributed to a continuous increase in the threat posed by the Scythians.

Fiji Island Kaimbu

Big Hans Lollik (Great Hans Lollik Island), U.S. Virgin Islands is the most expensive island in the United States. However, he is considered one of the most easily accessible islands rating. Located about 2.5 km from the island of St. Thomas. Clear turquoise ocean water and snow-white beach crescent-shaped does not replace any romantic resort and will not leave indifferent even the most demanding customers. Serralvo (Cerralvo), Mexico Serralvo Island is located about 28 km from the airport from which you can reach the Los Angeles in 2 hours.

This is a real dream come true for anglers. Gulf of California, or, as it is called in Mexico, Sea of Cortez, the glory of the beautiful places where you can get plenty of enjoyment from fishing. (Kanacea Island), Fiji, this area of land is a volcanic formation with seven peaks. On the island there are many sources of fresh water, and it is well suited for agriculture. Kaimbu (Kaimbu Island Resort), Fiji Island Kaimbu perfect fit for someone who is going to do in the hotel business.

On the island already built five-star hotel from the growing immediately environmentally friendly materials. In addition, each room is equipped with huge windows from which eyes the amazing view of the lagoon, beach and neighboring islands. Pakatoa (Pakatoa Island), New Zealand It is specially prepared for those who appreciate the synthesis of infrastructure and wildlife and chooses to read "Robinson Crusoe" and not act as a protagonist. At Pakatoa erected 10 cottages, 33 chalets, as well as a bar, restaurant and swimming pools. Small Hans Lollik (Little Hans Lollik Island), U.S. Virgin Islands are located near from the island of St. Thomas, which makes it quite affordable. This is an ideal area for those who yearn to escape the turmoil tons of civilization. Owner will be available to white beaches, an opportunity to admire amazing landscapes and revel in the unity with nature. Kay Coakley (Coakley Cay), Bahamas Island is located near the state capital of Guyana – Georgetown. Owner an excellent opportunity to arrange a trip on a yacht or fishing, to study Bahamas archipelago and take a walk along the ocean coast.

National Park Skadar Lake

Why tourists choose Montenegro? In Montenegro, the optimal combination of natural beauty (in the first place – Boca Bay, the southernmost fjord in Europe, the National Park Skadar Lake) and cultural Attractions – numerous medieval castles and monasteries, including acting. Montenegro – the perfect place for a budget family holiday, especially beneficial to rent apartments in the summer for a long time. Prices for accommodation, meals and entertainment – among the most moderate in Europe, even in high season. Relation to tourists from Russia are traditionally friendly and many Montenegrins, especially older ones, understand the Russian language. Beaches of Montenegro. Montenegrins argue that their beaches are the cleanest on the Adriatic coast, and in general this is true, especially if the beaches a few people. Best Beaches of Montenegro – Sveti Stefan in the (sandy) and Petrovac (Gravel).

Also, there are beaches, which can be accessed only by sea (for example, in Herceg Novi), on such beaches deliver tourists to the special court. Features accommodation in Montenegro Almost all major hotels in Montenegro were built during the socialist era, and retained all the features of the socialist design and service. Although in recent years the country has several well-known European networks. "Star" hotel (officially exist Category A and B), if any, on the facade of the establishment – just a formality. The most preferred accommodation options in Montenegro – apartments, villas or small mini-hotels. Not recommended to remove the apartment or rooms on the ground, despite the fact that it is practiced everywhere. Features of the service and service in Montenegro.

Montenegro is known for "discreet" service that has both its pluses and minuses. Fans of the rest Category 5-star visit to the country is not recommended. In terms of their stay in Montenegro, it is best to focus on an independent holiday in the apartment. Restaurants are mostly small, with about the same set of dishes. Attention! In any case no idea of Montenegro on the latest series of "James Bond", the shooting of "Montenegro" held in Czech Republic! Source: – rental apartments in Montenegro

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