Udor Eco-friendly

With the new line of Rico, Udor textile management expanded its product range for washrooms. The economical cloth towel dispensers provide a hygienic sanitary facilities. Landshut, the 24.08.2011: With the extension of their laundry services to the economical, eco-friendly products of the new Rico line the large laundry Udor textile management in the sanitary sector opts for active environmental protection. The washroom hygiene set and associated services enable companies from hospitality industry, catering, industry and the craft sector, their customers, to provide a hygienic sanitary area with reliably functioning devices to employees and guests, and at the same time to preserve the environment. Compared to disposable paper towels, consume the cloth towels approx. 63% less energy and generate approximately 79% less waste. The large laundry cleans the used roles professionally and efficiently and thus completes the eco-friendly methods. Udor ensure not only compliance with the strict requirements of the DIN in the House Textile management optimized processes in professional textiles service and a responsible use of raw materials.

Udor enjoy highest priority the reduction of energy consumption, the conservation of natural resources and the reduction of waste. With the extension of its range of washroom appeals the company well on its customers to active environmental protection. A be be filled barer Rico towel dispenser forms the basis of the new sanitary facilities. This 79% less waste produced in comparison to single-use devices. “An exemplary eco balance sheet reached the device only in conjunction with the Udor washroom service: washing place throw away, that sounds at first very simple”, Managing Director Claudia Urzinger-Woon of the eco-friendly methods. However, we achieved an exemplary eco balance only through our sophisticated textile logistics and our highly efficient purification processes.” The solution lies in the proper preparation of the towel roll. These can be in the Landshut Industrial laundry to be washed to 100 times.

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