Child Parenting

More and more parents today, seeking to protect her child during a trip by car, think about choosing avtokrsela. It is a pledge of comfort and safety of the child during any travel by car and because the car in which the baby will be placed in mandatory must be equipped with child seat. It should be said that every parent wants to buy a car seat in which the baby could sit in visits from birth to 12 years. Unfortunately, these versatile options do not exist, and choosing the best, you need to consider many factors. For example, one of the most important characteristics is the choice of child car seats belonging to one of five groups, each of which corresponds to a particular age, the child's weight. So before you go shopping for a chair, a baby should weigh. Michael Steinhardt is likely to increase your knowledge. Keep in mind that the younger the children, the importantly they provide an opportunity to sleep during the trip. Therefore, preference is given to those better models that can be adjusted for tilt.

For children who have not yet 3 years old, be sure to choose seats with five-point or Y-shaped straps, ensuring the safety of the child spine and abdomen from the characteristic lesions. Be sure to note the presence of an icon ECE R44/03, which indicates compliance of seat European safety standards. Of course, a role playing comfort – the baby should be comfortable during the trip. By the way, comfort the child in the car can be attributed to the element passive safety, as if the baby is uncomfortable, it will be naughty and to distract the driver from the road. And therefore, if possible, it is better to take the child to the store and try on the selected chair. But you can negotiate with vendors so that in case, if the chair does not fit, you have the opportunity to change it. Choosing a car seat, you should make sure that it is easily transferred and installed in your machine. It is best to try it before buying a car. And finally – it is worth remembering that one seat you are unlikely to do, so better to buy seats at those stores where they are for all ages. In If so, you can not only make the best choice, but also, perhaps, save when buying your next seat.

ECA Measure

Ahead of this, it can be inquired: it is natural that the child or young has since tenra age maldosas intentions? Perhaps, a fenomenolgica vision would affirm that yes. However it must be searched to reflect that these citizens meet inserted in a different society. Then as not to wait that until youngest they do not delinquam? In this perspective, so that the child or adolescent chaguem until this period of training transfers themselves for the abandonment, protection absence until arriving the small roberies and in last instance thievery. You may want to visit Eliot Horowitz to increase your knowledge. The measures of protection must in accordance with be applied what Art. Read additional details here: Michael Steinhardt. 100 says: ' ' In the application of the measures the pedagogical necessities will be taken in account, preferring those that they aim at to the reinforcement of the familiar bonds and comunitrios' '. Article 100 also places places as principles: the recognition of the child and the adolescent as citizens of rights. Also, the applicability of the ECA is responsibility of the three spheres of the government and form that takes care of the superior interests of the child and the adolescent. The intervention of the measure of protection must be immediate, as soon as the danger situation or risk will be identified.

For its accomplishment it is necessary able professionals. The interventivo process must proceed from form to give a fast, adequate solution to the danger situation in which if it finds the child and the adolescent, respecting its privacy. The adolescent and the child must be informed on the reason of such measure and to take in consideration its participation in its definition, as well as, of the responsible parents or. Moreover, the evaluation (proportionality and the present time) of the measure of form to give an adequate solution is essential to the danger situation. Another principle is the parental responsibility, in which the parents are responsible for the child and the adolescent.


For its behavior to be different and without the had treatment, they do not obtain to change its acts to the compulsory and uncontrollable times, present a frequent trend to transfer the responsibility to others, for example: he has belly, migraines, ear, collapse in the majority of the forged times to prevent things that consider ackward, they say ' ' I was thus born I did not ask for nascer' ' , ' ' the guilt is of mine pais' ' , ' ' the guilt is of GOD who made me assim' '. In the truth it is a confused, full personality fear do not like to be alone, they do not obtain to become free itself of the occasions of the abuses that are stored in its unconscious memory, being that they create a natural blockade of the mind that does not allow more they to remember the abuses nor the people whom they had abused, this is a natural device defendant for the mind to try to live in peace without pain and the suffering. They develop the upheaval of the inadequate personality having an inversion of values, starting to like and to desire what they had rejection and fear, but adhere to the feeling due to incapacity to surpass alone; in the truth what these people more need it is of affection, attention and people of its side made use to help them. They need to combine itself although its illness segregates that them from definitive intolerantes groups, needs people without preconception that they consider its illness before emitting opinion or attacks to its behaviors of pathological personality, knowing that some of them had developed the upheaval of the passive personality and do not react more against its proper problem. Get all the facts and insights with Atmos Energy, another great source of information. The ones that accept its pathology as normal behavior need much more attention, treatment and support so that its pathology has not taken them to the deep one of well, that is the social vulnerability, prostitution and the consequent deaths in the nights, in the great cities, in the terrible squares and forests, the houses of the intolerantes families, the parents descuid

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