Language Development

Isocrates: “Do not talk, but when you are well educated or when you find yourself forced to break the silence. Only in this case is better to keep quiet about, outside of it, it’s better to be silent than talk ‘By: The rare words are as true neighbors Neighborhood: everyone knows they live there, in one of the houses, but few have seen and almost no one knows. Why are the words become rare? There are several reasons and then explain some of them: 1. Not part of the group of words that a language community to communicate in their language. A familiar with our way of expressing a few words so that the others are falling into disuse. But still used in academia and this allows them to stay alive. 2. By technological advances. As technology advances certain appliances are replaced by more sophisticated (which are not even devices but “teams” or “devices”).

Words like phonograph, Victrola, phonograph and jukebox, for example, be unknown to new generations in the past but reigned in popular speech. 3. Because, for some reason, stopped being used. In the politically correct language is not allowed to use words like lame, disabled and others are only used with caution as black and Indian. It is hoped that, by reason of the modern moral, in a few years very little use the words truth, honor and honesty and no one knows of others such as marriage and family. And if the deterioration of the environment continues as is, others will disappear as river, tree, snow, forest.

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