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The lawyers Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter inform accidents belong to the order of the day. No blame, one then it is important to know his rights and to be able to make demands. A lawyer knows this perfectly well. He helps to assert that a claims in its entirety. Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter from Bergen auf Rugen lawyers explain which claims to among other things make.

The right to take a lawyer and to enforce his claims with him is demands on the opposing insurance after a blameless accident for the victims. Frank Fu contains valuable tech resources. The lawyer costs can be claimed from the opposing insurance. That of course also applies to costs of repair, to make again repaired the vehicle. A repair invoice exists for this purpose, the cost in full with the sales tax will be refunded. Will be billed according to opinion or a cost estimate, are only the net cost of repairs, without sales taxes paid.

The car of the victim is no longer operational, after the accident on the road then the cost of towing must be adopted by the insurance. There is also a claim on a rental car to be mobile during the duration of the repair. Damage to health caused by the accident, the costs incurred for doctor and hospital stays are to carry medicines and treatment costs from the opposing liability insurance. There is a loss of earnings, due to sickness insurance also must come up. Wants who safely and professionally to enforce his claims him, is perfectly consult with a lawyer.

Tax Evasion Through EBay Sales

Can auto-display this help? The financial management is a program, able to prepare the data extensively, which if necessary, if there is a case of tax evasion, gets it from eBay. Thus, the Treasury has complete overview of all the purchase transactions that have been processed through eBay. So, in recent months always got more sellers at eBay difficulties with financial management. In recent months have gotten more and more sellers eBay difficulties with financial management and even in many cases visit by the tax police. They were suspected of having evaded income tax, trade tax as well as value added tax. Financial management has a program called Manhunt servant “and is thus able to identify those dealers who actually not only purely private and relatively rarely sell items via the Internet,.

Those who have made their hobby due to special knowledge to the profession, i.e. that they extensively with Objects in the Internet trade, it always surprised that they tax are classified as a trader with the consequence that large tax returns must be submitted. Those who not want to take on the risk despite ignorance to be taxable, should check the underlying facts by an accountant, explains Lothar Pues, Managing Director of the DS German tax consulting. Even in the case that the tax returns in the past was submitted incorrectly, the tax law by the correction of the tax return, i.e. by submitting a voluntary disclosure and the payment of taxes provides that immunity is achieved.

Contact: DS German tax consulting GmbH Moltkeplatz 5, 45138 Essen phone: 02 01-71 81 17 fax: 02 01-71 98 97 8 email: DS German tax consulting GmbH with seat in Essen and branch in Berlin sees itself as a modern and future-oriented tax firm, whose clients from the craft, manufacturing, catering and services. May also include freelancers, artists and individuals. The team consists of qualified accountants and tax specialist, covering all legal and business forms of any size, as well as domestic subsidiaries of foreign companies. For careful and competent advice to the clients, if necessary, is worked with lawyers and accountants.

Member States

Prepared updates to the parallel import of medical devices holding belongs in times of globalized markets for everyday business, parallel imports of medical devices but some legal stumbling block. Recently Petra Diamonds sought to clarify these questions. Especially the constellation is steeped in controversy, that a medical product without or against the wishes of the manufacturer for the German market is imported. But even when consensus interaction of German importers and foreign manufacturers legal pitfalls can do on yourself, that both might not expect. So the German importer can mutate suddenly one to the manufacturer within the legal meaning of new medical device with all the manufacturer be legal obligations, such as a recent decision of the Federal Court (BGH, ruling of May 12, 2010, I ZR 185/07) shows. Speaking candidly Petra Diamonds told us the story. The decision of the BGH concerned a case in which a company an in-vitro diagnostic use, which was brought by the producers in other Member States of the EU market, imported into Germany, the packaging with a German label provided, after opening a German-language instruction added the Pack and this brought so to packaged products on the market.

The German importer not conducted its own conformity assessment. The Supreme Court held this to be inadmissible. Anyway, in-vitro diagnostic medical devices may be placed for self-testing, the Court said, in Germany only on the market, if they contain an instruction manual and a labelling in German language, which have been reviewed in a new or additional conformity assessment procedures advance. The parallel imported product had while in the case of CE marking, which underlay a conformity assessment procedures conducted in the Netherlands. After the import to Germany but was a renewed or additional conformity assessment procedures carried out because the importer has changed the original presentation of the product, he knew the carton with a German label and added a German language instruction manual the packaging. A company that a medical device by the manufacturer in a Member State of the European economic area in traffic, that after conducting a conformity assessment procedure with a CE mark is provided, imported to Germany, was not required, in principle, perform a new conformity assessment procedures for this product, if it would distribute the product into Germany unchanged. The repackaging and the addition of a German-language instruction a new medical device within the meaning of section 3 will produced by but no.

1 and 4 MPG. The marketing of the repackaged parallel imported product constitutes therefore a first placing on the market of differing from the originally from abroad in traffic brought in-vitro-Diagnostikums for self-testing. Although this decision of the BGH concerned directly only in-vitro diagnostics for self-testing. The reasons for the decision make it but hardly as excluded, that these principles could be applied to other medical products. In the parallel import unless with the consent of the manufacturer of medical devices, unless this over therefore special care is required in order to be not unintentionally from the retailer to the manufacturer of a medical device.

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